10 easy steps guide to wash your car at home

Updated Nov 17, 2022 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Here are 10 steps of car wash which would be very useful for you to clean your car at home.
Car wash is sometimes a very boring and time-consuming task, particularly when it's after winter time and your car gets covered by a great deal of dirt and muck.

That is why we would like to suggest these 10 easy-to-follow steps which would help you clean your car properly and thoroughly by yourself.

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a man washing a green car

Car wash can be a very boring and time-consuming task

Step 1

Clean visible dirt with high-pressure water. Remember to focus on areas such as wheel arches where dirt usually gathers the most. Spend a proper time on this step to make sure dirt and leftover salt from the winter roads are all removed completely.

Step 2

Use your hands to soap up the entire car body. To avoid damaging the paint, it’s recommended to use a soft sponge. It is important to clean every single small piece of your car, even the door handle.

Step 3

Make sure you choose a paint protection product to rinse the soap. After applying on your car, use a smooth cloth to wipe them off.
a man soaping up a black car

To avoid damaging the paint, it’s better to use a gentle sponge

Step 4

Let's proceed with the plastic surfaces. In this step, you might want to apply products indented for plastic materials only in order to make it look like new.

Step 5

Car polishing and waxing are the next steps to work on. You could have professionals help you out with this or try completing it yourself, by doing one panel at the time.

Step 6

And now it's time to deal with glass surfaces cleaning. This step is very necessary as the decrease in visibility can lead to serious safety hazards.
a white Mercedes on empty yard

The decrease in visibility can lead to serious safety hazards

Step 7

The next area needs to be cleaned is the interior. You could begin from vacuuming the seats and then go to carpets and dash. Applying compressed air will help to get the dirt out of all the creases. Remember to pay attention to the seats as well.

Step 8

If you want to prevent sun rays from damaging the plastics interior inside, the best choice is applying the shine product.

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Step 9

Carpet washing is an optional step in case you wish to have your car washed thoroughly. Dry soap is a smart choice to wash your carpet.

Step 10

Last but not least, get a product to protect the rubber and then apply it to door seals and wiper blades. Besides, you can consider buying products specifically made for tires in order to make them look like new.

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