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To further aid Filipino car buyers in keeping up with the latest Suzuki Celerio car price in the Philippines, provides a regularly updated Suzuki Celerio price installment and monthly payment details as follows.

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I. Suzuki Celerio Philippines price list - 2019

Suzuki Celerio 1.0 L MT price
Php 558,000
Suzuki Celerio 1.0 L CVT price
Php 598,000

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Initially introduced in 2014, the Suzuki Celerio is a sub-compact/Kei class car that sits just below the Swift and the Alto in size and in the market segment. While currently today, the Celerio is its own Suzuki model that enjoys a good deal of popularity worldwide, it was initially intended to replace the Alto during that time when the smaller model couldn’t keep up with European safety standards.

A picture of the 2019 Suzuki Celerio

The Celerio is also definitely better looking than the Alto

On the outside, one may call the Celerio quite simple. It has a two-piece grille, 14-inch alloy wheels, and the rear is as conservative as it gets. So, in essence, it is just like the Alto albeit a bit larger. And for us, the Celerio appearance-wise does have good proportions and this “cute” appeal to it.

Side view of the Suzuki Celerio

While it is indeed cute, the Celerio is actually a practical car to drive around the city

While that may be the case for the Celerio on the outside, on the inside, it is certainly miles indifference from the simpler interior of the Alto. For one thing, the cabin inside the aforementioned Suzuki model is much more modern.

The plastic panels are prettier and better designed and there are more in the way of amenities like a touchscreen infotainment system.

2019 Suzuki Celerio 1.0L Automatic / In-Depth Walkaround Exterior & Interior

In addition, there’s even some cup holders, auto-folding side mirrors and the fuel cap can be released with a simple push of a button. Despite that though, the Celerio is still indeed an economy car.

The steering wheel is quite bare and doesn’t have any buttons at all and once you touch the plastic, you’ll hear that usual hollow thunk that usually indicated cheap, low quality plastic. As a consolation though, it does appear that it is fitted well and are durable.

A picture of the 2019 Celerio's front cabin

Suzuki Celerio dashboard and steering wheel are simple and uncluttered

In terms of taking on passengers, the Suzuki Celerio 2019, unlike the smaller Alto, can actually comfortably fit averaged sized Filipinos. Take note though that taller, larger folks might still get problems with the car’s elbow room if filled up to capacity.

The legroom is just decent while the headroom, on the other hand, is actually quite excellent.

A picture of the Celerio's rear seats

The rear seats despite their simplicity will do their job and are decently comfortable

Suzuki celerio cargo space

The trunk space is pretty good for being a car of its size

While foreign variants of the Celerio has a diesel version, the only engine choice for the Celerio here in the Philippines is an inline-3 gasoline engine called the K10B.

While it won’t win you any races, the engine’s 66 horsepower and 90 Nm of torque give the vehicle “go-kart” like acceleration and handling due to its relatively low curb weight of 785 kilograms.

Also, the K10B is actually a very economical engine to run at an average of 28 km/l. As for its transmission, you either get a 5-speed manual or a CVT. Power is sent to the front wheels.

The Suzuki Alto currently shares its market segment with the Toyota Wigo, the Honda Brio, and the Mitsubishi Mirage.

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II. Suzuki Celerio price Philippines 2019: Downpayment and Monthly Installment

1. Suzuki Celerio price installment Philippines: 1.0 L MT Variant

Downpayment (25%)
Amount Financed
Tenure / Year
Simple Interest Rate / Years
Monthly Amortization
Chattel Mortgage
Comprehensive Insurance for 1 year
LTO for 3 years
CTPL for 3 years
Total Loan Payment
Total First Payment

2. Suzuki Celerio price installment Philippines: 1.0 L CVT Variant

Downpayment (25%)
Amount Financed
Tenure / Year
Simple Interest Rate / Years
Monthly Amortization
Chattel Mortgage
Comprehensive Insurance for 1 year
LTO for 3 years
CTPL for 3 years
Total Loan Payment
Total First Payment


  • SRP in Manila
  • Chattel Mortgage Fees may vary with the bank chosen
  • Interest rates may vary with the bank and Loan term
  • This is only an estimation of the actual cost. Monthly amortization does not include insurance premium

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III. Why would you want to buy a 2019 Suzuki Celerio?

While the Celerio is priced a little bit higher than the Alto, you get more car for your buck. It’s more powerful, has more by the way of interior features, and better space overall. Despite being more expensive though, one huge draw of the model in question is its very affordable price.

And like the Alto, the Celerio also won’t break your bank in terms of fuel economy and repair costs as its K10B engine is actually really good in terms of reliability. It is also really fun to drive and has more cargo and passenger space than the Alto.

A picture of a Suzuki Celerio travelling in the city at night

Also, we like the Suzuki Celerio's simple yet tasteful design and its proportions

Just like the Alto, the Celerio does have some weaknesses which are caused mainly by its small size. Five averagely bodies Asians might comfortably inside the said car, but taller and wider people might have a problem. Also, the more people you have on the car, the more the acceleration and overall performance will be affected.

1. Suzuki Celerio 2019 Pros and Cons

  • Affordable to purchase and maintain
  • Great fuel efficiency
  • A decent set of interior amenities
  • Actually not boring to drive
  • The small engine will have a problem with heavy loads
  • Tall or large passengers will have trouble with a rear seat if filled to capacity

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2. Suzuki Celerio Philippines Specs

2019 Suzuki Celerio
Body Type
5-door hatchback
3600 mm
1600 mm
1540 mm
2425 mm
Ground Clearance
145 mm
Number of Seats
Engine & Performance
Machine Type
Inline-3 K10B gasoline
Engine Size
796 cc
Number of Cylinders
Number of Valves
Fuel Capacity
Transmission Category
5-speed manual or CVT
Max Output
67 Horsepower
Max Torque
90 Nm
Safety Features
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Child safety locks
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Crash sensors
  • EBD
  • Brake Assist
Other features
Front Suspension
MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension
Torsion Beam with coil spring
Front Brake
Rear Brakes
Tire Size
165/65 R14

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IV. About Suzuki Philippines

Suzuki Philippines Inc or SPI is a well-known and quite a popular motorcycle and automotive distributor here in the Philippines.

Back when the company just started, SPI sold imported Japanese made motorcycles and other devices such as household appliances. SPI was founded by the joint effort by Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan and Rufino D. Antonio Associates Inc.

Suzuki dealership in the Philippines

Suzuki is developing a wide dealership network in the Philippines

Today, Suzuki has a widened their dealership network in the country. It is also a fact, these Suzuki Dealerships not only have excellent showrooms but also these facilities provide excellent after-sales services for all their customers.

Currently, Suzuki models line consists of the Ciaz, the Alto, the Celerio, the Swift and Swift Dzire, the Ertiga, the Grand Vitara, the Jimny, and the APV

Source: Cesar Guiderone Miguel

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