5 must have skills & qualities to be a good truck driver

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If you or your friends consider working as a truck driver, then this article may help provide some traits or characteristics that a professional driver needs to have.

Many people are excited to learn how to drive and get to visit certain places that they have never been to. But if you have very good driving skills you can probably take advantage of this by working as a professional truck driver.

We all know that any person can learn how to drive a car, a motorcycle or an SUV but not everyone is capable of driving a large 10 to 16 wheeler truck. It takes a lot of special driving skills and determination in order for a person to handle this kind of job.

Now to mention the stress and huge responsibility of taking care of the goods and make sure that it arrives at its destination safe and sound.

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Being a truck driver can be such an overwhelming job and yet there a lot of people who are interested in pursuing this as a career. In fact in other counties such as Russia, the United States, Australia, and Canada truck drivers are considered as one of the highest paid professions?

Mission Possible: Female Truck Driver

In the Manila, the average salary a truck driver can get is 15,000 PHP per month, which is considered way above the minimum wage so even if the job is quite challenging and tiring people regardless of their gender are still willing to take the risk in becoming a truck driver.

This article from Philkotse.com will be giving you more information on what does it take to be successful in this field

1. Having a valid Professional Drivers’ License

Before applying for a job as a professional truck driver it is no question that you must obtain a professional license from your local transportation office before you can be allowed to drive or operate a motor vehicle that is within your restrictions.  

truck driver driving license

Make sure that you hold a valid driving license

Here are some of the general qualifications in order for you to be granted a professional license:

  • The applicant must no longer be minor, meaning he or she must be more than 18 years of age upon application.
  • The person must have an existing non-professional driving license. Meaning you must prove that you have been driving a 4 wheel vehicle for more than 12 months
  • Must be capable of reading and writing in English and in the local language. This is for testing purposes.
  • The candidate must pass both written, practical and medical exams with flying colors

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2. Can handle stress

Being a truck driver is not easy even if you have enough experience in being a driver. The job is somehow stressful because you are carrying heavy loads and you must make sure that it arrives at your destination safely.

female truck driver

Driving a big truck can be a good paying job, but it is more difficult and stressful than driving smaller motor vehicles

3. Be able to work for long hours

It is also important for you to be able to withstand working long hours. Most truck drivers are bound to travel long distances its either state to state or one province to another.

Long driving can drain you both physically and mentally and if you are serious about pursuing a career as a truck driver then you need to understand that stress is always part of the job

long truck drive

Driving a truck from one point A to point B is no joke, in some cases, one trip can last for a minimum of 12 to 36 hours

4. Must know the ins and outs of the truck

If you want to be really good in your driving profession you must be able to know your truck very well just like most car owners know how their car works. As a driver, it is essential for you to know the condition of your truck and be able to read between the lines when something goes wrong.

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Not all drivers are aware of at least observant of their truck and ignoring telltale signs can actually cause you bigger trouble or more serious damage in the future

fixing the truck

Being familiar with your truck can make your job a lot easier

5. Be responsible and trustworthy

If you choose to make a living out of driving big trucks you also have to be aware of the additional responsibilities that come with the job. You are automatically the person who becomes in charge of handling the entire truck including the goods that you are transporting.

There are a lot of problems that may come across your way from engine breakdown, minor accidents, attempted theft, overheating, flat tires and also common traffic violations. It would be better if you could formulate an effective backup plan just to make sure that you are able to get through potential problems without causing a lot of people too much trouble.

background check         

Truck owners or employers would like to make sure that their drivers are honest and trustworthy

Truck drivers are also trustworthy because they will be accountable for whatever happens on the road. Here in the Philippines, there are many places that are considered very dangerous for big trucks.

And most of them are prone to looters or thieves who will do anything to just to steal important items from the truck that can easily be converted into cash. Getting a companion who can help you avoid these scenario is a very responsible thing to do. 

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