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Used Cars for sale in Baguio Benguet

19 results found

Honda City VX 2015 with Modulo Body kit, Low Mileage

Benguet, Baguio β‚±520,000

Automatic Verified Contact 16,900 km


Benguet, Baguio β‚±450,000

Manual Verified Contact 145,000 km


Benguet, Baguio β‚±450,000

Manual Verified Contact 145,000 km

Ford Ecosport Titanium 2017

Benguet, Baguio β‚±700,000

Automatic Verified Contact 26,000 km


Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,800,000

Manual Verified Contact 1,000 km


Benguet, Baguio β‚±800,000

Automatic Verified Contact 15 km

2011 Toyota Avanza

Benguet, Baguio β‚±350,000

Manual Verified Contact 85 km

Toyota Altis 2008 AT 1.6 G

Benguet, Baguio β‚±320,000

Automatic Verified Contact 106,000 km

Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 2014

Benguet, Baguio β‚±810,000

Automatic Verified Contact 57 km

2013 Hilux G M/T

Benguet, Baguio β‚±690,000

Automanual Verified Contact 144,000 km

2009 Toyota Hilux 4x4

Benguet, Baguio β‚±780,000

Manual Verified Contact 133,568 km

2010 BMW X6 3.5i Xdrive

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,500,000

Automatic Verified Contact 88,000 km

2018 Nissan Navara VL 4X4

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,100,000

Automatic Verified Contact 27,000 km

Black Toyota Fortuner 2016 for sale in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±930,000

Automatic 49,000 Km

Selling Red Chevrolet Spark 2012 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±250,000

Automatic 27,000 Km

Selling Pearl White Honda Fit 2007 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±260,000

Automatic 200,000 Km

Selling Silver Toyota Hilux 2008 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±690,000

Manual 60,000 Km

Selling Silver Kia Picanto 2016 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±330,000

Automatic 28,000 Km

The Do's and Don'ts of Purchasing a Second-Hand Car

As you look at our list of used cars for sale in Baguio, Benguet available in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, you will come to realize that units are available in different price ranges. They are also offered by both private owners and certified car dealers.

That is why you have to be a wise buyer―wiser than the seller, even if they are highly experienced. It will ensure that you end up with a reliable and safe car which can last you years. Similarly, you won't be forced to buy a car that you don't really like or bought out of impulse.

In order to achieve such, you must know what you should and shouldn't do when transacting with a car vendor. There are a lot, but you don't have to apply them all. After all, these are not rules perse. With that in mind, has collated some of the most useful do's and don'ts that have helped beginners and expert buyers.

1. The Yays

Whether or not you are a car expert, here are the things you must do in order to end up with a car that you love and can rely on:

Document Check

Much like brand-new units, pre-owned cars for sale should come with documents to prove ownership and legality. You should check the car's original LTO registration (OR/CR) and title. The details should match the car's and seller's (owner's) details. If the car is being sold by a third party, there should be a notarized Special Power of Attorney or Authorization to Sell the car in the owner's behalf.

Insurance documents should also be evaluated, again, matching the car owner's and the car's details. Similarly, you must also request the unit's maintenance and repair records, as these will help you identify initially the car's condition.

Consider Several Options

We understand that meeting up and talking to several car sellers can take up so much of your time and require a lot of effort. However, by having several options, you are assured that you have selected the better from the good. It will also prevent impulsive buying and will save you from future headaches and regrets.

Conduct a Test Drive

A test drive should always be done for each car you are opting to purchase. It is one thing that will help you check problems which cannot be seen upon initial evaluation of the unit. Do note though that you need to take time and be keen enough when test driving. Take this time to ask several questions to the seller.

2. The Nays

The things you shouldn't do when personally checking out a second hand vehicle include:

Showing Great Interest

Definitely, you chose to check the car out because you're interested in buying it. However, you shouldn't show that “much” interest because you will give the seller an advantage.

That is to entice you to buy the unit right now. Do not say anything that will give them a hint that you have finalized your decision or it's the best one you've seen so far.

Deciding Based on Cost

The temptation to buy the most affordable vehicle comes into play, and that is human nature, especially since we want to save as much as we can. Most of the time, the most affordable ones come with a lot of problems.

Likewise, not all those that come at a higher price are the best. Hence, go ahead and check out several cars which are available at different price ranges, and evaluate each of them well.

3. Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are buying your or your loved one's first car, you have to make sure that you end up with a safe and useful unit. Be a smart buyer by being informed and keeping your emotions in check.

Finally, we also feature more than 40 official car brands currently operating in the Philippines so as to provide auto buyers with comprehensive information about each automotive manufacturer covering their model line-up, latest price list and contact details of all dealerships nationwide.

Happy shopping with!