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Used Suzuki Vitara for sale

18 results found


Metro Manila, Makati ₱765,000

Automatic Certified Seller 13,000 km

2018 Suzuki Vitara GL

Rizal, Cainta ₱748,000

Automatic Verified Contact 25,000 km

Sell Grey 2018 Suzuki Vitara in Pasig City

Metro Manila, Pasig ₱778,000

Automatic Verified Contact 30,000 km

Sell Blue 2019 Suzuki Vitara in Manila

Metro Manila, Quezon City ₱780,000

Automatic Verified Contact 9,000 km

Selling Pearl White Suzuki Vitara 2020 in Angono

Rizal, Angono ₱980,000

Automatic 2,000 Km

Sell White 2018 Suzuki Vitara in Mandaluyong

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong ₱698,000

Automatic 8,000 Km

Blue Suzuki Vitara 2017 for sale in Mandaluyong

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong ₱300,000

Automatic 40,860 Km

White Suzuki Vitara 2008 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila ₱230,000

Automatic 81,000 Km

Blue Suzuki Vitara 1997 for sale in Mandaluyong City

Metro Manila, Mandaluyong ₱173,000

Automatic 200,000 Km

Selling Blue Suzuki Vitara 2018 in Caloocan

Metro Manila, Caloocan ₱825,000

Automatic 19,000 Km

Suzuki Vitara 2018 1.6 Engine AT The listing has expired

Suzuki Vitara 2018 1.6 Engine AT

Metro Manila, Marikina ₱798,000

Automatic Certified Seller 17,338 km

RUSH SALE 2020 Suzuki Vitara A/T 2003 (NO SCRATCHES NO BUMPS / SMOOTH INTERIOR ) The listing has expired


Metro Manila, Makati ₱200,000

Automatic Verified Contact 111,031 km

SUZUKI VITARA JLX MANUAL TRANNY 4X4 1997 The listing has expired


Rizal, Antipolo ₱210,000

Manual Verified Contact 137,000 km

SUZUKI VITARA JLX 1997 4X4 MANUAL The listing has expired


Rizal, Antipolo ₱210,000

Manual Verified Contact 137,000 km

SUZUKI VITARA JLX 4x4 MANUAL/T 1997 The listing has expired


Rizal, Antipolo ₱210,000

Manual Verified Contact 137,000 km

SUZUKI VITARA JLX'96 The listing has expired


Laguna, Paete ₱270,000

Automatic Verified Contact 117 km

Suzuki Vitara Escudo 2000 The listing has expired

Suzuki Vitara Escudo 2000

Pampanga, Angeles Negotiable price

Manual Verified Contact 80,000 km

2002 Suzuki Vitara The listing has expired

2002 Suzuki Vitara

Metro Manila, Manila ₱120,000

Automatic Verified Contact 95,000 km

    What paperwork do I need when buying a used car in the Philippines?

    You are browsing the list of Used Suzuki Vitara for sale offered by both private car owners and certified car dealers around the Philippines. You might be doing so since you already have a budget at hand or planning to have it financed by your bank or a private financing company.

    Whichever way you would be paying the pre-owned Suzuki car you would buy, keep in mind that having the right amount of cash is not the only thing you need. You would also need to prepare some documents in order to make the purchase legal, authentic, and complete.

    I. Documents You Need to Prepare

    As a buyer, you won't necessarily have to prepare a lot of documents, especially if you are paying a second hand vehicle for sale in cash. That being said, here are the common and essential documents you need at hand:

    1. Check

    If the pre-owned vehicle you would be buying will be paid via financing, you need to issue a check to the particular company. This is an assurance that you would be paying your dues on time since bounced checks come with penalties, as well as can be used against you in court.

    Some companies would require you to issue post-dated monthly checks for a year or two, or for the number of years you would have the car financed. Either way, here are the checks that might or might not be acceptable:

    • Bank check;
    • Pre-approved loan check;
    • Cashier's check;
    • Personal check.

    Do note that those checks can also be used if you are paying in full. This will solely depend on the agreement between you and the seller. Additionally, the kind of check will also depend on the financing company's approval or requirement.

    2. Proof of Identity and Residence

    Whether you are paying the Suzuki Vitara in cash or in terms, a proof of residency and identity would be required from you. Usually, your driver's license would be the sole ID they would ask, as it is complete with information. Some might also require other ID cards, as well as proofs of utility bills.

    Not only are these documents important for you to prove that you are the actual person, but the information would also be used for accomplishing the notarized Deed of Sale. The Deed of Sale is the number one proof that you already bought the vehicle legally.

    That's it! Actually, no.

    II. Documents You Need From the Person You Are Buying that unit

    Yes, you have completed the documents you need, but buying a used car is a two-way process. What we mean is that the seller should also prepare the necessary documents. That is the only way the car would be sold legally, as well as for you to transfer the car ownership under your name.

    Here's a rundown:

    1. Notarized car title with the date of sale, odometer reading, price, and signature of both the seller and buyer. This is a binding contract between the two of you and usually accomplished after the deal has been made.

    2. Registration certificate which contains the chassis and engine numbers of the car. This should match the actual numbers on the vehicle itself.

    3. Insurance policy to make sure it would be transferred under your name. As such, in case you need to claim benefits in the future, you wouldn't have problems.

    4. Maintenance schedule: The best pre-owned car to buy is the one that has been maintained well by trusted service centers. As such, you should ask this document as proof that the model you are considering has been regularly taken care of by service centers authorized by Suzuki Philippines.

    Also, brand-new cars always come with a warranty that includes regular maintenance. If the car is still warrantied, then you need the maintenance schedule for the obvious reason that you can have free maintenance from the dealer.

    5. Receipt from the seller. Generally, a private car owner selling their car won't be able to issue a purchase receipt. Nonetheless, you can ask for a payment proof such as a handwritten paper stating the amount received and date, plus the seller's name, signature, and ID number.

    6. Notarized deed of sale with the car:

    • Make, model, and year;
    • Body type;
    • Motor, vehicle ID, and plate numbers;
    • OR/CR numbers;
    • Date of sale;
    • Price;
    • Buyer's and seller's addresses, names, and signatures.

    Never Forget the Documents!

    We here at understand that most of us hate paperwork. It requires time and effort. Nonetheless, this is the only way to ensure that the pre-owned car you purchased would be yours legally. Thus, in cases of mishaps or when the time comes, you would need to resell it, you wouldn't have problems.