BMW Philippines: Overview & Price list in August 2021

BMW has become one of the most acclaimed luxury car brands in the world through its elevated quality, refined aesthetics, and remarkable drive performance. In 1993, Filipino automobile enthusiasts had their first taste of the German brand’s top-class lineup and has since been topping the charts in the premium vehicle segment. In December 2017, SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. (SMCACDC) became the official importer, distributor, and service provider of BMW automobiles and motorcycles in the Philippines. SMCACDC is an exclusively owned Filipino company under San Miguel Corporation headed by their chairman, Mr. Ramon S. Ang.

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BMW 1 Series 2021

The BMW 1-Series is the German brand’s entry into the premium hatchback segment. It’s a five-seater vehicle that’s known for its athletic yet sleek styling, with an exterior that poses a progressive design language that the brand is known for. The aesthetic extends to the spacious cabin which is decked in premium materials and a range of technological entertainment features. Locally, the BMW 1-Series is offered in two variants which are the 118i and M135i xDrive. The former is powered by a 1.5-liter TwinPower turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a 7-speed Steptronic DCT, while the top-spec variant comes with an M TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine paired with a Steptronic Sport transmission. Both variants are equipped with an ECO-PRO Mode which manages fuel consumption without compromising the vehicle’s performance and maximum capabilities on the road.

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BMW 2 Series 2021

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé 218i Sport made headlines as a moderately-priced luxury sedan that comes with top-grade specifications in terms of tech and safety. This vehicle adds a bold character to the compact class model lineup of BMW Philippines. The vehicle is targeted towards a younger market looking for a luxury sedan that can cater to their daily needs and preferences. Beyond its sleek styling is a substantial amount of features the German brand is known for. Powering the 2-Series Gran Coupe is a 1.5-liter turbocharged B38 gasoline engine mated to a 7-speed Steptronic DCT that can take the vehicle from city drives to long-haul drives with ease.

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BMW 3 Series 2021

The BMW 3-Series is a sports sedan that sits right in between the brand’s more premium vehicles and its smaller sedans. Its seventh-generation model comes with a facelift that further defines the shape of the 3-Series. Along with its physical alterations are a range of upgraded tech and safety features that include the “Hey BMW” system. The sedan caters to the discerning Filipino family in the market for the most ideal luxury sports sedan that they can easily take from the city to long-haul drives. It comes in either a 2.0L or 3.0L engine with diesel and gasoline varieties. Locally, the 3-Series is offered in four variants which are the BMW 3-Series Sedan 318d Luxury, BMW 3-Series Sedan 320d M Sport, the BMW 3-Series Sedan M3, and the newly launched 330i M Sport.

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BMW 5 Series 2021

The BMW 5-Series embodies the perfect balance of style and practicality. Its executive class aesthetic comes with touches of sportiness through its trims. Thus, it is the nameplate of choice among highly successful businessmen. After years in the Philippine market, the 5-Series now has a base variant with a slew of entertainment and safety features that further add to its value. The BMW 520i Luxury is now the most attainable luxury midsize sedan available in the local market. Earlier variants which are the BMW 520d Luxury, the 520d M Sport, and the 530d Luxury are still offered in the country.

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BMW 6 Series 2021

The BMW 6 Series model currently offered in the Philippines is the Gran Turismo. It dons a unique aesthetic that perfectly balances dynamics and style. The German brand employs a comfort concept in designing the executive sedan, to suit its market’s desires for an exceptionally relaxing drive. With this in mind, BMW equipped the 6-Series with generously proportioned and luxurious interior coupled with a plethora of infotainment and convenience features including a BMW Connected voice and gesture activated system. Locally available are five variants of the 6-Series which are the BMW 630i, BMW 640i / 640i xDrive, BMW 620d / 620d xDrive, BMW 630d / 630d xDrive, and the BMW 640d xDrive. All variants are powered by BMW TwinPower Turbo engines in either gasoline or diesel, depending on the model.

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BMW 7 Series 2021

The BMW 7-Series is the German brand’s flagship sedan model that sports the trademark cab-rearward design. Currently on its sixth generation, it remains to be one of the most popular nameplates in the luxury sedan segment. Its timeless elegance has now been upgraded with more modern touches and a range of technological features that provide the highest level of comfort and convenience. All seats are equipped with a massage function and active ventilation, complemented by 10-inch touch screen LCD’s in front and at the rear for a full entertainment experience. It also comes with a Display Key which reflects the vehicle’s fuel consumption, enables security controls, and other system notifications while the driver is away from the car. Locally, there are two variants offered which are the BMW 7 Series 730i Pure Excellence and the BMW 7 Series 745Le Pure Excellence.

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BMW X1 2021

The BMW X1 is known for its athletic yet premium styling that follows the German brand’s design philosophy. Categorized by BMW as a Sport Active Vehicle (SAV), it is their entry into the highly competitive Compact Crossover segment. The vehicle is currently on its second generation, upgraded with more modernized safety and technological features as well as an improved engine and transmission. Among its updates is the BMW Connected Drive system which gives the driver further assistance on the road. Although it doesn’t come with gesture or voice commands, the clear-cut system is easily comprehensible and quite convenient when steadily driving. Currently available in the Philippine market is the BMW X1 xDrive20d xLine variant which is a product of the brand’s EfficientDynamics system and aesthetic modifications. Powering the X1 is a 2.0L TwinPower Turbo diesel engine paired with the new 8-speed Automatic Transmission.

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BMW X3 2021

The BMW X3 is a premium crossover which the brand categorizes as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in their lineup. Its powerful proportions mean a larger wheelbase and a generously spaced cabin. Complementing the muscular form are refined interiors and a slew of on-board entertainment and safety features. Among which is the iDrive driving assistance system that provides easy access to the vehicle’s controls for infotainment and navigation. Locally available are two variants which are the BMW X3 xDrive20d xLine base variant and the BMW X3 xDrive20d M Sport top range. Powering both models is a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo diesel engine that is paired with BMW’s signature xDrive all-wheel drive system.

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BMW X4 2021

The BMW X4 was initially designed as an SUV Coupe oriented towards the younger market looking for their first luxury crossover. Currently on its second generation, the nameplate has since received a facelift and upgrades in terms of aesthetic finishes, engineering, and technology. However, it still boasts of its first-class driving dynamics that the X4 has been known for. Included in the current package is the new BMW ConnectedDrive system that can be accessed through a fully-digital instrument panel and infotainment system. Locally, only one variant is offered which is the BMW X4 XDrive20d M Sport. It is powered by a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo diesel engine coupled with the xDrive all-wheel drive system.

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BMW X5 2021

BMW X5 is celebrating 20 years since its first production with the release of the X5 xDrive30d xLine variant, the lone model currently offered in the Philippine market. The nameplate was the first luxury SUV manufactured which resulted to the creation of a new segment upon its global release. Thus, the X5 remains to be one of the most highly recognized large SUV’s the world. It boasts of an aggressive, masculine exterior balanced by smooth lines and pearl chrome trims that refine its overall look. With a slew of technological advancements furnished on the fourth-generation model, it is now dubbed as the most comfortable X5 to date, powered by a 3.0-liter Twin Turbo diesel engine and equipped with the latest evolution of BMW’s innovative xDrive all-wheel drive package.

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BMW X7 2021

The BMW X7 is the largest member of the brand’s lineup to date. It is BMW’s entry into the larger SUV segment to compete with established global automotive brands that also feature style, premium finishes, top-notch performance, and modern technology. The seven-seater SUV stands on top of the BMW X-series lineup which the brand categorizes as Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). Offered locally is only one variant which is the BMW X7 xDrive30d Pure Excellence. Powered by a 3.0L TwinPower turbo inline-6 diesel engine accompanied by the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system, it provides quality performance in any road condition. Topping off its impressive features are the BMW iDrive and ConnectedDrive systems with driver-oriented services that provide an extra layer of safety and entertainment for its passengers.

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BMW Z4 2021

Currently on its fourth generation, the BMW Z4 takes the traditional long hood of the previous models altered into a more modern and aggressive design. Marking the German brand’s next-generation roadster offering, it keeps the conventional layout with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive. The equally balanced weight distribution provides better handling and the signature performance BMW is known for. The Z4 boasts of a straightforward styling that extends to the cabin. Sports seats clad in leather upholstery with premium trims and a fabric folding electric soft-top welcome the two passengers for a luxurious ride. A driver-oriented cockpit is decked with a fully digital gauge cluster and heads up display for a comfortable and convenient experience behind the wheel. In the Philippines, two variants are offered which are the Z4 sDrive20i and the Z4 M40i. Powering the base variant is a 2.0-liter Twin Power Turbo inline-four while the top-spec variant gets a 3.0-liter in-line six with M Performance TwinPower Turbo.

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Discontinued BMW cars

BMW Z3 2020

Status: Discontinued

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What is the cheapest BMW car?

The cheapest BMW model is the BMW 1 Series 118i Sport 1.5 AT which is priced at ₱2,690,000.

Which BMW's are four-wheel drive?

BMW's all-wheel "xDrive" system is available across the lineup, on cars like the 3 Series and 5 Series, and SUVs, like the X3 and X5.

What is BMW 7 Series Sedan’s weight?

The BMW 7 Series Sedan has a gross weight of 2670 kg.

What is the Power Output of BMW 7 Series Sedan?

The BMW 7 Series Sedan delivers 286 hp of maximum power and 450 Nm of maximum torque.

What does 'BMW' stand for?

BMW is an initialism for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or, Bavarian Motor Works; Bavaria being the German state in which the company's headquarters are located.

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