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I. BMW M4 price in the Philippines - 2020

BMW M4 Coupe
Php 10,490,000

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Based on the BMW 4-series compact executive car, the BMW M4 is a high-performance vehicle model developed by BMW’s in-house motorsport division, BMW GmbH. As such, this M-sport is the real deal.

It makes more power than its “normal” versions, and of course, can provide you with immense driving pleasure when you want it.

A picture of a red BMW M4 with a black background

Look at the size of those air-intakes

Under the hood, the BMW M4 Coupe comes with a twin-turbo, inline-6, gasoline engine which can make up to 431 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Being an M-Sport vehicle, the M4 Couple also comes with an electro-mechanical limited slip differential. A 6-speed manual transmission, thankfully enough, is also an option.

A picture of a red M4 Coupe with a dark background

From the sides, the M4's wheels will definitely catch your attention

On the outside, the BMW M4 2020 is quite the departure from the normal 4-series. It is unconditionally sport as its front section sports a pair of significantly larger air-inlets, a set of lighter, different looking wheels, as well as a lot of carbon fiber which can be found underneath with its front and rear air-dams, as well as its roof.

And lastly, there’s the M4 Coupe’s flared wheel arches and the carbon fiber reinforced tailgate that comes with an integrated spoiler.

A picture of the M4's rear end.

The rear end further exhibits the sporty aggressiveness of the M4

Once you step inside, you’ll quickly notice that the M4 Coupe has an abundance of REAL carbon fiber found on numerous spots inside the car like around the AC vents, below the infotainment system, on the center console, and many other parts.

This, as well as the bucket type sport seats, makes it plain that the M4 is a true-blue sports car. It’s meant to be driven hard and it’ll help you take on the g-forces.

A picture of the M4 Coupe's interior

Looks comfy inside too

Apart from being sporty, the M-Sport also has a great deal of practicality built into it. Its infotainment system has Apple Carplay and voice control. There’s also the presence of a wireless charger, and it comes with a Wifi hotspot function. And lastly, the M4 Coupe comes with a roof aerial connection which can boost your phone’s signal. Neat.

While four people can fit inside the M4 Coupe, note that headroom and legroom might not be the best.

Is the 2020 BMW M4 still WORTH a look?

II. BMW M4 Price Philippines 2020: Estimated Downpayment & Monthly Installment

BMW M4 coupe 2020 price installment in the Philippines

Php 10,490,000
Downpayment (20%)
Php 2,098,000
60 Months
Php 182,191.00
48 Months
Php 216,007.00
24 Months
Php 388,200.00


  • SRP in Manila
  • Chattel Mortgage Fees may vary with the bank chosen
  • Interest rates may vary with the bank and Loan term
  • This is only an estimation of the actual cost. Monthly amortization does not include insurance premium
  • Calculations listed above is based on a bank car loan

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III. Why would you want to buy a 2020 BMW M4?

Being a coupe, the Philippine-spec M4 is the kind of vehicle that you buy if you have another, probably larger vehicle that you drive daily. Sure, the M4 Coupe can be used day in day out but if you need to carry around four adults, then the rear can become tight at times. Despite that, the M4 Coupe’s trunk is actually decently sized and is good enough for out of town trips.

A picture of the rear quarter panel of a red M4 Coupe

You might get challenged to traffic light drag races a lot though

When it comes to sports car things however, the BMW M4 is great. It has all that power and with a little more cash, you can make the car much more powerful. Sure there are many other models from other manufacturers which are cheaper and/or more powerful but the BMW prestige is undeniable.

1. BMW M4 2020 Pros and Cons

  • Excellent handling and great acceleration. So, it’s really fun to drive
  • Available manual tranny option
  • Decent trunk space for a sports car
  • Being a coupe, the rear seat’s space is limited.
  • A bit pricey

2. BMW M4 Philippines Specs

2020 BMW M4
Body Type
4,671 mm
2,014 mm
1,383 mm
2,812 mm
Curb Weight
1,642 Kg
Engine & Performance
Machine Type
S55B30T0 Inline-6 Twin-Turbo
Engine Size
Number of Cylinders
Transmission Category
7-speed dual-clutch-transmission
Max Output
431 HP @ 5,500 RPM
Max Torque
550 Nm @ 1,850 RPM
0-100 Km/h time
4.3 seconds
Top Speed
250 km/h
Combined Fuel Consumption
11 liters/km
Tank Capacity
60 liters
Safety Features
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Side Airbag
  • Curtain Airbag
  • Driver and Passenger Airbag
  • Child safety locks
  • ABS with EBD
  • Lane keep and lane departure warning
  • Back-up camera
  • Stability control
Other features
Front Suspension
Adaptive-M Suspension
Rear Suspension
Adaptive-M Suspension
Front Brake
Ventilated Discs (M Compound Brake)
Rear Brakes
Ventilated Discs (M Compound Brake)

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IV. About BMW Philippines

Known fully as Bayerische Motoren Werke, BMW was formed back in 1916 but its roots can be traced back to 1913. Initially, they made aircraft engines and by the end of World War I, the company managed to stay afloat by producing farm equipment, motorcycle engines, and many more household items. In 1923, they then made their first-ever Motorcycle, the BMW R 32.

BMW didn’t start making cars until the 1930’s and in 1952, they made the famous BMW 501 Luxury Saloon. It wasn’t until 1962 that the German company was associated with sporty vehicles like the BMW 700.

Primarily, BMW was known for making sporty, rear-wheel-drive cars. However, in 2014, they made the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV, their very first front-wheel-drive vehicle. 

Here in the Philippines, BMW vehicles are sold by the SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp and currently, they have eight dealerships spread around the country. 

Currently, BMW Philippines’ line-up consists of the X-series of SUVs, the M series of performance vehicles, and the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 series of vehicles. For more information about BMW’s models, check out the review page dedicated to their models. 

BMW dealership Philippines

The SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation is the official distributor and importer of BMW vehicles in the Philippines

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