Kaicene Kalcene Honor S 2021 - 2022
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Kaicene Kalcene Honor S 2021 - 2022: Variants and Price list


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Kaicene Kalcene Honor S 2021 - 2022 Overview

Body type





7 - 8


1.5 L

Max Power

104 hp

Max Torque

145 Nm

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The new Kaicene Honor S is made by one of China’s “Big Four” Berjaya Auto Asia Inc. It’s a small MPV that gives a sporty van-like design and has a total of 8 passenger seats. This is the brand’s market entry into the van segment and was given a very exquisite price tag. It was released into the Philippines along the newest MPVs that were also introduced in 2019 by the Changan Brand. The name of the brand, “Kaicene” was originally pronounced as Kai-Chen and is an entirely new division of the Changan International Corporation. They wanted to catch the eyes of interested businessmen with their appealing designs This is so the new Kaicene brand would become the unity of the two ideals that the company had originally aspired. The Kaicene Honor S features the standard MPV style which comes with a more appealing utility design rather than looking aesthetic. To differentiate itself from the typical MPV, it was given sliding rear doors for ease of entry and exit out of the car. The other Honor S variant which is made with 8 seats has 2 driver seats in the second row fitted with luxe black leather. Across the range is given a 10-inch digital audio system with Bluetooth as standard.


The Kaicene brand was proudly released in the Philippines on July 1, 2020, by Japhet Castillo, the president of Berjaya Auto Asia Inc. The launch highlighted that the Kaicene brand is a great choice for price-concerned customers. The design of the Kaicene was made to represent the dynamic direction of Changan to finely tune its effort as a popular commercial model and help expand their lineup not just in China but throughout the world.

Having 36 years of expertise in manufacturing commercial vehicles, the Kaicene Brand was made to lead the Changan International Corporations to better efforts. Their aim is to focus on vehicles that would catch the interest of entrepreneurs, uprising small businesses and medium scale companies, and other communities.


The Kaicene brand is considered the new MPV in 2019. The Honor’s MPX styling was made to have a utilitarian look than to have it a more eye-pleasing, sexy look. It’s equipped with a halogen headlamp projector set and leveling functions that are controlled manually. For sure and safe trips, a set of front and rear fog lamps are placed. To differentiate itself from the other MPV’s, they also installed dual sliding doors found in mini and large vans for easier access in and out of the vehicle. And for its size, the Kaicene measures about 4450 x 1685 x 1809mm.


Inside of the Honor S is leather seats in deep black. What’s more, is that it’s given a 2-2-3 seat segment configuration so that the middle also has a captain’s seat. It also comes in a 7-seat layout and an 8-seat layout. Even with the minor differences in seating capacity, the interior is mostly the same. Overall, the Changan Honor S features an elegant and stylish appearance.

To add to that, the interior is also very spacious. If there aren’t too many passengers, you can expect the interior to allow luggage and packages. This makes it not only perfect for everyday grocery shopping but also out of town trips.

Technology & Safety Features

The technology built into the Kaicene is acceptable for the given price. For a vehicle focused on functionality, the Kaicene has all the basic tech features you could ever need. An example is the highly-responsive touchscreen infotainment system. It measures 10-inched and is paired with four speakers in total. The system’s connectivity is limited to Bluetooth only. But if you have your fave playlist, then that’s more than enough. However, there have been opinions saying that the screen is too large for the vehicle.

For the safety features, a set of rear sensors and a reverse camera helps to assist the driver in parking the car. For the safety features, there are two airbags limited to the driver and the front passenger. It’s also equipped with ABS for safety measures.

Platform & Chassis

The Kaicene Honor S is an MPV that looks similar to a minivan because of the installed sliding doors. The platform design of the Honor is built as a basis for the Muuso pickup truck. Though some people say that it’s the other way around. Its platform includes a set of 14-inch alloy wheels classified as 185/70R14 and is installed with a disc and a drum brake. Along with this is a McPherson strut installed at the front of the car. For the rear, there is a leaf spring suspension that allows a safe and comfortable ride.

Engine & Drivetrain

The Honor S is a front engine and a rear-wheel drive vehicle. It’s made with 6 models in its release featuring two gasoline engine variants with a 1.5 and a 1.3 liter VVT-i. Both of them are in-Line 4 engines which make them very suitable with a 5-speed manual transmission. The Kaicene Honor S has a 104 class engine that allows it to produce up to 130 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque. As for fuel consumption and efficiency, the Honor S has a Euro V certified gasoline motor. The fuel tank of the Kaicene holds a total capacity of 42 liters.

Kaicene Kalcene Honor S: FAQs

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Kaicene Kalcene Honor S 2021 - 2022 Price list

The price of the Kaicene Kalcene Honor S in the Philippines starts at ₱585,000 for the entry-level 7-Seater 1.5 MT, while the top-of-the-line Kaicene Kalcene Honor S 8-Seater 1.5 MT is priced at ₱585,000. For more details, please refer to our 2021 Kaicene Kalcene Honor S price list as follows:

*** Please note that the Kaicene Kalcene Honor S‘s prices might differ in some showrooms and should serve as reference only.

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