Complete list of Chinese-made cars in the Philippines so far

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See if your dream car is imported from China.

China has become one of the top automotive markets in the world. If you look into the numbers, the Chinese market has sold over 20 million units in 2019 as compared to Japan’s 8 million units, and Germany’s 4 million. Aside from being a major market, China has also become a manufacturing hub of cars due to the numerous joint ventures with foreign car companies such as the Volkswagen Group.   

With that in mind, several cars sold in the Philippines are manufactured in China including vehicles from non-Chinese brands. Aside from joint ventures, sourcing cars from China makes a vehicle’s price tag relatively more affordable due to the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement. As such, here are all of the Chinese-made cars available in the local market.  


The MZ40 on the road

The 3-Row BAIC MZ40 Minivan

Vehicles imported from China: All models

BAIC is a Chinese car brand known for its budget-friendly vehicles. Some of its locally available models are the MZ40 and BJ20. The price of BAIC vehicles in the country ranges from Php 488,000 to Php 1,288,000.   

2. BYD

A BYD S1 in red finish

The BYD S1 Subcompact Crossover

Vehicles imported from China: All models

BYD Auto, or Build Your Dreams, entered the local market in 2012. BYD is also known in China to manufacture buses, electric bicycles, trucks, forklifts, and more.

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3. Changhe

A M60 in white paint finish

The Changhe M60 MPV

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Changhe vehicles in the country are distributed by Laus Auto Group, the same distributor as Haima, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, and more. Changhe currently has 3 dealerships in the country, which are all situated in Luzon specifically in Pampanga, Angeles, and La Union. 

4. Chery

An orange Tiggo 2

One of the best-sellers of Chery is the Tiggo 2

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Chery is not new in the eyes of many Filipinos as it was introduced locally in the mid-2000s. This Chinese car brand is currently selling a fleet of crossovers only, namely the Chery Tiggo 2, Tiggo 5X, Tiggo 7, and the Tiggo 8.

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5. Chevrolet

A red Chevrolet Sail with white background

The Sail is the second most affordable Chevrolet vehicle in its local lineup

Vehicles imported from China: Sail

The Chevrolet Sail model is introduced locally as the American carmaker’s entry-level sedan. Since the Sail benefits from the free trade agreement, it comes with affordable pricing that starts at Php 791,000 for the base MT variant.

6. Ford

The newly-added Ford Territory

Will the Ford Territory perform well in terms of local sales?

Vehicles imported from China: EcoSport, Territory

Two of the most affordable vehicles from Ford are both imported from China. With this being said, more car buyers can get their hands on American vehicles without spending a hefty amount of cash. The current Ford Territory is the car brand’s latest addition in its local lineup.

7. Foton

A white Foton Thunder upfront

The Foton Thunder Pickup Truck

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Foton establishes itself in the local market as a car brand that manufactures reliable commercial vehicles and trucks. The Chinese car brand currently offers the TransVan, Traveller, Toano, Thunder, and Toplander.

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8. GAC

A GAC GA4 on the road

The GAC GA4 Compact Sedan

Vehicles imported from China: All models

On November 7, 2018, GAC Motor is introduced in the local market and has now established 3 dealerships in Luzon. GAC is a Chinese car brand known for its collaboration with Japanese car brands such as Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi.

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9. Geely

2021 Geely Azkarra Review: Refined value in a classy package

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Geely is slowly making its way to the top of the local market thanks to its affordable yet sophisticated Coolray, a subcompact crossover. Geely is also offering the Geely Azkarra, a five-seater compact crossover. In addition, the company has plans to further expand its local model lineup. 

10. Haima

Front view of the Haima V70

The Haima V70 Family Minivan

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Haima is a Chinese car brand formed by a partnership between the Hainan provincial government and the renowned Japanese car brand Mazda Motor Corporation. As of this writing, Haima PH has 11 dealerships in the country. 

11. Hyundai

A Hyundai Reina finished in blue

The Hyundai Reina Subcompact Sedan

Vehicles imported from China: Reina

The Hyundai Reina is your entry-level vehicle to the emerging Korean car brand. It is practical, reliable, and affordable with a price point that starts at Php 663,000 for the base MT variant and goes up to top-spec AT variant priced at Php 763,000.

12. JAC

A JAC S7 with black background

The S7 is JAC's entry-level for its crossover lineup

Vehicles imported from China: All models

JAC found its way into the local automotive market way back in 2007. Aside from its lineup of trucks and commercial vehicles, JAC Philippines offers reliable passenger vehicles such as the J4, M3, M4, S1, S2, S3, S7, Sunray, and T6.

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13. Kaicene

The Kaicene Honor S upfront

The Honor S is currently the only passenger vehicle Kaicene has in the PH lineup

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Kaicene is a Chinese car brand that is a subsidiary of Changan International Corporation. In the country, Berjaya Auto Asia Inc. is the official distributor of Kaicene vehicles. The Chinese car brand is currently offering the X5 Truck, Star Truck, and Honor S.  

14. Jeep

A Jeep Compass in a forest

The Jeep Compass is priced at Php 1,850,000

Vehicles imported from China: Compass, Renegade

The Compass and the Renegade could have been priced higher if it weren’t sourced from China. As such, Filipinos can get their hands on the renowned American vehicles at a lower price tag.

15. Kia

The Kia Stonic is the latest addition in Kia PH's lineup

The Kia Stonic has what it takes to become a top-seller in its segment

Vehicles imported from China: Soluto, Stonic

The Soluto subcompact sedan helped Kia boost its local sales figure in 2019. It comes with affordable pricing that starts at Php 665,000. On the other hand, Kia Philippines confirmed that the existing Kia Stonic subcompact crossover will be sourced from China.  

16. Maxus

The newly-added Maxus G50

The Maxus G50 in Roland Purple paint finish

Vehicles imported from China: All models

Maxus is a car brand that is continuously expanding its local model lineup. As of this writing, it is offering the V80, T60 pickup truck, G10, and the newly-launched Maxus G50 model

17. MG

A ZS finished in red paint

The MG ZS Subcompact Crossover

Vehicles imported from China: All models

MG is showing a significant increase in sales figures in the local market thanks to the ZS subcompact crossover. MG offers brand-new cars that come with affordable and competitive pricing.  

18. Volkswagen

Volkswagen's station wagon in orange

The Volkswagen Santana GTS Station Wagon

Vehicles imported from China: All models

After joining Ayala’s AC Industrials, Volkswagen decided to source its cars from China. With this, Filipinos can now own a German vehicle at a more affordable price. Volkswagen Philippines currently offers Crafter, Lamando, Lavida, Santana, Santana GTS, and Tiguan.

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Know more about Jeep Compass 2022

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass 2022 is a compact crossover that is currently in its second-generation form. It is available in the Philippines with one variant only which is priced at Php 1,480,000. Powering this vehicle is a 1.4-liter MultiAir turbocharged engine that is capable of generating 162 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. A 7-speed dry dual-clutch transmission sends power from the engine to the front wheels only.

Dimensions-wise, the Compass measures 4,394 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width, and 1,646 mm in height. In the local market, this American compact crossover competes against the likes of the Toyota RAV4, Ford Territory, and Chery Tiggo 7 Pro.

₱ 1,480,000

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