5 Top car brands in the Philippines for Filipino car buyers

Jul 05, 2018
How many top can brands in the Philippines can you name?

New Filipino car buyers have so many options to choose from, but the top car brands in the Philippines will pan out most! One can opt for alternative Indian or Chinese brands but the top car brands are better choices.

Competition for the preference of the majority of Filipino car buyers who are "brand conscious", and will patronize any good brand that delivers the best options. Consumer loyalty is the key to selling more autos also they are very loyal customers of a particular brand they prefer.

  1. Most are budget conscious though many will opt for top money, premium models, if the features will be worth the price!
  2. Easily influenced by reviews and objective experiences with any brand and word of mouth, that is a sign of particular preference. Will anyone pick an Indian brand or a trusted Japanese one?
  3. Beyond the budget, conscious is the rising class of Filipino buyers who prefer the higher luxury-segment over the usual choice.

It’s a fact that newer brands are flooding the showrooms with more options than ever before. One can opt for a lesser brand although top car brands still offer the best value for money!

all car brands in the Philippines

Instead of getting lost among all car brands in the Philippines, Philkotse.com suggests you with a list of 5 top car manufacturers

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1. 6 criteria to be honored as top car brands in the Philippines

Top car brands are what they are with the qualities that consumers prefer over other brands. New car buyers may consider more alternative brands to choose or the top car brands over them. Most branded cars over the years have cemented trust and confidence in their products.

Good car brands have several characteristics that make them the best option for most car buyers. No exaggeration here but most of the top tier choices have been in the Philippines for a long time! Chances are the same car brands, ridden as children are very same ones which are driven now!

1. The top choices have good safety features and are safe vehicles to drive. The last is a lemon that needs to be checked a lot; being new or old players does count and makes it the established brand over the other.

2. Price is right, whether it’s built by luxury car brands in the Philippines or just a entry-level model and more bang for the buck! Getting extras like bonus safety or improved safety features, and other performance-enhancing specs are good. But if it is too cheap and the specs are so under par? What is the better option but the one with more to offer despite topping up on the cost a bit more!

3. Keeping it in top maintenance and having all the spare parts available anywhere is a good thing to keep the car well-maintained. Another factor is that all the spare parts are found and not so expensive though some will experience difficulty here even if a top brand!

car spareparts

Keeping it in top maintenance and having all the spare parts available anywhere is a good thing to keep the car well-maintained

4. Maintenance and reliability is what distinguishes the top car brands from other rivals in the automotive industry. Alternative brands are an option, but they are not as in tune with the better car brands. It's always an option but the standard is not the same for neither. Better brands will always be the best for any car buyer.

5. Will anyone drive a vehicle that’s so bland and something like a grandmother would drive! Driving a top tier choice autos will means riding out in style and performance too. Gone are the days of the boxy car or van! Enter luscious styling that is energetic and beautiful to drive and look at, with the quintessential qualities of top car brands!

6. Ergonomic and spacious is what excellent companies offer, but the spacious part really depends on what class the car is. There are newer players who emphasis ergonomic and space but more reliable cars or top car brands have this to a tee. Established auto-makers; make it a point that their car will be oriented towards the over-all driver and passenger comfort and ergonomics.

Most new automakers will approximate what the older ones offer against the established brands.  Most established brands have years of excellence with competent after-sales and other services for their new and old customers alike.

2. Top 5 car brands in the Philippines

Here are the best car brands in the Philippines that have made a dent in the local automotive industry and are the go-to choice for most Filipino motorists, both old and new! The models available have pushed all aspects of safety, price, reliability, style and ergonomics to have better vehicles as options! Today, Philkotse.com team will unveil some popular options that are preferred more often.

2.1. Toyota with the Toyota Vios

The ubiquitous Vios is one of the most bought passenger compacts today because it offers bang for the buck with a bigger cabin than most subcompacts from other Indian or Chinese car brands in the Philippines. They are choice of taxi companies which is a testament to its reliability and durability as an option.

toyota vios 2018 philippines

Toyota is one of the most reliable Japanese car brands in the Philippines

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2.2. Mitsubishi with the Mitsubishi Montero

When the first rally inspired Montero rolled out, the Filipino off-roader was hooked immediately on the spot. Now, with the current Montero Sport that has elevated what Mitsubishi has to offer old and new Filipino SUV enthusiasts. Offering function, comfort, performance and style for a premium SUV from a preferred brand.

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Mitsubishi Montero 2018 philippines

Mitsubishi is among top selling car brands in the Philippines in 2018

2006 Mitsubishi Montero swamp off-road

2.3. Nissan with the Nissan Almera

The latest incarnation of the Sunny aka Sentra which made an impact in the 1990’s, and onwards. The Nissan Almera has the qualities of its forebear like engine performance, an ergonomic interior with the legendary air-conditioning that it’s noted for. This compact sedan is perfect for buyer’s not inclined to sacrifice some cost when referencing safety and relevant performance. Nissan has reliable suspension and lasts longer with regular maintenance over alternative brands.

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nissan almera 2018 philippines

Nissan has reliable suspension and lasts longer with regular maintenance over alternative brands

2.4. Kia with the Kia Carnival

One of the latest offerings from this once doubted Korean brand is the Kia Grand Carnival that is one of the best luxury minivans, on par with the Honda Odyssey. Inside are the best accents and refinements, with top-tier safety features that is not on the cheap but worth every penny spent.

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kia carnival 2018 philippines

One of the latest offerings from this once doubted Korean brand is the Kia Grand Carnival

2.5. Honda with the Honda Civic

For the sporty sedan set, Honda offers the 2018 Honda Civic and Civic Type R variant which sets the pace for exciting sports sedans for Filipino gearheads who’re fans of the Civic series. This new model will be powerful yet efficient but still have the performance that is mythic for this car, since the 90’s. It won’t be in the budget-friendly bracket but as a top car brand will be the epitome of it!

honda civic 2018 philippines on the road

This new model will be powerful yet efficient but still have the performance that is mythic for this car

3. Top car brands in the Philippines: Are newer brands an option?

Either we get stuck with some alternative car brands or with some offering coming from the list of car brands in the Philippines. Most top brands will have something for everyone and with great reliability behind it! A top brand will have everything that will make it desirable ride for any, whatever the budget. An alternative brand is an option but why do so? Get the top brand cars and have features and specs that count, but that's an option for anyone.

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Source: Norjan Ismail Abbas