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Cars for sale in the Philippines

2,300 results found

Kia Grand Carnival 2016 EX Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±1,150,000

Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 km

🇮🇹 2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT AWD

Metro Manila, Parañaque β‚±1,280,000

Automatic Certified Seller 24,000 km

Hyundai Tucson 2010 GLS Gas Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±420,000

Automatic Certified Seller 60,000 km


Metro Manila, Taguig β‚±7,800,000

Automatic Certified Seller 1,000 km

2019 Toyota Hiace Commuter 3.0 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,050,000

Manual Certified Seller 21,000 km

2009 Toyota Previa Q 2.4L

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±750,000

Automatic Certified Seller 67,000 km

2017 Kia Grand Carnival 2.0L CRDi AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,550,000

Automatic Certified Seller 44,850 km

2014 BMW 318d 2.0 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,380,000

Automatic Certified Seller 45,000 km

2017 Hyundai County Mini Bus

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,900,000

Automatic Certified Seller 3,000 km

2016 Mazda CX-5 2.0 SkyActiv Pro AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±825,000

Automatic Certified Seller 825,000 km

2012 Ford Everest 4x2 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±580,000

Automatic Certified Seller 60,000 km

2016 BMW X4 xDrive 2.0D AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±2,750,000

Automatic Certified Seller 23,000 km

2017 Volvo XC90 D5 R-Design AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±4,750,000

Automatic Certified Seller 42,000 km

2014 Ford Explorer 2.0L Ecoboost Limited

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,030,000

Automatic Certified Seller 26,000 km

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX 4.0 V6 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±2,350,000

Automatic Certified Seller 30,000 km

2017 Honda City 1.5 E AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±580,000

Automatic Certified Seller 39,000 km

2016 Mitsubishi Montero Sports GLS Premium AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,200,000

Automatic Certified Seller 24,000 km

2016 BMW M135i AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±2,850,000

Automatic Certified Seller 3,000 km

I. Why would you go for a brand new car in the Philippines?

Ever since the invention of the automobile, man has been hampered with the question: Is buying a new car better than springing for a used car?

Purchasing a used car sure has its perks, the price for one, comes to mind, but beyond the sticker initial purchase, why would you want to write a big fat check for a brand new vehicle? Here are the 4 most important reasons to consider, according to us at


First, the obvious. You’ll be parting ways with your hard-earned money for a brand new vehicle. No need to worry about the car’s history, whether it has been involved in an accident or wonder if the parts are still intact.

You know you’ll get up in the morning start your car and drive away. If it doesn’t you have the manufacturer’s warranty to fall back into.

2. Technology

Today’s cars have technology and features in them which can only be found in ultra-luxury models 10 years ago, if ever at all.

The technological advancements with the internal combustion engine alone produce cars with better fuel economy and more powerful performance than their old counterparts.

3. Safety Features

Do you still remember a time when airbags were only for the upper tier models of a particular vehicle line, let alone features such as automatic brake-force distribution and anti-lock braking?

Not only do these features now come as standard across the range of even budget econo-boxes, but we now have things such as lane-keeping assist, crash mitigation and even improved body rigidity and crumple zones. Older cars can only dream of these features and are often times deemed uninsurable by companies.

4. Financing

Whether you purchase a new or used car, financing can come a long way to help you out with your payments.

Not everyone can buy their cars in cash, it’s still a huge bill to pay. Banks offer lower interest rates and better financing schemes to brand-new models because they are worth more than their used counterparts and depreciation hasn’t taken much effect as of yet.

Feel free to browse our daily-updated listings of brand new cars for sale and contact their respective agents. We at know and appreciate that you have a big decision to make and it is best to find the right model with the right price!

II. Best new cars for sale in the Philippines today

1. Top 9 cheapest brand new cars in the Philippines

Chevrolet Spark 1.4 LT M/T
From P694,888
Kia Picanto 1.0 LX M/T
From P590,000
Honda Brio 1.2 S M/T
From P585,000
Mirage GLX M/T
From P630,000
Toyota Wigo E M/T
From P547,000
Hyundai Eon GLX M/T
From P508,000
Suzuki Alto 800 Deluxe
From P445,000
Toyota Vios 1.3 Base M/T
From P659,000
Suzuki Celerio 1.0 M/T
From P558,000

>>> Learn about the local lineup of more car brands in the Philippines

2. Top 5 low monthly payment cars

Monthly payment
(60 months; Est. Average)
Kia Picanto
From P590,000
Honda Brio
From P585,000
Nissan Almera
From P657,000
Mitsubishi Mirage
From P630,000
Suzuki Celerio
From P558,00

*Contact the car dealerships near you for inquiries regarding latest car promos, car loan, and installment

3. Cars below P500k by segment

From P498,001
Suzuki Alto 800 Deluxe
From P445,000
Foton Gratour
From P485,000


  • Prices and model availability updated as of 2019;
  • See our regularly-updated car price list in the Philippines to find the latest pricing changes of all car brands.

III. Easy-to-follow process of buying a new car in the Philippines

Step 1: Make a Checklist

Everyone wants that brand new sports car, or that big hulking SUV, but is that exactly what you need? Keep in mind the following when shopping around for a new car:

  • How many passengers do you normally carry?
  • What road surfaces would you mostly travel?
  • Does power matter more than fuel economy?
  • Would you use the car for towing?
  • How many car seats do you need?
  • Is All-Wheel-Drive essential to your drive?
  • What safety features are important to you?
  • Will your garage fit your car?

Step 2: Ask & Research

You can search the internet for comprehensive car reviews, opinions and technical specifications for what you need in a car.

It never hurts to ask around your car-guy friends what their opinion is about the best possible car. Nothing really beats the first-hand experience, after all. You would be surprised how much your friends would appreciate you asking for their opinion. You can make a night out of it over drinks.

Step 3: Consider Financing Options

Traditional thinking would lead you to believe that paying in cash is always the best option for one, you wouldn’t have to think about monthly payments anymore, plus you save a lot from interest payments. However, that also means you are letting go of a lot of money at one time. 

Make sure to carefully consider your current financial situation before deciding on the most suitable payment method.

Step 4: Consider Insurance Options

  • Compare prices and track records;
  • Inquire about fixed deductibles;
  • Declare accessories and modifications;
  • Check coverage and;
  • Do not claim insurance for inexpensive repairs.

Step 5: Test Drive

Nothing beats taking the model for a test drive, you can create a connection with the vehicle and find out a lot of things with at least an hour’s worth of drive.

Step 6: Review long term costs

The following are crucial factors that should be taken into account when it comes to long-term costs of car ownership:
  • Fuel Costs (an average of around P4,500/month);
  • Amortization Payments;
  • Maintenance and Repair Fees;
  • Insurance premiums;
  • LTO Registrations payments.

Visit our Car tips and advice section now to find detailed guidance for car buying process as well as more helpful information in terms of car maintenance and driving tips.

Last but not least, in addition to our large pool of car ads posted by certified dealers, also offers extensive coverage of car-related news and events from your favorite brands, latest car promos and discounts, contact details of all car dealerships, not to mention useful tips and advice to keep your beloved car in tip-top shape.

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