Truck 101: Differences between Double Cab and Crew Cab

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See this before heading out to get a new truck.

1. What is double cab?

If you are in the market for a pickup truck, you will notice that a model is offered with different variants that usually consist of the word ‘cab.’ To make it simple, cab is a shorter term for cabin.

Isuzu D-Max front view

Most pickup trucks in the local market come with a double cab configuration

A double cab configuration consists of four doors and four seats, two upfront and two at the back. Pickup trucks in the local market mostly come with a double cab configuration such as the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and Isuzu D-Max.

A single cab configuration, on the other hand, only consists of two doors and two seats. This is ideal to use for those pickup trucks that will be used for mobility in a business as it has more cargo space.

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2. What is crew cab?

You might think that double cabs are larger than crew cabs by just their names. However, a pickup truck with a crew cab configuration is actually larger than those trucks with a double cab configuration.

Toyota Hilux front view

An example of a Cab and Chassis configuration

Due to the longer door and body in a crew cab configuration, it comes with a more expensive price tag than a double cab to compensate for the production costs. However, you get more legroom and easier second-row access, which is perfect if you have a big family.

There are different terms used by different manufacturers depending on how they want to market their pickup trucks. Some use the term ‘extended cab’ to let customers know that the pickup truck is longer than the regular model. However, the term extended cab is just another word for double cabs in other markets.

3. Differences between double cab and crew cab

The difference between double cab and crew cab is actually not hard to distinguish. Both configurations might offer four doors and four seats, but the second row in the double cab is evidently shorter than those trucks designed with a crew cab configuration.

Toyota Hilux front view

The Toyota Hilux remains to be one of the best-selling pickup trucks in the country

Inside, the legroom of pickup trucks with a double cab is significantly shorter than those with a crew cab configuration. The access to the second row is also more difficult on a double cab truck. 

There are not many differences between the two configurations other than the said features. Since crew cab configurations offer larger space, the price is also higher than double cab configurations due to larger doors and slightly longer body.

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4. Double cab vs crew cab: Which is right for you?

In terms of powertrains, most pickup trucks usually have the same engine regardless if it comes with a double cab or a crew cab configuration. So choosing which is which comes down to how much space you need for your pickup truck.

You can start by asking yourself questions such as how many passengers you are carrying with you who will be your passengers on a daily basis. If you are driving solo, then you can opt for a double cab. Pickup trucks with a double cab are generally more affordable than those with a crew cab configuration.

Ford Ranger front view

Local midsize pickup trucks such as the Ford Ranger usually come with a double cab configuration

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A pickup truck with a double cab is also ideal if you are just starting a family. In the early stages, it will be just you and your spouse so the second row of seats isn’t really necessary. Once you and your spouse get a kid, the legroom in the second row of a double cabin is enough even if he/she reaches the age of 10.

However, if you are just in the market to buy a new pickup truck and you already have a big family, then you can go for a truck with a crew cab configuration. The legroom in this configuration in the second row is sufficient enough even for adult passengers.

Chevrolet Colorado front view

Buy a truck good for you and your passengers

Despite having a more expensive price tag, buying a pickup truck with a crew cab configuration could help you save money in the long run as you won’t need to buy a larger truck once your family gets bigger. There will always be tradeoffs between the two configurations. Go for the option that best suits your needs in interior space.

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5. What brand offers double cabs and crew cabs?

To help you get an idea for your next truck, here are the models available in the local market with their respective cab configuration.

Car Brand
Cab Configuration
Double Cab
Double Cab
Ranger Raptor
Double Cab
Crew Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab
Double Cab

6. Double cab and crew cab: FAQs

Q: What is a double cab?

A double cab is a configuration for a pickup truck that consists of four doors and a second row of seats. However, the second row is slightly shorter than the first which results in shorter passenger doors and less legroom.

Q: What are the other cab configurations other than double and crew cabs?

Other than double and crew cabs, there are also other cab configurations such as the access, super, mega, extended, and more.

Q: What is a crew cab?

A crew cab is a configuration for a pickup truck that consists of four doors and a second row of seats. The second row is slightly larger than those pickup trucks with a double cab configuration.

Q: Should I get a double cab or a crew cab?

It depends on who will be utilizing the second row of seats. If you have kids above the age of 10, then it is ideal to get a pickup truck with a crew cab configuration.

Q: Are crew cabs more expensive than double cabs?

Yes, crew cabs come with larger doors and body which results in higher production costs.

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