List of car parts to be checked under new LTO Motor Vehicle Inspection

Updated Aug 27, 2021

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Soon, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be stepping up its game when it comes to vehicle inspection. The new process is called the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS), and it replaces the old and outdated system for motor vehicle registration. With this system, there is a list of car parts to be checked under the new LTO Motor Vehicle Inspection.

In order to successfully implement this new system, the LTO will be accrediting several private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVIC). About 138 PMVICs will be opened in the Philippines as a whole, and once the implementing rules and regulations for the aforementioned will be released these will begin operations.

The LTO together with DOTr already held a demo for the MVIS in 2018

Note also that once PMVICs are up and running, the private emissions testing centers (PETC) spread around the country will be shut down. The MVIS however requires an emission test in one of its steps. As such, it isn’t far of a stretch that some PETCs will be converted to PMVICs sometime in the near future.

As with moving on to a new process, improved or otherwise, there will be birthing pains. So in order to prepare yourself, here’s a list of all the parts of a motor vehicle that the PMVICs will inspect.

This kind of motor vehicle inspection has been around in other countries for years now

Before viewing the list below, do note that the inspection fee will cost Php 1,800 for cars. As of now, at least according to the current implementing rules and regulations (IRR), the fee will become forfeit even if a single part does not meet the standards set by the LTO. Do note though that concerned agencies are still smoothing out the IRR, so expect some changes to the MVIS process.

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Underchassis Parts to be checked in the MVIS:

  1. Chassis frame (structural rigidity, rust, etc)
  2. Engine (for oil leaks)
  3. Driveshaft bolt
  4. Transmission oil (for leaks)
  5. Differential Oil (for leaks)
  6. Parking brake wire
  7. Fuel hoses and pipes
  8. Steering linkages and gearbox mounting
  9. Steering Ball joints
  10. Condition of Power steering system
  11. Condition of radiator
  12. Spring bolts and nuts
  13. Shock absorbers
  14. Exhaust pipe
  15. Propeller Shaft couplings
  16. Brake hoses
  17. Front and rear shackle eyes, pins, and bushes
  18. Spring clips
  19. Brake hoses, pipes, and cylinders
  20. Steering idler/section shaft
  21. Stabilizer and bushes
  22. Engine mounting
  23. King pins and bearings

Above carriage parts to be inspected in the MVIS:

  1. Identity (plates, stickers, make and model), construction
  2. Dimensions (for rebuilt and locally assembled vehicles)
  3. Windshield and window glass condition
  4. Emergency warning device
  5. Car horn
  6. Mobile air-conditioning system
  7. Floor boards
  8. Fuel tank and fuel tank cap
  9. Appearance of car body
  10. Tire and wheel condition
  11. Seat belts
  12. Driver and passenger’s seats
  13. Door and door hinges
  14. Steering Wheel
  15. Rearview mirror and side mirror
  16. Clutch system
  17. Braking system and parking brake

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