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Cars for sale in Baguio Benguet

20 results found

Toyota Fortuner G 4x2 2014

Benguet, Baguio β‚±810,000

Automatic Verified Contact 57 km

2013 Hilux G M/T

Benguet, Baguio β‚±690,000

Automanual Verified Contact 144,000 km

2009 Toyota Hilux 4x4

Benguet, Baguio β‚±780,000

Manual Verified Contact 133,568 km

2010 BMW X6 3.5i Xdrive

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,500,000

Automatic Verified Contact 88,000 km

2018 Nissan Navara VL 4X4

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,100,000

Automatic Verified Contact 27,000 km


Benguet, Baguio β‚±310,000

Automatic Verified Contact 99,000 km

Toyota Wigo 2016 1.0vvti Variant G

Benguet, Baguio β‚±370,000

Automatic Verified Contact 51,000 km

Selling Pearl White Honda Fit 2007 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±260,000

Automatic 200,000 Km

Selling Silver Toyota Hilux 2008 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±690,000

Manual 60,000 Km

Selling Silver Kia Picanto 2016 in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±330,000

Automatic 28,000 Km

Sell Silver 2019 Nissan Almera in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±475,000

Manual 8,000 Km

Sell Silver 2019 Kia Carnival in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,780,000

Automatic 27,000 Km

Black Toyota Innova 2018 for sale in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,058,000

Automatic 25,000 Km

Selling Silver Ford Everest in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±450,000

Manual 150,000 Km

Sell Grey Mitsubishi Lancer in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±90,000

Automatic 80,000 Km

Black Toyota Innova for sale in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±1,068,000

Automatic 30,000 Km

Silver Hyundai Starex for sale in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±349,000

Manual 170,000 Km

Selling Silver Toyota Hilux in Baguio

Benguet, Baguio β‚±760,000


How to get approved for a car loan in the Philippines

Well hello there! Are you enjoying your time browsing through our extensive list of certified new and used cars from our verified and trusted dealers? Take a breather, you've reached the page for Cars for sale in Baguio, Benguet, but before moving forward its best to sharpen up on some information and arm yourself with details for your next car visit!

We'll be talking about the most basic requirements and the best tips on how to get your car loan approved in the Philippines when purchasing a new or used cars for sale and other brands for that matter.

Fullfill basic requirements

First of all, you should be a resident of the Philippines; banks require that you have to be between the ages 21 to 65, having at least a minimum household income of P30,000 to P50,000.

For OFW applicants, the beneficiary of the loan has to be a Philippine resident and be at regular working employee for at least 2 years.

Build your bank account and good credit history

Each car brand in the Philippines have their own reputations to uphold and so do you. Of course, applying for a Car Loan is no small matter. Banks would have to review your credit history and your capability to pay the loan before they underwrite and approve it.

By simply building a healthy bank account and keeping up with your monthly bills and other loans and credit car payments will give the reviewing financial institution confidence in approving your loan.

Get pre-approved before shopping

It is advised that you should apply for a car loan, even before heading to the nearest car dealers in Baguio, Benguet to shop for your vehicle. It sounds odd but makes more sense if you know exactly how much you'll be bringing with you before pushing for the purchase.

It would be more difficult to find the car you would like and then get yourself rejected for the loan. Not to mention getting yourself rejected for an application when a car is already on the line might negatively affect your credit rating.

Know your financial capability

Don't get yourself too excited in shopping for a new vehicle. Budget your finances and know how much you are capable of paying every month. This would give yourself and your bank more confidence in applying for a car loan. Banks can't commit to lending you money if you yourself doubt your own capability or don't have a handle on your own money.

Luckily, you can check out all car model updated pricing on our Philippines car price list and consider your financial capability to find out what the best car is for you.

Talk to a broker or financial advisor

Don't hesitate to ask for assistance from an expert in financial matters, even if you have to pay for professional help. They have the know-how, experience and connections to get you the right vehicle at the right price and your current budget.

Keep yourself updated on the latest trends, news and insights on the local car industry. keep our ears on the ground to keep you informed for the best deals on your next purchase.