Foton Philippines: Overview & Price list in September 2021

Foton Philippines has a wide range of reliable vehicles, from full-size vans, MPVs, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Foton nameplates in the market today are the Foton Gratour, Foton Thunder, Foton Toano, Foton Toplander, Foton Tornado, Foton View Transvan, and the Foton View Traveller. Vehicles start at P520,000 for an MPV that can accommodate up to eight people. provides complete information on your favorite Foton vehicle models and the latest price list. Browse through the website to find the latest promos, news, and car reviews to get the best deals on your vehicle purchase
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Foton Gratour 2021

Foton is known for producing pickup trucks, large commercial vans, and heavy-duty trucks. This diversified as the brand made its entry into smaller carriers. The Gratour is Foton Philippines’ line of commercial vehicles that comes in eight variants. These are the Dropside, F-Van, Jeepney, Wing Van, MT MPV, TM MPV, 8-Seater Minivan, and the most recently released iM6 MPV 2020 version. Its variety of models can cater to a range of commercial or domestic requirements. The Gratour is powered by a 1.5-liter gasoline engine attached to a manual transmission. Its most premium iM6 variant is a compact MPV that offers a slew of safety and tech features such as automatic climate control, a touchscreen entertainment system. The MPV produces 115 hp and 150 Nm of torque which proves adequate for hauling cargo and carrying a full car of passengers.

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Foton Thunder 2021

Foton Thunder is the latest pick-up truck built by the brand to take on rough roads and heavy hauling with ease. This China-based brand was able to compete for head to head with its Japanese counterparts in the pick-up truck segment. What sets this model apart is its practicality, coming out with an affordable price for all its power, efficiency, and features. The Thunder displays an intimidating exterior with its muscular and rugged façade. On the front and rear are all-metal bumpers that provides not only aesthetics but functionality in all sorts of terrain. Its strong design is mated with an equally powerful 2.8-liter Cummins engine that provides the necessary power to get it out of the most difficult driving conditions. On top of these are the improved tech and safety features that Foton equipped the Thunder with, such as reverse sensors, remote control power windows, and three-point seatbelts.

Variants and price list

Foton Toano 2021

The Foton Toano strikes right in the middle of a passenger van and a commercial vehicle because of its cabin size, seating capacity, and affordable price point. It is the brand’s entry into the Euro-style van segment with its design coming from the same team that modeled the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Germany. Generally, the Toano was built to become the more powerful version of the View Traveler. On the outside, the van is boxy and massive although Foton incorporated some style elements such as the grille that is accentuated with chrome. The Toano can comfortably accommodate 11 or 15 individuals, depending on the variant. Currently offered in the Philippines are the Standard 15-seater Cummins engine and the Executive 2.8L. Both variants come in manual transmissions, diesel engines, and rear-wheel drives.

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Foton Toplander 2021

The Toplander, known as Sauvana in the global market, is Foton Motor Philippines’ entry into the highly competitive midsize SUV segment. It is the Chinese brand’s first attempt in engineering a vehicle that falls into this category. Coming from a lucrative portfolio of large commercial vehicles, Foton applied the same power and strength to the Toplander as seen on the vehicle’s exterior and under its hood. Its design follows the same general aesthetic as most nameplates in its segment, intimidating, huge, muscular with character lines, and accentuated with chrome. The Toplander is bigger in terms of height and width compared to its segment rivals. Inside, the cabin is decked in black plastic materials and the bare necessities in entertainment. However, it boasts of its spacious legroom and expansive cargo space. It comes in two variants which are the EL 4x2 AT and the EX 4x2. Both are powered by a Cummins 2.8L diesel engine. The SUV can tow up to 3 tons of weight which is higher than the standard for this segment.

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Foton Tornado 2021

Foton Motor Philippines rose to fame in the local automotive market for its successful line of commercial vehicles and large trucks. One of the most popular nameplates the Chinese brand offers is the Foton Tornado. It is a line-up of light-duty trucks purposefully for hauling cargo and passengers through its capacity to carry 2,000 to 2,500 kilograms of weight, depending on the variant. The Tornado comes in fifteen different configurations that further extend the list of uses for the nameplate. Models in the 2019 Tornado line-up are the Turbo Dropside, Double Cab, Turbo F-Van, Turbo MPV, 2.2C Dropside, 3.5C Dropside, 2.2C F-Van, 3.5C F-Van, 2.2C MPV, 4.5C Dropside, 4.5C F-Van Plain, 3.5C Power Tailgate 1.5, 2.2C Ref Van, 3.5 Self-Loader, and the 4.5C Telescopic Crane.

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Foton View Transvan 2021

Foton’s entry-level variant in their extensive lineup of passenger vans is the View Transvan that seats 13 to 16 individuals. Its seating capacity makes the vehicle an ideal choice for big families and for commercial fleet service. The van’s dimensions are 5,050mm in length with a 2,020mm width and a height of 1,980mm. Its 2,570mm wheelbase makes it spacious enough to comfortably accommodate its passengers. The exterior follows the aesthetic of conventional vans in the market. Its interior, however, is spacious enough for each variant’s seating capacity. The Transvan is equipped with the bare necessities in safety and entertainment, which are adequate for its primary purpose of transporting as many passengers or cargo. The nameplate is offered in three variants which are the 13-seater, the 15-seater, and the 16-seater HR. All Transvan variants are powered by a 2.8-liter diesel engine.

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Foton View Traveller 2021

The View Traveller is the Foton Philippines’ largest van in its model lineup. It comes in two variants that can accommodate 16 and 19 individuals. Much like the Transvan, it is developed towards families traveling in large groups or for business-use as fleet service vehicles. However, it comes at much larger and wider dimensions compared to its sibling. The pricing maintains to be affordable for its specifications and capacity. The Foton View Traveller is offered in two variants which are the 16-seater and the 19-seater variant called the XL. Both models are powered by a 2.8-liter Cummins Engine which adds to the reliability of the vehicles. The diesel engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Variants and price list

Foton: FAQs

Is Foton a Chinese car brand?

Yes. Foton company is based in Changping, Beijing, and is a subsidiary of the BAIC Group.

Where are Foton plants located?

Foton locates multiple manufacturing plants in different parts of the world. In the Philippines, Foton has an 11-hectare assembly plant in the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.

What is the cheapest Foton car in the Philippines?

Foton Gratour 1.5 MT Dropside is the cheapest car in the Foton Philippines’ model lineup. This affordable MPV has a price tag of P520,000.

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