10 tips for car drivers to deal with COVID-19

Updated Mar 24, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 caused havoc all over the world. Even if you have your own car, you are not safe. Here are some tips to deal with COVID-19 on the road.

We're advised to avoid places like the mall, social gatherings, and even spiritual services. Better yet, stay at home. You might ask, as a driver, how can this affect me?

And what should I do to prevent myself from getting infected by the Coronavirus? Here are 10 tips for you to deal with COVID-19 on the road.

1. Avoid carpooling

It is not a surprise that carpooling is in the number one spot. Sure, carpooling has a lot of benefits. Not only for the driver but also the passengers – costs are shared, a lesser volume of cars on the road, and less boring road experience.

car pooling

It is not a surprise that carpooling is in the number one spot

However, it is not advisable in today's time to carpool. If your usual passengers have their own cars, then it's better for them to drive it – at least for now. For sure they would understand.

Safety first! Your passenger doesn't have to worry about driving their cars because the MMDA suspended number coding scheme indefinitely for both public and private vehicles.

3 people carpooling

It is better to practice social distancing

2. Wash your hands frequently

If you treat your car like your 'baby', then you wouldn't want to touch it with dirty hands. Before hitting the road, consider washing your hands with soap and water or use alcohol because it kills viruses.

The study finds that the virus can survive on surfaces for two to three days. I hope that is enough for you to consider washing your hands before touching your beloved car.

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3. Don't drive while sick

I know this is common sense, but we must take precautions at all times. Driving sick is a risk already, how much more if you're infected by the virus.

driving while being sick

Driving sick is a risk already, how much more if you're infected by the virus

It is better to use your sick leaves rather than risking yourself on the road. Stay at home, quarantine yourself, and if that is not enough then attend to your local health facilities.

4. Clean your car

Clean your car – especially the interiors and door handles. While cleaning, consider using gloves – for it can help prevent the spread of the virus. it is not necessary to use antibacterial disinfectants – regular soap and water should do the trick.

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5. Don't leave any trash in the car

You might ask yourself, "why will I ever leave trash inside my car?!" Well, this also goes for your children.

Leaving trash inside the car increases the chance of the virus spreading inside – what's worse is if you drive the same car every single day. It is better to advise your kids to not litter inside the car.

trash in car

You might ask yourself, "why will I ever leave trash inside my car?!

6. Cover your car

This may not be a problem for you if you have your private garage. But if you park outside, cover your car. Street parking is very rampant in the Philippines.

People passing by may unintentionally touch your car. Just hope that people won't touch your door handles.

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7. Use face mask

If you'll go outside, you will notice that some people are wearing face masks inside their car. You may get weirded out at first, but it makes a lot of sense. Coughing, sneezing, and a droplet of your saliva can instantly spread the virus inside your car. 

8. Put rubbing alcohol and tissues inside your car

This may be the best piece of advice for all drivers out there. Keep at least one alcohol and tissue inside your car. Use it as you enter and leave the car – or anytime you wish to do so.

tissue in car

This may be the best piece of advice for all drivers out there

Place it where the alcohol and tissue are accessible to everyone so passengers are encouraged to use it. Dispose of your tissues properly after use.

9. Park you car in your garage

I know, there are days where we all just want to hit the road and let the car take us wherever it goes – especially now that traffic is lessened.

But sadly, it is not advisable until the virus is contained. For now, you can at least feed your petrolhead mind by watching car-related content or playing car video games at home.

A car covered in a parking space

Better be safe than sorry

You can also visit Philkotse.com for the latest updates in the automotive industry

10. Bring your license and car registration with you

LTO card sample

Don't forget your keys, wallet, driving license and car registration

The Philippine National Police will be manning the checkpoint in Metro Manila. This is of course for the temporary community quarantine that sparked a lot of debate here in the Philippines.

Whether you agree or disagree with the implementation of checkpoints, it is better to bring your legal documents with you at all times to avoid inconvenience on the road.

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Rex Sanchez


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