Toyota Motor Philippines

I. Overview of Toyota Motor Philippines

Toyota is truly close to the hearts of Filipinos due to its efficiency and price. For the past 80 years, Toyota has been the top automotive brand in the country. The Toyota main office in the Philippines is at Santa Rosa, Laguna. They are responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Toyota cars since 1988, though they initially started back in 1962 under Delta Motor Corporation.

Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines or TMPC is the biggest automotive company in the country. At present, there are 17 models and 47 Toyota dealerships in the Philippines. Toyota Phil does not solely focus on automobile production and sale but it also founded Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation Inc. which serves the community through educational, environmental, health and community projects.

Toyota Philippines

Toyota Philippines is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna

In 2014, Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. granted TMPC a triple-crown award - #1 in Passenger Car Sales, #1 in Commercial Vehicle Sales and #1 in Overseas Sales. Toyota received several recognitions aside from those mentioned above proving that they are a brand that Filipinos truly trust.

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II. Top-selling Toyota cars in the Philippines

1. Toyota Rush

The Toyota Rush is built to be an entry-level MPV of Toyota which is developed from the celebrated Toyota Fortuner. Making its debut in our shores in May 2018, the Rush is evaluated to be one of the most outstanding additions in the local auto market with a very competitive price tag to boot, functional cabin, stylish look, and an impressive performance.

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2. Toyota Wigo

It's safe to say that the Toyota Wigo has no rival in the minicar segment in the Philippines. This affordable car was even received a prestigious award - the Best Micro Car for the year 2014 – 2015 and it is continuously rated in the top five best-selling cars in the Philippines for years. Most recently, the car even gets a more stylish look and a pretty nice interior thanks to a facelift in 2017.

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3. Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios has become one of the most well-known cars in the sedan segment since its launch in 2002. The car comes to life to be a replacement for the Toyota Tercel and successfully explores the sales numbers of Toyota. As its name evokes - “Move Forward”, the Vios has been one of the top-selling models of the carmaker and also a serious contender in the sedan segment.

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Toyota Vios angular front

The Toyota Vios has become one of the most well-known cars in the sedan segment since its launch in 2002

4. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the off-road flagship of the company. It was first introduced in the market in 1950 as the company’s version of a Jeep-like vehicle. It has been manufactured as a convertible, station wagon, cab chassis, and hardtop versions.


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III. Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corp was founded in 1937 by Kichiro Toyoda. They were able to create their very first product, Type A engine, in 1934 followed by their first passenger car in 1936, Toyota AA. Since then, Toyota has produced vehicles that are famous worldwide.

Toyota started the production of automobiles in 1933 as a department of Toyota Automatic Loom Works under the supervision of the founder’s son, Kichiro Toyoda. They launched their first car in 1935 namely A1 and G1. In 1937, Toyota Motor Co. became an independent company.

Automobiles manufactured by Toyota Motor Co were sold under the family name of the founder, Toyoda. Their first car, Toyota AA was sold cheaper compared to other brands such as Ford and GM.

Quick facts about Toyota

Facts about Toyota that you must know

Toyopet is a nickname given to Toyota due to its small size and is another name carried by Toyota back in 1947. The first car sold under this name was Toyopet SA and Toyopet SB.

In 1980, Toyota received their first Japanese Quality Control Award and since then they decided to join various motorsports. In 1982, Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales merged into Toyota Motor Corporation and after two years they joined New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. Due to its success, Toyota launched their luxury brand, Lexus in 1989.

In 1990, Toyota produced more compact cars while expanding their larger and luxury cars which include the full-sized pickup, T100. In 2002, Toyota entered the Formula One works team and joined French motoring companies Citroen and Peugeot.

Here will provide you with some fun facts about Toyota:

  • Toyota produced the first hybrid vehicle, Prius and currently, there are more than 10 million hybrids in the world using Toyota’s hybrid motor.
  • Corolla ‘s slogan was “The most wanted car by the market” and it did prove that it is as it is known as the world’s best-selling car.
  • Toyota was named as the “Most Admired Brand” by Fortune Magazine.
  • Toyota was one of the two automakers that were included in “World’s 50 Smartest Companies”  by MIT.
  • Toyota made history as the first Japanese manufacturer to contend in motorsport in 1957.
  •  Toyota Prius is the world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle.

Toyota Prius showing off why it is called hybrid

Toyota Prius: Take Everyone by Surprise

  • Toyota employs industrial robots since 1970.
  • Toyota’s flying car will soon illuminate the Olympic flame in the opening ceremony in 2020.
  • Toyota Mirai is the world’s first full hydrogen fuel car.
Toyota Innova 2018 Phiippines

Toyota Innova 2018 Phiippines

₱1,010,000 - ₱1,679,000

Toyota Corolla Altis 2018 Philippines

Toyota Corolla Altis 2018 Philippines

₱961,000 - ₱1,492,000

Toyota Camry 2018 Philippines

Toyota Camry 2018 Philippines

₱1,741,000 - ₱1,932,000

Toyota Hiace 2018 Philippines

Toyota Hiace 2018 Philippines

₱1,442,000 - ₱2,686,000

Toyota Fortuner 2018 Philippines

Toyota Fortuner 2018 Philippines

₱1,592,000 - ₱2,260,000

Toyota Vios 2018 Philippines

Toyota Vios 2018 Philippines

₱659,000 - ₱1,110,000

Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines

Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines

₱542,000 - ₱681,000

Toyota Rush 2018 Phiippines

Toyota Rush 2018 Phiippines

₱948,000 - ₱1,070,000

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