Toyota Philippines: Overview & Price list in September 2021

Toyota leads the local automobile industry, distributed by Toyota Motor Philippines. It has a staggering total of 73 dealerships all over the country. It has 27 dealerships in Luzon, 15 in the Visayas, 11 in Mindanao, and 20 in Metro Manila, including Lexus Manila, Inc. for its service centers and sales distribution. TMP has the most extensive car lineup in the country, with its current range consisting of 20 vehicles in total. See the latest price list of Toyota vehicles in the Philippines here.

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Toyota 86 2021

The Toyota 86, or GT 86 in other markets, is a 2-door sports car produced together by Japanese automakers Toyota and Subaru. It shares the same engine and platform with the Subaru BRZ, while having slight variances when it comes to exterior and interior design. Under the hood, the Toyota 86 uses 2.0-liter, naturally aspirated boxer engine. While this engine is produced by Subaru, it uses Toyota's D4-S fuel injection system. At most, the engine can make up to 200 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear via a six-speed manual transmission.

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Toyota Alphard 2021

The Alphard by Japanese marque Toyota is perfect for those in need of a ride that provides comfort with a bit of luxury. The front end of the Alphard features a large new grille that exudes individuality and luxury with fine lines flowing towards the back part. It makes the vehicle extraordinary. The luxury does not stop there. Inside, the Toyota Alphard features captain seats and leg rest, full-leather interior, touch-screen infotainment system, 16-colored ceiling illumination, eight speakers, and individual aircon vents for each passenger. Aside from the comfort and luxurious style, the Toyota Alphard does not disappoint in terms of engine power. It can take you to your destination as fast as needed. Roaring under the hood of this luxurious van is the 3.5L DOHC 24-valve V6 mill that creates 292 horsepower and 361 Newton-meter of torque. The minivan is equipped with ventilated disc brakes on all corners that handle the vehicle's stopping power.

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Toyota Avanza 2021

The Avanza was introduced by the world's second-biggest automotive brand Toyota in 2006. It’s a new entry-level multi-purpose vehicle offering from the Japanese carmaker. The PT Astra Daihatsu Motor of Indonesia developed the Avanza and marketed it as both a Daihatsu and Toyota in its home market. The conventional front engine-rear drive layout was retained similar to the Tamaraw. However, it's a bit different from its AUV ancestors in terms of size, weight, and body. The Avanza is lighter, smaller, and car-like unibody construction. The first-gen Avanza has a simple and contemporary style. The MPV we have today is the second-generation Avanza, which landed on our shore in early 2012. It received its initial refresh in 2015, wherein Toyota gave it a more upmarket appearance. It received its second facelift in 2019 when the Japanese carmaker decided to give it a sharper and sportier look. The second refresh features new wheels, new taillights, distinct split headlights, reshaped fascia, and a new grille. The interior of the Toyota Avanza also received a full makeover. It now features a more modern dashboard with added trim detailing and sharper lines. A touchscreen infotainment system was added on higher Avanza variants during the 2015 refresh. In the 2019 update, it got an updated infotainment system and new digital air-con controls. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Avanza with two engine options. The first option is a 1.3L engine with an output of 95 hp and 121 Nm of torque. The other one is the 1.5L power plant that produces 103 hp and 136 Nm of torque. The new Dual VVT-I four-cylinder inline 16-valve DOHC engine can be paired with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

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Toyota Camry 2021

The Camry is one of the longest-running nameplates in Japanese carmaker Toyota's lineup. It was introduced in 1982 and is currently continues to be a top-seller for the brand. When the model was first introduced, it was designed to compete in compact sedan markets. But in the early 90s, Toyota decided to increase the configuration size, making it a midsize sedan. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the 8th-gen Camry in the local market in late 2018, arriving with a sleeker and sportier exterior appeal as compared to the outgoing generation. Inside, the 5-seater midsize sedan provides an executive and modern feel thanks to the wood trims, spacious cabin, an ergonomic leather interior, and adjustable seats for both the driver and passengers. In consideration of the size and features, the PH-spec Toyota Camry is offered with a price that plays around the P2-million mark, making it one of the most expensive in Toyota's Philippine lineup. This midsize sedan is marketed for those Filipino car consumers who are in the market for a premium, quality, and upscaled vehicle.

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Toyota Corolla Altis 2021

The all-new Altis from Japanese marque Toyota is now on its 12th generation. This compact sedan gets an upgraded mechanics, modern aesthetics, and a trendier and more comfortable interior. It makes this car more attractive to Filipino buyers. The Japanese offering has something more to offer – a hybrid variant for the range-topping model. It’s a great advantage since none of its competitors have the same hybrid version availability. Even better, you can get a hybrid Toyota Corolla Altis at a relatively affordable price – that is, if you’re okay with spending a considerable amount for a greener powertrain. If not, the conventional 1.6-liter powered unit is always available. The mainly blacked-themed interior is complemented with chrome accents and blue lighting. Digital displays populate the interior of the Toyota Corolla Altis, creating a modern-looking cabin. 1.6 V and 1.8 Hybrid variants get leather upholstery. The Corolla Altis is equipped with six speakers for entertainment and an automatic climate control to keep the passengers comfortable while on the road. Security alarm, airbags, and ABS with electronic brake assist are a standard feature in this compact sedan. The entry-level Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 E variant is also equipped with seven airbags. The Toyota Corolla Altis, as offered by Toyota Motor Philippines, is available in five variants.

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Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

The local crossover segment is getting even more exciting as Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Philippines launched the all-new Corolla Cross. It is a five-seater crossover that’s available in two variants with a starting price of Php 1,285,000 for the gasoline-powered Corolla Cross while the Hybrid version is priced at Php 1,650,000. Designed as the stylish urban vehicle, the Corolla Cross combines Toyota’s signature “QDR” (quality, durability, and reliability) with style and functionality. Its hybrid electric variant further realizes Toyota’s vision of sustainable mobility and makes self-charging hybrid technology more accessible to Filipinos. The Toyota Corolla Cross was initially launched in Thailand and shared the same Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform with the 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis. The new crossover is the same as the sedan it is based on that is available with a hybrid power plant.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser 2021

After recognizing its demand, the country's leading carmaker Toyota Motor Philippines brought the FJ Cruiser in the country in 2013. The Toyota FJ Cruiser maintained its predecessor’s aesthetic principles – tough, intimidating, and boxy with rounded corners. At the same time, it received modern technological updates. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is road ready, be it paved or not. Inside this 4x4, occupants will be welcomed by a mix of old-school touches and modern flair, which is visible in the center console. Some of the contemporary touches on the Toyota FJ Cruiser include the accessory power outlet, multi-info display, and wireless door lock. The model also features airbags, vehicle stability control, vehicle immobilizer, and anti-lock braking system. With around 700 mm wading depth, superb off-road capabilities, and good ground clearance, the Toyota FJ Cruiser can compete against other equally rugged 4x4 off-road models. Under the hood lies a 4.0-liter 24-valve DOCH Dual VVT-I V6 power plant that produces 268 hp and 380 Nm of torque. It is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. This midsize sedan has ended its life cycle in most markets, but it is still going strong in various Asian countries, including the Philippines. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is priced at Php 2,083,000 and is offered in a single standard variant with a V6 engine.

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Toyota Fortuner 2021

The Fortuner by global auto giant Toyota is one of the best-selling midsize SUVs in the Philippines. This midsize SUV has been driven on the country’s highways since the early 2000s. It became a household name because of its rugged platform, strong brand support, and tested durability. The second-generation Toyota Fortuner has topped the sales chart consistently, not only in the midsize SUV segment but also for the entire automotive industry in the country. And in 2020, Toyota Motor Philippines launched the new Fortuner facelifted which showcases a more aggressive SUV appeal. It still shares the same Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) platform as the Hilux and Innova. The new model is offering a wide array of variants to market to various car consumers. These variants include the base G, V, Q, and top-of-the-line LTD variant which comes with a more distinct styling. The sky's the limit for Toyota's entry to the local midsize SUV segment as it remains to be a top choice among Filipino car buyers when considering a reliable, rugged, and family 7-seater vehicle. As for pricing, the G variant with a 4x2 drivetrain and manual transmission starts at Php 1,633,000 and goes up to the new LTD variant with a 4x4 drivetrain and automatic transmission (excluding the White Pearl body paint option).

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Toyota GR Yaris 2021

The Toyota GR Yaris is a subcompact hatchback belonging to the hot hatch or sports compact category. It is developed by Japanese carmaker Toyota and the company’s Gazoo Racing division as a homologation car for an all-out rally-spec model for the World Rally Championship. The GR Yaris was revealed for the first time in 2020, marginally based on the XP210-series Yaris, and it is a totally different machine from the XP150 Yaris/Vios.

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Toyota Hiace 2021

The Toyota Hiace is a familiar sight among Filipinos. It can be normally seen as a Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) that transports a huge number of passengers with ease. Also, the Hiace can be used to haul cargo thanks to its massive interior space.

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Toyota Hiace Super Grandia 2021

The country's number one car brand, Toyota Motor Philippines, finally launched the HiAce Super Grandia. It is the best vehicle for car shoppers looking for a corporate-level hauler but is not willing to spend more than Php 3.7 million for an Alphard. The Toyota Hiace Super Grandia is available in three trims with the price starting at Php 2.5 million. It is the top-spec version of the 6th generation HiAce in the Philippines. TMP turned the Toyota Hiace platform and turned the van into something grand. The Grandia and Commuter models are well-liked by the Filipinos, the 2020 Toyota HiAce Super Grandia will surely receive much-love as well. The Toyota HiAce Super Grandia has all the features that made the HiAce a staple on the country’s roads but improved and given a breath of comfort and luxury. The all-new Toyota Hiace Super Grandia shares the same face with the current Toyota Hiace. However, it has a tweaked look that shows its figure as Toyota’s highest-end model on offer. It gets a revised set of LEDs that can be found on both the front and rear end of the vehicle. These touches make the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia an upscale-looking entry into its segment.

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Toyota Hilux 2021

The Toyota Hilux is a pickup with a globally known nameplate for being one of the reliable workhorse vehicles. It was 1968 when automotive giant Toyota's pickup truck started building a reputation for being rugged and dependable, and it continues until today with the facelifted model launched in 2020. This popular pickup continues to evolve and slowly move upmarket after gaining luxuries. The most significant revolutionary jump of the Hilux happened in 2004 when the seventh-generation of the model was introduced. It was the first 21st-century iteration of Toyota's pickup. It is also the first generation to ride on Toyota’s new Innovative Multi-purpose Vehicle architecture. It provided improved safety, better ride comfort, modern D-4D diesel engines, more interior space, and a more modern aerodynamic body. The current 8th generation offers a more refined and stylish design than its predecessor, but the tradition of being a tough pickup continues. It gets a much-awaited refresh in 2020 inline. Aside from improved looks, the Philippine iteration also comes with more powerful engine options. The Toyota Hilux is available in 4x4 and 4x2 variants. In the Philippines, the pickup truck is offered with diesel engines. It is available with automatic or manual transmission depending on the variant.

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Toyota Innova 2021

The Toyota Innova is one of the best-sellers from the leading automotive brand in the country, Toyota Motor Philippines. It is a compact MPV that can accommodate seven occupants while other variants have a seating capacity of eight. The Toyota Innova became a logical choice in the MPV segment because of its seating capacity, diesel mill, and raised ride height. It is the main reason why the Toyota Innova is one of the annual top-sellers in the country. This is a testament to how appealing this compact MPV is to Filipino car buyers. The current generation Toyota Innova has a larger dimension than its predecessor. The overall exterior of the Toyota Innova is obviously an MPV, but the styling is inspired by the SUV and crossover models of the Japanese brand. Dominating the front end of the Innova is a large angular grille and large swept-back headlights. It gives the Toyota Innova a more aggressive appearance that reminds us of the U.S – market Highlander SUV. On the side, it features clean and notable shoulder lines. It has features similar to the RAV4, particularly the near-triangular D-pillars, angular horizontal taillights, and upswept rearmost side windows. The facelifted 2nd-gen Toyota Innova is offered with the 2.8L 1GD-FTV engine that produces 167 hp and 343 Nm of torque on manual transmission variants and an impressive 171 horsepower and 360 Newton-meter of torque on an automatic transmission. The Toyota Innova shares the same platform with the Fortuner and Hilux.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

The Land Cruiser has been around from time immemorial. In fact, it is currently the longest-running model still in production by Japanese auro brand Toyota. Its heritage and lineage started way back the '50s. Time has already tested the reputation of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It came from a total off-road car and evolved into one of the market's most luxurious SUVs. 

Fast forward, and Toyota Motor Philippines has brought in the all-new Land Cruiser for the model year 2022. It retains the same off-road capabilities that its predecessors are known for as it comes with a 4x4 drivetrain, and a ladder frame chassis. Instead of a V8 however, it now uses a twin-turbo diesel V6 that can make up to 304 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. It also gets the Toyota Safety Sense driver-assist suite, and a sharper, more modern-looking exterior design.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2021

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was initially introduced in 1990. The current model is now on its fourth generation. It is the LC200's little brother, which is why it still has the popular characteristics of the Land Cruiser 200 but in a more compact and affordable package. This full-size SUV from Japanese car manufacturer Toyota combines refinement and style with off-road capabilities. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado features more defined body lines compared to the LC200. The front end is not as intimidating, but it has a more youthful appeal thanks to its sleek headlamps and massive grille. The interior of the Toyota Land Cruiser features a plush cabin with wood accents, leather seats for seven people, and a steering wheel with multi-function control. The six speakers handle the sound of the entertainment system, and it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Passengers can also enjoy dual automatic climate control. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado comes with either a diesel or gasoline engine. The 3.0L diesel engine produces 163 hp and 410 Nm of torque paired to either a 5-speed automatic gearbox or 5-speed manual. The other option is the 4.0L gasoline engine that pumps out 275 hp and 381 Nm of torque partnered with sequential shift.

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Toyota Prius 2021

The country's top automaker Toyota Motor Philippines brought one of the first hybrid hatchbacks in the country with the Prius nameplate. This hybrid hatchback is globally known for being a safe, comfortable, and environment-friendly vehicle that possesses distinct design. It is easily recognizable by car enthusiasts and car buyers. The all-new 4th generation Toyota Prius is now wider, longer, and lower than its predecessor. It features a more futuristic and dynamic styling. The interior of this hybrid hatchback is dominated by white leather. The multi-information display mounted at the center of the dashboard accentuates the interior’s white leather. The JBL touchscreen head unit provides entertainment for the car's occupant, and the automatic climate control takes care of comfort in the cabin. Toyota Prius is also equipped with Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Traction Control, Immobilizer, and seven SRS airbags – all come as a standard. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Toyota Prius in 1.8L four-cylinder gasoline engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive electric motor engine. The engine is mated to an Electrically Controlled Variable Transmission (CVT) with ECO and Power Mode settings. According to the Japanese carmaker, the all-new 1.8L Toyota Prius hybrid can deliver an impressive 40 kilometers per liter.

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Toyota RAV4 2021

Using contemporary sharp angles as its design language, leading auto brand Toyota created the all-new RAV4. The compact SUV slots below the Fortuner as a premium crossover that can accommodate five occupants. It was initially introduced as a compact SUV to the market in 1994 to provide the demands of urban markets. Now over the years, the Toyota RAV4 has evolved into something more and now part of the fifth-generation model. The Japanese automakers abandon the old rounded style that makes the car appear boxier. Designers of Toyota were inspired by the brand's rugged variety of SUVs, such as the US market midsize Tacoma truck as well as the 4Runner SUV. There are three distinct variants available - the LE worth Php 1.71 Million, XLE with a price tag of Php 1.92 Million, and LTD valued at Php 2.24 Million. The Toyota RAV4 is offered in nine different colors - Dark Blue Mica, Cyan Metallic, Urban Khaki, Red Mica, Attitude Black Mica, Grey, Silver, White Pearl Crystal Shine, and Super White. Furthermore, all the variants are powered by a 2.5-liter Dual VVT-i DOHC four-cylinder gasoline engine. The power plant generates 243 Nm of peak torque output and 202 hp. For safety purposes, Toyota RAV4 features seven airbags, electronic stability control, ABS with EBD, hill start assist, parking sensors, traction control, and the like.

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Toyota Rush 2021

The Rush is Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP)’s entry to the local competitive multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment. Considering its relatively large size and affordable pricing, the MPV is regarded by some as an entry-level SUV to the Japanese car brand. 

A collaboration between Japanese automaker Toyota and its subsidiary Daihatsu, the Rush was introduced in 2006 as a rebadged Daihatsu Terios. And in 2018, the Japanese carmaker introduced the model in the country which instantly became a hit among Filipino car buyers until this day.

There are many SUV-like features that the Toyota Rush offers such as a relatively high ground clearance rated at 220 mm and its new seating configuration that makes seven as standard across all variants. TMP still offers the same three variants that marketed for various car consumers.

Just like most MPVs competing in the country, the 7-seater Toyota small SUV uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine which can be paired to 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. It is considered as one of the best value for money especially for those who wish for a reliable family car.

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Toyota Supra 2021

After years of waiting, the all-new Supra by Japanese auto giant Toyota has finally arrived. Thanks to Toyota Motor Philippines, this highly anticipated sports car comes to the Philippine market. In terms of sports cars, the Supra has long been considered as the brand's ultimate. The current generation Supra has finally been revived with German DNA into its parts. It's no wonder the overlook of the Toyota GR Supra is very impressive. The aesthetics are also geared towards tuners, modders, and enthusiasts. Its dimensions and chassis are similar to that of the Z4. However, the brand provided twists in terms of styling, design, and everything else in between. The interior of the MkV Supra is absolutely a collaborative effort but with traces of the Toyota brand. The Supra available in the Philippines comes with a 3.0L twin-scroll turbocharged in-line 6-cylinder engine. The fifth-generation Toyota GR Supra has remarkable design elements, including LED headlights with six lenses, a 19-inch forged aluminum, as well as, dual exhaust pipes. It also comes with a list of standard features, such as a heads-up display, touchscreen infotainment setup, multi-information display gauge, and a sound system composed of 12 speakers. The current generation is the 5th generation of Toyota GR Supra. In the Philippines, the prices of the supra depend on the variant color. It is available in eight colors: Matte Storm Gray, Deep Blue Metallic, Ice Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, Lighting Yellow, Black Metallic, White Metallic, and Prominence Red.

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Toyota Vios 2021

The country's number one car brand, Toyota Motor Philippines, introduced the Toyota Vios in 2002. This subcompact sedan is made at Toyota's plant in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Currently, the Philippine-spec Toyota Vios is offered in nine variants. Prices for the Toyota-made sedan ranges from Php 681,000 to Php 1,020,000. The Toyota Vios subcompact sedan gets two engine options, two transmission options, and a whole host of comfort and safety features. The said model is also available in a wide range of color options. This includes Black, Red Mica, Pearl White, Thermalyte, Blackish Red, Alumina Jade, Freedom White, Grayish Blue, and Super Red.

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Toyota Wigo 2021

The Toyota Wigo is a small city car powered by an inline-3 gasoline engine. Power is sent to the front either by a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual transmission. The Wigo is built by Daihatsu, which is one of Japanese car brand Toyota's subsidiaries. In other countries, it is known as the Agya.

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Toyota Yaris 2021

The Yaris is another subcompact hatchback offering from Japanese marque Toyota. It is a perfect vehicle for individuals with an active lifestyle because of its youthful vibe. The current version of this subcompact hatchback looks stylish and modern compared to its predecessor. The redesigned front exudes a premium and very trendy look. Inside, the five-seater Yaris features a 6.75-inch touchscreen entertainment display, and a 60:40 foldable rear seat to make additional room for the already spacious 326-liter cargo space. This subcompact hatchback is known for providing exceptional in-cabin comfort levels. The spacious cabin, particularly at the rear part, is massively impressive, considering the car size. The seats also offer under-thigh support and great cushioning. ABS with brake assist and brake distribution, complete set of airbags, and immobilizer with alarm are a standard feature in the Toyota Yaris. Toyota Yaris provides two engine options. The first option is the smaller 1.3-liter with an output of 98 hp and 124 Nm of torque. The second one is a bigger 1.5-liter unit that produces 106 hp of power and torque of 140 Nm. It comes in a total of two variants with base variant price at Php 973,000.

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Toyota: FAQs

What is the cheapest Toyota car in the Philippines?

The Toyota Wigo E 1.0 MT priced at ₱568,000 is the most affordable vehicle in Toyota Philippines' local lineup.

Which are the best-selling Toyota models in the local market?

According to 2019's data, Toyota's 5 best-selling models in the Philippines are the Vios, Hilux, Innova, Fortuner and Hiace.

How many Toyota dealerships are there in our country?

As of 2020, there are over 70 Toyota Philippines' dealerships across the country with its corporate office located in Makati City.

Why are Toyota vehicles so popular in the Philippines?

Reliability, durability, availability of parts, exemplary service offerings and high resale value of second hand Toyota cars are the main reasons that make Toyota vehicles attractive to many Filipino auto buyers.

Does Toyota Philippines offer virtual showroom?

With a view to addressing the drop in the number of visitors to its dealerships due to Covid-19, Toyota Motors Philippines introduced its 3D virtual showroom in June 2020. Users can easily access a Toyota model’s specs, prices of its variants, and even acquire payment estimates via clickable tags.

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