Mazda Philippines: Overview & Price list in August 2021

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese-grown brand that began in the city of Hiroshima. In January of 1920, the company was established as Toyo Kogyo Corporation under the ownership of Jujiro Matsuda. They were considered to be Japan’s best cork producers that eventually made a name for themselves in manufacturing machining tools. Soon after, Matsuda ventured into producing the first motorized rickshaw in the market. The vehicle was called the Mazda-Go which was a reference to Matsuda himself.

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Mazda 2 2021

The Mazda 2 is the smallest sedan in Mazda Philippines’ model lineup. This subcompact sedan features Mazda’s newest version of the Kodo design language. Its rounded edges and lines around the body follow suit with the brand’s larger models. The exterior of the new Mazda2 Sedan features sleek design details, which gives it a distinctive and athletic look. The five-seater subcompact sedan is equipped with Mazda’s latest technology that includes a touchscreen infotainment system, active driving display, automatic climate control, and the G-Vectoring Control Plus. Under the hood, the new Mazda 2 is powered by a 1.5L SkyActiv-G 16-valve gasoline engine mated to a 6-Speed Automatic with Sport Mode. Only one variant of the nameplate is offered in the Philippines, which is the Mazda 2 1.5 SkyActiv-G Elite AT. It is available in the following colors: Snowflake White Pearl, Soul Red Crystal, Jet Black, Titanium Flash, and Eternal Blue.

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Mazda 2 Hatchback 2021

After years since its last generation, the Mazda 2 Hatchback received a much-needed refreshed look. The newly facelifted 5-door hatchback boasts of its prominent grille, sleek head lamps, and smooth lines that follow the brand’s Kodo design theme. Its seamless aesthetic sets the Mazda 2 Hatchback apart from competitors in the segment and price range. The Japanese brand equipped the Mazda 2 Hatchback with a slew of safety features and new technologies together with the upgraded fascia. Some of which include a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a keyless entry system, and a range of driver-assist features. Under the hood of the Mazda 2 is a 1.5L SKYACTIV-G 16-valve gasoline engine mated to a SKYACTIV-Drive 6-Speed Automatic with Sport Mode. In the Philippines, the model comes in one variant which is the Mazda 2 Hatchback 1.5 SkyActiv-G Elite AT and is offered in these color options: Snowflake White Pearl, Soul Red Crystal, Jet Black, Titanium Flash, and Eternal Blue.

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Mazda 3 2021

Currently on its fourth generation, the Mazda3 is still a staple in the busy roads of the metro as one of the top choices among city drivers. The model is Mazda Philippines’ entry into the competitive compact sedan segment that boasts of its style, performance, and Japanese developed technology. It is the first vehicle on the Mazda lineup to adapt the latest update of the brand’s signature Kodo design theme which helped the model win the 2020 Car Design of the Year.

The minimalist and cohesive aesthetic gives the nameplate a more premium look.  New on the latest generation is the SkyActive Technology that the Japanese brand developed, providing fuel efficiency and better drive performance that support the engine’s G-Vectoring Control Plus feature. On top of these are a slew of infotainment and hands-free features for added convenience.

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Mazda 3 Sportback 2021

The Mazda 3 Sportback is the brand’s entry into the compact hatchback segment of the Philippine automotive market. Like its sedan counterpart, it dons the Japanese brand’s signature Kodo design language that projects a minimalist and sophisticated styling aesthetic. The theme is applied consistently in both the smooth flowing exterior as well as the neutral, premium interiors. Powering the Sportback are two engine options that accompany each variant. The base Elite variant comes with a 1.5L engine while the Premium, Speed, and edition 100 variants come with a 2.0L engine. All models are equipped with the latest SkyActive technology and G-Vectoring Control Plus. The Mazda 3 Sportback runs on gasoline and an automatic transmission. Among the slew of new technologies furnished in the Sportback are a 7” LCD display meter set, Mazda Connect systems, and Front Windshield Projected Active Driving Display. A touchscreen infotainment system and a Bose audio system are added features for the top spec variant.

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Mazda 6 2021

The new Mazda 6 Sedan comes with the Japanese car brand’s latest Kodo design language. It features flowing lines, smooth edges, and a mesh grille that reflects Mazda’s signature vehicle styling. The cabin is equally decked in premium materials and has a clean, and straightforward layout. Mazda did not skimp on the technological and safety features of the Mazda6 Sedan. It is equipped with a Mazda Connect infotainment system that is accessible through a touchscreen, with sound coming out of a Bose 11-speaker system. It also comes keyless with a push start/stop button, and a slew of driver assistance features to provide an extra layer of protection from potential road hazards. In the Philippines, the Mazda 6 Sedan comes in two variants powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. The variants of this midsize sedan are the following: 2.5L SkyActiv-G 2.5 Turbo Gasoline and the SkyActiv-D 2.2 Turbo Diesel. Both variants are priced at P2,250,000.

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Mazda 6 Sports Wagon 2021

The Mazda 6 Sports Wagon is the brand’s five-door midsize wagon. It sports the award winning Kodo design language that the Japanese brand is known for. The aesthetic showcases the perfect balance of athleticism and sophistication applied on a wagon’s body type to make it look more premium yet retaining its versatility. Much like its sedan counterpart, the Sports Wagon incorporates an extensive list of safety and technological features that came with the latest generation’s upgrades. Among these are the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment with Mazda Connect, a Bose sound system, the i-ELOOP Regenerative Braking System, a Blindspot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist. The Mazda 6 Sports Wagon is marketed locally in only one variant which is the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 gasoline engine. It is valued at P1,995,000.

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Mazda BT-50 2021

The Mazda BT-50 is the brand’s contender in the pickup truck segment of the Philippine automotive market. Its competitive price points across all of the nameplate’s variants make it a strong player among vehicles in its segment. Apart from gaining recognition in 2013 by bagging the Truck of the Year Award granted by the Car Awards Group Inc., it also offers a range of functional and versatile features that are evident from its drive performance. Among the extensive list of its safety features are a Remote Keyless Entry System, Rear Parking Sensors, Rear View Camera, Cruise Control, High Mount Stop Lamp, and Hill Descent Control. These key features deliver a comfortable and safe drive that also add to the vehicle’s performance on rough roads. The 4-door pickup truck is marketed in a total of three variants which are the 3.2L 4x4 AT, 2.2L 4x2 AT, and the 2.2L 4x2 MT. The top-spec variant is valued at P1,550,000 while the base variant comes with a P1,350,000 price tag.

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Mazda CX-3 2021

The Mazda CX-3 is the brand’s smallest crossover in the line-up offered in the Philippines. Currently on its second generation, the subcompact that has recently received modifications in terms of engine specifications and performance. It sports an adequate size for a city car that is based on the platform of the Mazda 2. Much like the rest of the Japanese brand’s line-up, it features excellent fuel efficiency, handling, and drive performance. The Mazda CX-3 follows the Kodo design philosophy of flowing lines on the exterior and minimalist finishes in the interior. The latest Mazda CX-3 is currently marketed in one variant which is powered by a SKYACTIV-G 2.0L In-line 4-Cylinder DOHC gasoline engine. It is offered in four colors which are Ceramic, Eternal Blue, Machine Gray, and Soul Red Crystal.

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Mazda CX-30 2021

Mazda’s premium crossover lineup starts with the CX-30, which aims to strengthen the brand’s position in the highly competitive SUV segment. Following the Japanese brand’s Kodo design philosophy, it features a unique and sultry yet athletic stance. Its interiors are sleek and modern yet timeless, aligned with Mazda’s signature minimalist styling. Much of its features are similar to what the Mazda 3 has, including an extensive version of the I-ACTIVSENSE safety system. The Mazda CX-30 is currently marketed in four variants that can be had in two drivetrain options. Its base variant is the 2WD Pro followed by the SWD Sport, AWD Sport, and the AWD Signature as the top spec variant in the lineup. All are powered by a SKYACTIV-G 2.0L gasoline engine mated to a 6-SPEED automatic transmission with sport driving mode.

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Mazda CX-5 2021

The Mazda CX-5 is a compact crossover, the first model to carry the carmaker's Kodo design language previewed on the Shinari concept in 2010. It is also the first to feature Mazda's full complement of SKYACTIV technologies, combining a rigid yet lightweight platform with efficient powertrains that reduce fuel consumption.  

For the Philippine market, the CX-5 is currently sold in four variants: 2.0 Pro FWD, 2.0 Sport FWD, 2.0 Sport AWD, and 2.2 Signature AWD.  

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Mazda CX-8 2021

The Mazda CX-8 is a midsize crossover that sits right in between the CX-5 and the CX-9. It is one of the more premium SUV’s in the brand’s current line-up. There are two available seating configurations for the CX-8, which are 6-seater and 7-seater options. Both variants share the same body, following the brand’s Kodo design philosophy. It boasts of a spacious cabin decked in premium leather materials that provide a more sophisticated ambiance. Along with its luxurious styling is a wide range of new technology and safety features to ensure drive comfort. It is equipped with the complete I-ACTIVSENSE safety system that complements its powerful SKYACTIV-G 2.5L In-line 4-Cylinder DOHC gasoline engine. Both variants come in automatic transmissions, with variations in the drivetrain.

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Mazda CX-9 2021

The latest Mazda CX-9 portrays elegance through its flowing design and prominent grille complemented by a powerful engine and a slew of entertainment and safety features. Following the Japanese brand’s award-winning design philosophy, it is decked in sophisticated details while keeping on the minimalist styling approach. The premium 7-seat crossover is currently available in two variants which are the Mazda CX-9 2.5 Sport Touring FWD and the Mazda CX-9 2.5 Signature AWD which are both powered by a 2.5L SkyActiv-G gasoline engine with automatic transmission. The base variant is marketed at P2,380,000 while the top-spec variant is offered at P2,950,000.

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Mazda MX-5 2021

The fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 is recognized as the best-selling 2-seater sports car in history by the Guinness World Records. It returned to the Philippine Market, acquiring a sleeker yet more aggressive compact body that reflects the brand's KODO - Soul of Motion design philosophy. The roadster's development was stimulated by the motto "innovate to preserve," and now adapts the SKYACTIV technology that enables pure driving that a lightweight sports car provides.

Mazda Philippines offers the sports car with two variants, with loads of options made available to cater to various Filipino buyers. In other markets such as North America, the model is more commonly known as the Miata. And to celebrate its 30 years of production, the brand introduced its convertible version with a metal folding room and offers a single color only - racing orange.

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Mazda MX-5 RF 2021

Guinness World Records awarded the Mazda MX-5 as the best-selling two-seater sports car in history. The current Mazda MX-5 is currently in its fourth generation and comes with an update of a coupe-contoured retractable hardtop. The RF in this nameplate stands for Retractable Fastback, a combination of the soft-top trim and fastback variant of the U.S. spec Club trim. Furthermore, the Mazda MX-5 RF amplifies the latest KODO's design discipline, which is the "Soul of Motion" design philosophy. The vehicle features a retractable roof with three panels that can be folded to the similar size of the soft top. The fastback rear trim provides the vehicle more stance. The motto "Innovative in order to preserve" was the manufacturer's inspiration when the Mazda MX-5 FR was under production. This is why the vehicle comes with the SkyActiv technology that provides the same driving that only lightweight sports cars can deliver. Inside, the Mazda MX-5 FR features more cabin space, at the same time, utilizing richer materials. In terms of equipment, the vehicle is also employed with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that features a 27-inch touchscreen LCD. MP3/CD comes as standard. Manual variants have fabric seats while the automatic trim gets leather seating materials in tan or black shade. The SkyActiv-G 2.0-liter in-line four-cylinder engine provides the power of the vehicle. The power source is paired to a SkyActiv-Drive six-speed manual or six-speed automatic tranny. The unit produces 184 horsepower and 205 Newton-meter of torque.

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Mazda: FAQs

What is the cheapest Mazda car model in the Philippines?

The Mazda 2, in both sedan and hatchback body type, is currently the cheapest Mazda model in the Philippines. Both models get a price tag of P995,000.

How often should I have my Mazda serviced?

Service intervals for your Mazda vary depending on the model of your vehicle. Kindly contact your dealer to find out more.

Are prices of Mazda models the same across all dealerships?

All Mazda dealerships in the Philippines are independently owned and operated, meaning prices may vary from dealer to dealer. For specific vehicle pricing, please contact the nearest dealer in your area.

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