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Used Suzuki for sale

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Suzuki Ciaz 2018 1.4 GL

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±470,000

Automatic Certified Seller 20,000 km

Suzuki Ertiga 2017 1.4 GL

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±570,000

Automatic Certified Seller 30,000 km

2018 Suzuki Vitara 1.6L A/T

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±788,000

Automatic Certified Seller 61,000 km


Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±530,000

Automatic Certified Seller 51,000 km


Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±550,000

Automatic Certified Seller 20,000 km

2016 Suzuki Ertiga 1.4 GL

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±538,000

Automatic Certified Seller 46,000 km

Suzuki Swift 2016 Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±420,000

Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 km

Suzuki Swift 2016 Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±420,000

Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 km

2018 Suzuki Celerio Manual

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±348,000

Manual Certified Seller 18,000 km

2017 Suzuki Ertiga 1.4

Pampanga, San Fernando β‚±450,000

Automatic Verified Contact 59,000 km

Suzuki Swift GL-AT 2012

Negros Occidental, Bacolod β‚±375,000

Automanual Verified Contact 23,200 km

2018 Suzuki Ertiga GLX

Metro Manila, Pasay β‚±625,000

Automatic Certified Seller 18,000 km

Suzuki Ciaz 2018

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±410,000

Manual Verified Contact 16,000 km

Suzuki Vitara 2019

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,000,000

Automatic Verified Contact 4,878 km

Suzuki Alto 2013

Ilocos Norte, Batac β‚±160,000

Manual Verified Contact 105,500 km

2018 Suzuki Ciaz

Zamboanga del Norte, Dipolog β‚±650,000

Manual Verified Contact 20,000 km

Suzuki Swift 2019

Cavite, Trece Martires β‚±438,000

Manual Verified Contact 4,000 km

Suzuki Vitara GLX 2019

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong β‚±850,000

Automatic Verified Contact 10,000 km

1. Suzuki second-hand cars for sale in the Philippines

Suzuki is well known around the world for manufacturing and selling compact cars that are simple and mostly have no frills to them. These characteristics make vehicles from Suzuki reliable, a fact which has been acknowledged by many automotive consumer organizations such as WarrantyDirect and ReliabilityIndex.

Because of their simplicity, cars made by Suzuki are also very affordable as you might well know, a car built to a high-quality standard does not necessarily come equipped with the latest high tech gadgets. Also, other cars from more premium brands that are equipped with a lot of modern techs can sometimes break down and those are quite expensive to repair.

Suzuki also offers reliable and quite excellent after-sale services especially when you need repairs. Their dealerships are always glad to help you even if you bought your Suzuki unit used. Dealership network of Suzuki Philippines has also grown larger and larger over the years, as such, you need not worry about the availability of spare Suzuki parts.

Like most notable car brands in the Philippines, you can save a lot of money by buying a used car as these tend to hold their value better than new ones as they depreciate quite slower. Take for example a brand new 2019 Suzuki Swift can set you back Php 755,000. If you buy a used 2017 Suzuki Swift, prices would range around the 400,000 marks. That’s a lot of savings right?

2. Best Suzuki 2nd hand cars to buy by budget

Model Brief review
Best Suzuki cars below P70k

Suzuki Super Carry (Minivan) 1991 - 1998

Suzuki Super Carry (Minivan) 1991 - 1998


+ Very simple to maintain and very affordable.
+ Spare parts are easy to find.
+ These minivans are also compact and easy to drive.
- It can fit six people but might be a tight squeeze.
- The engine is not that powerful.

Suzuki Super Carry (Mini truck) 1991 - 1998

Suzuki Super Carry (Mini truck) 1991 - 1998

+ The perfect vehicle for a small business as these can carry heavy loads and can maneuver well in tight city streets because of their small size.
+ They are also reliable and easy to repair.
- The cabin is tight, especially for larger adults.
- The engine mounted in the middle of the vehicle is hard to access.

Best Suzuki cars below P100k

Suzuki Multi-cab (all configurations) 1999 - 2010

Suzuki Multi-cab 1999 - 2010

+ These small vehicles from these years are still easy to maintain and are quite reliable but now have better engines with a little more horsepower.
- The size remains the same and some configurations can be tight for passengers.

Suzuki Esteem 1996 - 2000

Suzuki Esteem 1996 - 2000

+ As with most wagons, the Esteem offers a lot of space for both cargo and up to five passengers.
- Interior trim quality is quite poor and there are not many units of the Esteem here in the Philippines.

Best Suzuki cars below P200k

Suzuki Vitara 1995 - 2001

Suzuki Vitara 1995 - 2001

+ The Small Vitara SUV performs rather well off-road and on rough roads.
- The car is quite stiff on paved ones.
- The 1.6-liter engine is underpowered.

Suzuki Alto 2007 - 2016

Suzuki Alto 2007 - 2016

+ The small and compact Alto is a very fuel efficient and reliable car that’s quite brilliant to drive in city traffic.
- It does have a small and very basic interior space.

Best Suzuki cars below P300k

Suzuki APV 2005 - 2011

Suzuki APV 2005 - 2011

+ Despite its size, the APV can comfortably seat 7 people and like other Suzuki cars, is fuel efficient and reliable.
- The suspension can be a little stiff and it is not very fun to drive.

Suzuki Celerio 2009 - 2015

Suzuki Celerio 2009 - 2015

+ The Celerio is very easy to drive because of its size and is quite easy on the gas especially with the manual ones.
- The automatic tends to be slow on acceleration.

Best Suzuki cars below P500k

Suzuki Swift 2005 - 2016

Suzuki Swift 2005 - 2016

+ One of the best compact hatchbacks around and is well known to be a β€œbudget mini - cooper.”
- Despite its good performance, passengers in the rear seats are not quite as comfortable due to the lack of rear ac vents. It is more of a driver’s car after all.

Suzuki Jimny 2002 - 2013

Suzuki Jimny 2002 - 2013
+ If you want to have fun and be comfortable on both roads and off-road, buy a Jimny.
- If you want to bring more than 1 passenger with you, don’t buy a Jimny.

Quick tip:

You can find more affordable options in our Second hand Suzuki cars for sale section. Also, don't forget to use our search tool to refine your results in terms of various criteria including location, price range, year of manufacture, and mileage.

3. Best Suzuki 2nd hand cars to buy by fuel consumption

No. Model Average fuel consumption
 1 Used Suzuki Celerio 29.14 Km/L
 2 Used Suzuki Swift DZire 28 km/L
 3 Used Suzuki Ciaz (GL) 27.94 km/L
 4 Used Suzuki Alto 20 km/L
 5 Used Suzuki Super Carry 22 km/L

4. The Best Suzuki 7 seater vehicles fit for a family

 No. Model Brief review 
 1 Used Suzuki Ertiga

+ The Ertiga is a brilliant compact MPV with an upmarket interior that can comfortably seat your entire family.
+ It is powered by a decent 1.5 liter inline-4 which has a fuel economy of 16 km/L on average.
+ For safety, the latest version of the Ertiga is equipped with the HEARTECT rigid frame which protects its passengers in the event of an accident.
+ It also has many of the modern safety gear one would expect from most vehicles today.

The Ertiga shares its market segment with the likes of the Toyota Avanza, and the Honda BR-V.

 2 Used Suzuki APV

+ The APV is a no non-sense Suzuki-made vehicle that is more affordable than the Ertiga but is equally as reliable and spacious.
+ The AVP can be too barebones to some as it does one thing and it does it well; transporting 8 people.
+ Be it on the highway or through the city, the APV can do it for you.
- This vehicle is built upon an aging platform and does lack some newest safety equipment.

The APV’s greatest competitor currently is the Toyota Avanza.

5. Top reasons to go for a Suzuki second-hand car

We at believe that there are many reasons as to why one would want a used Suzuki.

  • First of all, their vehicles are very fuel efficient especially with the Celerio and the Swift DZire.
  • Secondly, Suzuki cars are also known for their reliability due to their simplicity.
  • The last one is the availability of parts because as we’ve said earlier, the Suzuki after-sales services have grown to a wider scope and they also provide ample spare parts throughout the country. And of course, Suzuki cars, whether brand new or used tend to be one of the most affordable vehicle brands in the country.

All in all, we hope this article has given you decent reasons to visit the nearest used cars dealerships and get the Suzuki of your choice. Still unsure of which model to go for? Let's check out our car tips and advice section, you might find helpful information for your car buying process.

Happy shopping with!


Suzuki Celerio is very easy to drive
Suzuki Jimny is comfortable for off-road
Suzuki APV can comfortably seat 7 people