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Estimate monthly payment for your car loan with Philkotse auto loan calculator.

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  • 1

    Who are Philkotse's financing partners?

    Philkotse's financing partners include: GDFI and South Asia Links.
  • 2

    Who can apply for a car loan?

    • Filipino citizens at the age of 21 - 65 years old are a must
    • Documented source of income is required
  • 3

    How long will I be contacted after submitting Loan Application form?

    Philkotse's financing partners will contact you within 1 week since the day of your submission. If you are not reached within one week, please contact Philkotse for support.
  • 4

    How many percents of total car value can I apply for a loan?

    You can apply for a loan at up to 70% of your car value
  • 5

    What is maximum car age?

    Maximum car age for applying a loan is 10 years
  • 6

    How much is the interest rate?

    Your interest rate depends on your car age, normally between 1.3% to 2% /month
  • 7

    What are required documentations for my car loan?

    Your documentation must include:
    • 2 valid ID’s (Issued by the Government)
    • Copy of Latest OR/CR (Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration)
    • Latest Electric or Water Bill. If not in the name of the borrower, you must submit additional proof of residence.
    (Any documents under your name and with your current address)
    • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
    • Proof of income
    – If employed – latest 3 months pay slips
    – If running business – Business permit
    – If Remittance – Latest 3 months Proof of remittance/receipt

How to use Loan Calculator?

  • 1 Enter total price of car you like.
  • 2 Choose a downpayment in term of percents amount.
  • 3 Choose a term option: from 12 - 60 months.
  • 4 Use auto-filled interest rate policy and values or change it as you want.
  • 5 View results and choose a monthly payment term that is convienient for you.

Disclaimer: Computations are for illustration purposes only. These do not constitute an offer by Philkotse or any Philkotse's financing partners.