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2012 Toyota HiAce GL Grandia MT

Metro Manila, Parañaque β‚±798,000

Manual Certified Seller 88,000 km

2018 Hyundai Grand Starex PLATINUM Diesel AT Top of the Line

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±599,000

Automatic Certified Seller 13,000 km

2013 Hyundai Grand Starex Gold A/T Diesel

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±708,000

Automatic Certified Seller 45,000 km

2013 Kia Carnival EX LWB A/T Diesel

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±568,000

Automatic Certified Seller 71,000 km

2019 Toyota Hiace Commuter Deluxe MT

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,298,000

Manual Certified Seller 14,000 km

Toyota Super Grandia 2018 Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±1,540,000

Automatic Certified Seller 18,000 km

Kia Grand Carnival 2016 EX Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±1,150,000

Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 km

Toyota Alphard 2011 3.5 V6 Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±1,130,000

Automatic Certified Seller 90,000 km

Hyundai Grand Starex 2017 VGT Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±1,080,000

Automatic Certified Seller 30,000 km

Hyundai Grand Starex 2013 VGT Gold Automatic

Metro Manila, Las Piñas β‚±680,000

Automatic Certified Seller 80,000 km

Nissan Urvan Escapade 2013

Rizal, San Mateo β‚±495,000

Manual Verified Contact 123,000 km

2019 Toyota Hi-ace Commuter

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,248,000

Manual Certified Seller 12,000 km

2020 Toyota Hi-ace Commuter

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,298,000

Manual Certified Seller 5,000 km

2020 Toyota Hi-ace Commuter

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,298,000

Manual Certified Seller 5,000 km

2018 Nissan NV350 Premium

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,498,000

Automatic Certified Seller 27,000 km

2015 Hyundai Grand Stares

Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±948,000

Automatic Certified Seller 44,000 km

Lockdown Sale! 2018 Nissan Urvan NV350 2.5 Manual 18-Seater White 57T Kms NDA4674

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±855,000

Manual Certified Seller 57,000 km


Metro Manila, Taguig β‚±3,700,000

Automatic Certified Seller 8,000 km

How Long Should a Car Last?

You are browsing through a vast number of used cars Van for sale in offered by private owners and certified car dealers around the Philippines because you have decided it's time to drive your own car! As you look at all the options, even if you have a particular model in your mind, you start to get confused and overwhelmed.

Which one should you choose? Should you go for the 10-year-old but affordable one? Or should you opt for the one nearer to the current year but is more expensive?

Don't fret! is here to provide you information about how long should a vehicle last. This way, you can decide better how old a car should you consider “okay” to purchase.

The Mileage

If you sit in the front seat of the car, especially the driver's side, you'll see a lot of meters right in front of you. They all correspond to different items, and one of which is for the car's mileage. This is the so-called odometer, and you'll identify it because of the units km/hr (MPH).

In the odometer, you will see a set of numbers on a small screen, and that is the car's mileage. Mileage is the specific distance the vehicle had traveled from the time it was first driven. This does not indicate though whether it was used for long-distance travels or regular, short-distance travels. Nonetheless, it indicates how much the car has been used.

1. The 90s Models

Second-hand vehicles for sale manufactured in the 90s usually have a shorter lifespan as compared to the newer ones. That is owed to the fact that the manufacturing process of the parts is more technologically advanced today. Similarly, newer cars have more features for safety and reliability.

On that note, experts say that these cars should only last from about 10,000 to 12,000 kilometers per year. Meaning, you shouldn't buy a 90s model beyond that mileage, unless it will just be part of your collection and not for traveling.

2. The After-90s Models

Most vehicles designed and manufactured after the 1990s have parts which are quite better than the earlier models. That is because of the improvement not just in the parts' manufacturing process but also of innovative car testing techniques.

With that in mind, when looking for vehicles that are manufactured after the 90s, the odometer should have a mileage reading of 24,000 kilometers per year.

A Quick Note

Mileage can give you an overview of the wear and tear of the car. Yes, it is not directly related to the unit's age, but this is one of the essential things mechanics and experts look at whether or not they will give the car a thumbs up.

With that being said, the odometer can be tweaked, and let's be honest; some sellers will do anything just to close a deal. As such, you may use a modern tool for checking the odometer or contact a trusted mechanic to accompany you when checking out a car personally.


Although mileage does not really tell you how old a car is, it is one of the best indicators. Do note though that you should also consider whether or not the vehicle has been maintained well or not.

Sometimes, a car with higher mileage is better than the one with a lower mileage simply because the other has been maintained regularly. So, when you ask how long should a car last, that would be the mileage with consideration of how well it was taken care of.

We hope you find the right aged vehicle for you and your loved ones soon!

Apart from car ads, we also provide other helpful information for auto buyers including maintenance tips, safe driving skills, and car reviews. Furthermore, you can go to our section for all car brands in the Philippines to learn more about each brand's typical characteristics to decide which one is most suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

Enjoy your online car search with!