LIST: All the seven-seaters you can buy in the Philippines

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From SUVs to minivans, all of these have seven seats.

As many of you already know, seven-seaters are seemingly within the goldilocks zone for Filipinos looking for a family car. Most of these aren’t that large so maneuvering them on city streets isn't an issue, and at the same time, they provide oodles of space for a growing family.

A picture of a family riding a seven-seater midsize SUV

For the family-oriented Filipino, seven-seater vehicles are just right

So, to aid the prospective car buyer, we’re listing all the seven-seater car models that you can buy in the Philippines right now. Well, some of these models have variants with more than or less than seven seats, but we’ll be specifying the variant with exactly seven seats. Also, we won’t be including models with variants that are only available with eight or more seats.


1. Toyota Innova

The Toyota Innova

Ever popularToyota Innova

The Innova is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive MPV, and it’s one of Toyota Motor Philippine’s consistent best-sellers. While most variants of the Innova can seat eight, the top-spec Innova V can seat seven. This Toyota-made model currently has a price range of Php 1,186,000 to Php 1,739,000. It uses a 2.8-liter diesel engine, which it shares with the Hilux and Fortuner.

2. Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner

The tough but serious-looking Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is a body-on-frame, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive diesel SUV for the Philippine market. It shares a platform with the Hilux and Innova, and its price ranges from Php 1,723,000 to Php 2,414,000. Moreover, it is one of the more popular SUVs in the local market, and all of its variants are seven-seaters. Apart from the 2.8-liter turbodiesel, a smaller 2.4-liter turbodiesel is available for entry-level variants.

3. Toyota Alphard

The Toyota Alphard

The Alphard is one of the more luxurious seven-seat models in Toyota's lineup

The front-engine, rear-wheel-drive Alphard is a luxurious minivan whose sold variant is priced at Php 3,910,000. Also, the said variant is a seven-seater. The Philippine-spec Alphard uses a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine.

4. Toyota Avanza

The Toyota Avanza

The compact but practical Toyota Avanza

As with the larger Innova, the smaller Toyota Avanza MPV is also a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. It is powered by a 1.3-liter or 1.5-liter gasoline engine. For the seven-seater variants, prices range from Php 876,000 to Php 1,077,000.

5. Toyota Rush

A picture of the Toyota Rush

The Rush shares a lot of mechanical underpinnings with the Avanza

The Toyota Rush is an SUV-like MPV that uses half of a unibody chassis, and half of a ladder-frame chassis. It is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine which sends power to its rear wheels. Pricing for the Rush ranges from Php 983,000 to Php 1,100,000.

6. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Wanna go into the boonies with your entire family? Then the Land Cruiser Prado is for you

The Land Cruiser Prado is a seven-seater, full-size SUV with a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. It uses a 4.0-liter gasoline mill or a 3.0-liter turbodiesel. For this model, its price ranges from Php 3,369,000 to Php 4,170,000. All of the said variants use a 4x4 drivetrain.


1. Mitsubishi Montero Sport

A picture of the MItsubishi Montero Sport

One of the most futuristic-looking SUVs in the Philippine market today

Like its competitors, the Montero Sport is a ladder-frame, rear-wheel-drive SUV that’s based on a pickup truck. For the Philippine market, this Mitsubishi-made seven-seater is powered by a 2.4-liter turbodiesel. Pricing for the Montero Sport starts at Php 1,568,000. The top-spec variant is priced at Php 2,450,000.

2. Mitsubishi Xpander

The Xpander

The sharp curves and angles of the Xpander gives it a futuristic look as well

The Xpander is a popular seven-seater MPV powered by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. It has three variants which have a price range of Php 1,008,000 to Php 1,128,000.

3. Mitsubishi Xpander Cross

The Xpander Cross

The Xpander's tougher-looking sibling

The Xpander Cross is essentially a tougher-looking, more SUV-like version of the Xpander. Like its more elegant brother, this model can seat up to seven, and is propelled by a 1.5-liter gasoline four-banger. The Xpander Cross has a price tag of Php 1,255,000.


1. Nissan Terra

Nissan Terra

The Nissan Terra is essentially the Navara in SUV form

The Nissan Terra is a rear-wheel-drive midsize, seven-seater SUV competing against the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Ford Everest, and Isuzu mu-X. Like its rivals, it uses a body-on-frame chassis and a turbodiesel mill, which in its case is a 2.5-liter. Prices for the Terra’s variants range from Php 1,539,000 to Php 2,176,000.

2. Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail

The X-Trail is a seven-seater crossover SUV with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive layout. It either uses a 2.0-liter or a 2.5-liter gasoline engine. Prices for the X-Trail's entry-level FWD variant is at Php 1,534,000, while the AWD variant is priced at Php 1,820,000.


1. Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V

A veteran of the seven-seater MPV segment

The BR-V is Honda's entry into the seven-seater crossover segment. It uses a 1.5-liter inline-4 gasoline mill, which sends power to its front wheels. The prices of the BR-V's variants range from Php 1,038,000 to Php 1,158,000.

2. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Of note, the Honda CR-V received an update in 2021

The Honda CR-V is a crossover that’s above the BR-V in terms of size. The three higher-spec 1.6-liter diesel variants are all seven-seaters, whereas the 2.0-liter gasoline variant can only seat five. The price of the seven-seat CR-V variants for the Philippines ranges from Php 1,713,000 to Php 2,158,000.

3. Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio

The Mobilio shares a sporty-looking design with the Brio

The smallest seven-seater in Honda Philippine’s lineup is the front-engine, front-wheel-drive Mobilio. It uses a 1.5-liter gasoline mill, and its price tag ranges from Php 895,000 to Php 1,085,000.

4. Honda Odyssey

A picture of the Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey is the largest Honda model available locally

While the entry-level Odyssey EX is an eight-seater, the top-spec Odyssey EX-V is a seven-seater. It is a minivan, and it is the largest seven-seater model in Honda’s local lineup. It is also the most expensive with its price tag of Php 2,698,000.


1. Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade

The Palisade is actually a crossover. It's huge though

While the 2.2-liter turbodiesel-powered Palisade resembles an SUV, it is actually a crossover. Regardless, this offers it the advantage of having a lot of space, whilst providing a car-like driving and ride feel. The only available variant for the Palisade in the Philippines can be had for Php 3,240,000.

2. Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe

Competing in the midsize crossover segment is the Hyundai Santa Fe. Here in the Philippines, it uses a 2.2-liter turbodiesel mill sending power to the front wheels. Both of its variants are seven-seater models and their prices sit at Php 2,158,000 for the mid variant, and Php 2,538,000 for the higher-spec variant.


1. Isuzu mu-X

Isuzu mu-X

Tough-looking, and very capable

The mu-X is Isuzu’s entry into the competitive midsize SUV segment. It uses a ladder frame, and it is powered by a 1.9-liter or 3.0-liter turbodiesel mill. It can either come with rear-wheel-drive or a 4x4 drivetrain. Prices for the mu-X in the local market ranges from Php 1,350,000 to Php 2,145,000.


1. Chery Tiggo 8

Chery Tiggo 8

The attractively styled Chery Tiggo 8

Seeing that seven seaters are popular in the Philippines, Chery brought in the Tiggo 8. It is classified as a compact crossover, and it uses a front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout. Prices for the Tiggo 8 range from Php 1,280,000 to Php 1,340,000.


1. Kia Grand Carnival

The Kia Grand Carnival

The Kia Grand Carnival

Another Korean-made seven-seater model for the Philippine market is the Kia Grand Carnival’s top-spec EX variant. Its 2.2-liter diesel engine sends power to the front wheels, and it is classified as a minivan. The Grand Carnival EX is priced at Php 2,395,000.

2. Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento

After all these years, the Kia Sorento still has a lot of style

Kia’s smaller seven-seater model is the Sorento crossover. It uses a 2.2-liter mill, which sends power to the front wheels, or all four wheels depending on the variant. For the FWD version, its price tag sits at Php 1,895,000. The AWD version meanwhile can be had for Php 2,195,000.


1. Ford Everest

Ford Everest

The Ford Everest Sport Edition is particularly fetching

Another major competitor in the midsize SUV market segment is the Ford Everest. Like its competitors, this SUV uses a ladder-frame chassis, a turbodiesel powerplant, and a rear-wheel-drive or 4x4 drivetrain. Prices for the Everest start at Php 1,738,000 for the entry-level variant, while its top-spec trim has a price of Php 2,299,000.

2. Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition on the road

The Expedition has a lot of road presence that's for sure

Moving up in size is the Expedition. It uses a permanent 4x4 drivetrain, and a 3.5-liter gasoline engine. The sole Expedition variant available locally is the seven-seater Limited MAX and it has a price tag of Php 4,479,000. It can be fitted in with bucket seats which will bring up its price to Php 4,612,000.

3. Ford Explorer

A picture of the Ford Explorer

Fun fact, the Explorer is favored as a patrol car by police units in the United States

The third seven-seater in Ford’s lineup is the Explorer midsize crossover. It can either come with a 2.3-liter or 3.5-liter gasoline engine. Both variants of this Ford crossover can seat up to seven, though the one with the smaller engine is FWD. The higher-spec trim is an AWD. For pricing, the Explorer’s variants can be had for Php 2,798,000 or Php 3,178,000, with the AWD version commanding the higher price tag.


1. Mazda CX-8

A picture of the CX-8

The CX-8 is literally dripping in style

Competing against the likes of the Explorer, Santa Fe, and other midsize crossovers is the Mazda CX-8. For the Philippine market, this Mazda-made vehicle uses a front-engine, front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive layout. Both of these variants however use the same 2.5-liter gasoline powerplant. The CX-8 can be had for Php 2,290,000 for the FWD version, and Php 2,450,000 for the AWD version.

2. Mazda CX-9

A picture of the Mazda CX-9

One of the sleekest-looking family cars in the market today.

The second seven-seater Mazda model available locally is the CX-9. Like the CX-8, it uses a 2.5-liter, which sends power to the front wheels or all wheels depending on the variant. For the FWD version, its price tag sits at Php 2,380,000. The AWD meanwhile is priced at Php 2,950,000.


1. Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki Ertiga

The Suzuki Ertiga features a quiet, but graceful exterior design

Suzuki’s premier seven-seater model for the Philippine market is the Ertiga MPV. All of its variants use a 1.5-liter gasoline four-banger, and all come with a front-wheel-drive, front-engine layout. For this model, prices range from Php 738,000 to Php 993,000.

2. Suzuki XL7

A picture of the Suzuki XL7

In terms of styling, the Ertiga is quiet and elegant, while the XL7 is more aggressive

The XL7 is the Ertiga’s tougher-looking brother. It offers a bit more in the way of exterior styling, but nevertheless, it is mechanically the same as the Ertiga save for its more generous ground clearance. For the Philippines, the XL7 can be had for Php 1,073,000.


1. BMW X7

A picture of the BMW X7

Do you like the look of the X7's grille?

BMW’s sole seven-seater model for the Philippine market is the X7 fullsize SUV. For power, this Bimmer uses a 3.0-liter turbodiesel, which sends power to all of its wheels. The sole variant of the X7 available locally is the X7 xDrive30d Pure Excellence, and it has a price tag of Php 9,290,000.


1. Subaru Evoltis

Subaru Evoltis

Subaru's first-ever seater-seater model for the Philippine market

Entering the local market in 2021 is the Evoltis. It is currently Subaru’s only seven-seater vehicle, and its sole variant is propelled by a 2.4-liter boxer four gasoline engine. Like most Subies, this seven-seater crossover uses a front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout. The Evoltis currently has a price tag of Php 3,480,000.


1. Lexus GX

A picture of the Lexus GX on the road

Its a luxury SUV that can go anywhere you want

The GX is arguably the toughest model in Lexus’ Philippine lineup. Afterall, it uses a ladder-frame chassis and a front-engine, 4x4 layout. It is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform, and it also uses a turbodiesel mill. For the local market, this model has a price tag of Php 5,968,000.


1. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

The very muscular, but at the same time elegant GLE-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is one of the larger models in the German marque’s local lineup. Its sole variant is a seven-seater, that uses a 2.0-liter diesel engine, which sends power to all of its wheels. Its price currently sits at Php 5,690,000. Of note, the GLE-Class uses a body-on-frame chassis.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class 350D's engine can make a whopping 600 Nm of torque

Another large SUV in Mercedes-Benz's Philippine lineup is the GLS-Class. Like the GLE, its sole variant is a seven-seater model that uses a front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout. Its engine however is a 3.0-liter turbodiesel, which is larger than the GLE’s. In terms of pricing, the GLS-Class currently sits at Php 8,990,000.

3. Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The V-Class is one stylish-looking van

In contrast to the two models mentioned above, the V-Class is a front-engine minivan. The higher-spec Avantgarde long and extra-long variants come with a seven-seat configuration. These two use the same 2.1-liter turbo as the rest of the variant lineup. The prices for the seven-seater V-class ranges from Php 4,390,000 to Php 5,190,000. The other trims either have eight or six seats.


1. Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango

It gets its name from the Okavango delta, which in turn is fed by the powerful Okavango river in Africa

To further make its mark in the Philippine market, Geely introduced the seven-seater Okavango. This model is classed as a midsize crossover SUV, and it uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine sending power to the front wheels. Prices for this Geely-branded model ranges from Php 1,208,000 to Php 1,478,000.


1. Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban

The large and in charge Chevy Suburban

The largest model in Chevrolet’s model lineup is the Suburban. However, its lower-spec variant is an eight-seater, while its higher-spec trim is a seven-seater. Of note, the seven-seater model uses a front-engine, 4x4 layout and it uses a 5.3-liter gasoline engine. It also has a price tag of Php 5,338,888.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe. It's the Suburban's slightly smaller brother

Next up in Chevy’s local seven-seater lineup is the Tahoe. It also uses a 5.3-liter gasoline engine, but it is only available with a 4x2 drivetrain. It is also more affordable than the Subruban, with its price of Php 3,917,888.

3. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer

The Chevrolet Trailblazer Phoenix

Chevrolet’s entry to the midsize SUV market segment is the Trailblazer. Just like its competitors, it can either come with a 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrain, it uses a turbodiesel engine, and it uses a ladder frame chassis. The most affordable Trailblazer can be had for Php 1,618,888, whereas the top-spec Trailblazer variant has a price of Php 1,998,888.


1. SsangYong Rexton

A picture of the SsangYong Rexton

The SsangYong Rexton is pretty stylish don't you think so?

SsangYong, the Korean SUV specialist, currently sells the seven-seat Rexton model in the Philippine market. This model uses a 2.2-liter gasoline mill, which is then linked to a 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrain. Prices for the Rexton start at Php 1,730,000, while the top-spec variant can be bought for Php 2,230,000.


1. Foton Toplander

The Foton Toplander

The Foton Toplander

Another car brand that’s currently selling a seven-seater midsize SUV locally is Foton with its Toplander model. It uses a ladder-frame chassis, a turbodiesel engine, and it comes with a 4x2 drivetrain. Prices for the Toplander range from Php 1,388,000 to Php 1,498,000.

2. Foton Gratour

The Foton Gratour iM6

The Foton Gratour iM6

Competing in the local MPV market for Foton is the seven-seater Gratour model. To be specific, the iM6 variant. As with the rest of the Gratour lineup, the iM6 uses a 1.5-liter gasoline mill. The said variant is also the top-spec Gratour trim and it comes with a price of Php 708,000.


1. GAC GN6



The GAC GN6 is a front-wheel-drive, seven-seater minivan that uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. It is one of the two seven-seater models in GAC’s local lineup, and its sole variant has a price tag of Php 1,480,000.

2. GAC GS8

A picture of the GS8

Despite its looks, the GS8 is a crossover

The other GAC seven-seat model available locally is the GS8  fullsize crossover. All three variants of the GS8 use a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which sends power to the front, or all four wheels. Pricing for the GS8 ranges from Php 1,880,000 to Php 2,388,000.


1. JAC S7

The JAC S7

The JAC S7

JAC’s largest model, the S7, is also its sole seven-seater model currently being sold locally. For power, it uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, and it comes with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout. This JAC model can be had for Php 1,610,000.


1. Peugeot 5008

Peugeot 5008

Dig French cars? Then the 5008 might suit you

The Peugeot 5008 is a seven-seat compact crossover that uses a front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout. The sole variant available locally is the Allure, and it is propelled by a 1.6-liter gasoline mill. The said variant has a price tag of Php 2,190,000.

Those are all the seven-seater car models currently being sold in the Philippines right now. To this end, we hope that this has helped you in finding your future family chariot. For more car buying guides, car news, and car reviews, keep it here on

Know more about Toyota Fortuner 2024

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner 2023 sold in our market spans six five trim levels and 11 variants. Toyota Fortuner prices in the Philippines range from PHP 1,633,000 for the Fortuner G 2.4 M/T to PHP 2,509,000 for the flagship GR Sport 2.8 A/T. This midsize SUV spans two turbodiesel options, with most of the range equipped with a 6-speed automatic gearbox (6-speed manual for the base variant) as well as a 4x2 drivetrain (4x4 is available on the LTD trim and is standard on the GR Sport). The Fortuner brings a length of 4,795mm, a width of 1,855mm, and a height of 1,835mm on a 2,745mm wheelbase. 

The lowest monthly installment starts at Php 19,683 for the G 2.4 4x2, with 60-month payment terms on a 50 percent downpayment. As a contender in the midsize SUV segment, the Toyota Fortuner faces off against a slew of rivals including the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Nissan Terra, Ford Everest, Isuzu mu-X, and Foton Toplander

₱ 1,736,000 - ₱ 2,595,000

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