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Used Cars for sale in Benguet

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18 results found
Used 2009 Grey Charcoal Montero gls 4x2

2009 Grey Charcoal Montero gls 4x2

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 1,234 km

Used 2010 Montero Gls SE, 4X4

2010 Montero Gls SE, 4X4

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 1,234 km

Used Low mileage!!! Honda CR-V 2010 3rd Gen

Low mileage!!! Honda CR-V 2010 3rd Gen

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 51,000 km

Used Like New Complete Papers

Like New Complete Papers

Benguet, Baguio


Shiftable Automatic 50,000 km

Used 2009 Toyota Hiace Van

2009 Toyota Hiace Van

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 108,000 Km

Used  Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2014

Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2014

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 15,000 Km

Used Grey Toyota Innova 2007

Grey Toyota Innova 2007

Benguet, Tuba


Manual 124,000 Km



Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 113,323 km

Used ISUZU ELF 2015 - 4HF1

ISUZU ELF 2015 - 4HF1

Benguet, Baguio


Manual 485,070 km

Used 2016 Toyota Fortuner V

2016 Toyota Fortuner V

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 47,000 km

Used Hiace GL Grandia

Hiace GL Grandia

Benguet, Baguio


Manual 97,000 km

Used 2017 Toyota Fortuner V

2017 Toyota Fortuner V

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 40,000 km

Used 1995 Isuzu forward 210

1995 Isuzu forward 210

Benguet, Baguio


Manual 1,482,679 km

Used Mazda bt-50 2013 4x2 manual transmission

Mazda bt-50 2013 4x2 manual transmission

Benguet, Baguio


Manual 165,652 km

Used 2010 montero sports

2010 montero sports

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 149,000 km

Used 2017 chevrolet trailblazer

2017 chevrolet trailblazer

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 37,000 km

Used BMW M3 E90 2006

BMW M3 E90 2006

Benguet, Baguio


Manual 79,000 km

Used Mitsubishi Mirage GLS 2013

Mitsubishi Mirage GLS 2013

Benguet, Baguio


Automatic 45,000 km

    4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Car

    Buying a vehicle for the first time can either be exciting or frightening; most of the time, it's a mix of both feelings. Exciting because finally, you are going to drive your own car and you no longer have to experience the daily difficulties of commuting from one place to another. Frightening since you have little or no idea what you're dealing with or how to go about with the buying process.

    Since we here at are dedicated to helping out brand-new and second-hand car buyers, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes a noobie car buyer commits when buying their first vehicle. With that said, make sure that you keep these things in mind so that you'll have a successful and stress-free buying experience.

    1. Not Knowing What You Really Need

    Buying your first car can be overwhelming because there are a lot of choices in the market. Whether you look at second-hand cars or go to the nearest dealership to check out the new units from a popular car brands, you will have a difficult time if you don't have an idea of your specific needs.

    How many seaters would you require? What features are important for you? Where and how often will you use the car? These are some of the questions you need to answer for you to know the exact type of vehicle you need to purchase. This also helps you narrow down your search.

    2. Not Setting the Right Budget

    Apparently, you already have a budget in mind once you decide to buy a vehicle. However, most first-time buyers fail to recognize that the budget should not only cover the value of the car. There are other things to consider like the transfer of ownership, registration, and the likes. This will depend on what is included and not included in the deal.

    Thus, you have to be mindful of this and ask the seller so that you have an idea of whether or not the unit is within your budget.

    3. Believing Everything the Seller Says

    Don't get us wrong. We are not saying that sellers, certified dealers or private owners, are liars. What we mean is that these people will say anything for them to close a good deal. Once they spot that you are very interested in owning the second-hand cars for sale they are presenting, they'll mention all the good qualities of the unit.

    Similarly, if they figure that you know nothing about cars and what you really need, they will persuade you to get a car that you do not really need. Again. Common mistake number one.

    4. Test Driving Without an Expert

    Test driving the car, brand-new or not, you are interested in is one of the ways to determine if the car fits you or not, as well as how the car performs on the road. The most common error though is that most first-time buyers test the vehicle on the road without the assistance of a trusted mechanic or a friend or relative who has great knowledge about cars. When having a test drive, you need to listen to “abnormal” sounds, which only someone who has been driving and checking cars would identify.

    Be a Wise Noob

    Your first car is your partner in your new adventures on the road. As a newbie in the car market, you are open to the fact that you can commit mistakes when buying your unit. But that should not be the case! The mistakes we discussed above are first-hand experiences which you need to learn from so that you can be a wise first-time buyer.

    If you are planning to buy a pre-owned vehicle, feel free to browse our list of used cars for sale in Benguet. Good luck!