A Complete Guide to Trucking Companies in the Philippines

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If you're about to start a business and you need a lot of resources moved, then this guide will help you choose the right trucking companies in the Philippines.

Trucking Companies in the Philippines: Overview

Just like most countries with a functioning economy, the Philippines relies on the transportation of freight. Be it raw materials still to be processed or finished products ready for the consumer, the Philippines has a relatively healthy set of logistical avenues. And one of those major avenues here in the country for that is trucking.

In other countries with massive landmasses like the United States, they rely more on freight trains as these behemoths can, of course, carry more and further across state lines. But more for intermediate distances though, they still use trucks. Well except for Alaska where they lack train tracks and instead they rely more on trucking like us.

While most countries including the Philippines does have other means of transporting goods like air freight and shipping, the currently most economical and viable for the Filipino people were medium to large scale and even small business.

As such, trucking businesses in the country have proliferated and are numerous. So, for the smart entrepreneur who wants to get the most of his/her time and money, Philkotse.com has prepared a list of trucking companies in the Philippines.

Note however that we’ll be covering the top trucking companies in the Philippines, located in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao city.

Trucking companies in the Philippines

Transportation companies in the Philippines have proliferated and are numerous

List of trucking companies in Manila

1. E.A. Francisco Trucking

  • Address: 908 Busilak Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: 535-9011/584-9011

E.A. Franciso Trucking primarily deals with medium to large size cargo transport. Their trucks are also for hire for a number of purposes like house transfers, scaffolding transport and for setting up events. They are available to call any time of the day and they can handle cargo deliveries to just about anywhere in the Philippines.

Logo of the EA Francisco trucking

E.A. Francisco Trucking

A picture of one of EA Francisco trucks.

An E.A. Francisco delivery truck

Main Products

  • Truck for rent
  • House transfer/Office transfer
  • General cargo transport services

2. Ernest Logistics Corporation

  • Address: 3rd Floor Melandrea Building, Virgo Drive, corner N Bay Blvd, Navotas, 1485 Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: (02) 87097168

Established formally on April 24, 2009, Ernest Logistics caters mainly to corporate clients who need cargo transport from Metro Manila to any point in Luzon. In 2009, this trucking company then expanded their once small business into a company that can handle transportation for corporate clients to Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon.

Ernest Logistics Corporation

Ernest Logistics Corporation provides a wide range of trucking service

Main Products

  • Containerized Hauling and Trucking: Ernest Logistics owns an excellent trucking fleet that consists of modern trucks. They can provide pick-up and delivery of cargo.
  • Less than Container Load: Small cargoes that won’t require the full size of a container van.
  • Loose Cargoes: Goods that cannot fit in container vans or those that are oddly shaped.
  • Rolling Cargoes: Vehicles and mobile equipment. To any port in the Philippines. It can either be door to door or pier to door.
  • Full Container: Load Large cargo volumes that will fill up to 40 dry container vans. It can either be door to door, pier to door, door to pier or pier to pier.

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3. Orient Freight International

  • Address: Country Space Building, 4th, and 8th Floor, Gil J. Puyat, Makati, Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: (02) 8867 8586

Aside from being an accredited customs broker and aid in establishing a new business’ chain of supply and other things, Orient Freight can also provide logistics and transport services. Like most companies listed here, Orient Freight International also has a fleet of trucks that specialize in containerized bulk cargo.

Trucking companies-orient freight international

Orient Freight's services are diverse and they'll meet your business' every logistical need

Main Products

  • Sea Freight Forwarding
  • Specialized Logistics Solutions: Transport of chemicals, perishable goods, over-sized or over-dimensional loads, cooled warehouses, re-icing, and more.
  • Container Freight Station/Warehousing

4. Lipat Bahay

  • Address: 2505 Unida St. Baclaran, Parañaque City.
  • Contact Numbers: Rates and Booking: 09174278680, 09491579830, Monitoring and Support: 09082467122, 09177002042, Office: (063) 771 2522

Unlike the 2nd and the 3rd companies on this list, Lipat Bahay is a smaller company that deals primarily with hauling and truck rentals. As this trucking company name implies, they also specialize in house moving. No matter their size though, this company assured the careful handling of your possessions and of course a timely and reliably punctual delivery.

The Logo of Lipat Bahay logo

Lipat Bahay

A picture of Lipat bahay employees moving cargo

The guys at Lipat Bahay demonstrating what they can do; fast and reliable cargo transport

Main Products

  • Truck Rentals
  • 24/7 trucking and hauling services

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5. Mendoza Trucking Services

  • Address: 16 Sisa Extension, Goldendale Avenue, Tinajeros, Malabon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 899-89577, (02) 866-64243, (02) 851-41032

Established back in the year 2000. A. Mendoza Trucking Services has a fleet of trucks capable of delivering cargo nationwide from Luzon, Visayan, and Mindanao.

A picture of A.Mendoza services and contact numbers

The A. Mendoza trucking service has a number of different trucks that can handle your needs

Main Products

  • Truck Rentals
  • 24/7 trucking and hauling services.
  • Available trucks: 6 4/6-wheeler Aluminum Van, Close Van truck, 6-wheel drop side or open truck, etc.

6. RLH Trucking Services

  • Address: 2425 Alabastro St., San Andres, Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: 09292257656

RLH Trucking Services Philippines provides the right kind of truck whether for light duty, medium to large trucks. While based in Manila and Makati, RLH Trucking can deliver anything to any point in the Philippines.

The RLH Trucking Services logo

RLH Trucking Services

A picture of an RLH Trucking Services trucks

Here's one of RLH Trucking Services' delivery trucks

Main Products

  • Truck rentals: Freezer vans, cargo trucks, closed vans with wing doors, closed vans with rear doors.
  • Hauling Services

List of trucking companies in Cebu

1. RDM Trucking Services

  • Address: 39-F A. Lopez Street, Cebu City
  • Contact No.: (032) 511 4064

RDM Trucking Services is based in Cebu City and they can provide a variant of trucking-related services. They can also handle “lipat bahay” services.

A picture of the RDM Trucking Service garage

The RDM Trucking Services garage

Main Products:

  • Truck Rentals
  • Hauling Services
  • House transfer/Office transfer

2. NSE Trucking

  • Address: Arellano Blvd. Corner Pier 1, Brgy. San Roque Ciudad, Cebu City
  • Contact No.: (032) 256 2726

Based in Cebu, NSE Trucking can provide a wide array of services with their equally wide range of trucks from a small four-wheeled closed van to a 10-wheeler wing van.

A picture of NSE Trucking Services trucks

A glimpse into what NSE Trucking Services can provide. They have more trucks than this though

Main Products:

  • Truck Rentals
  • Hauling Services
  • House moving and office moving
  • Outbase door to door
  • Warehouse to store and vice versa

3. Cebu Roadmaster Trucking

  • Address: Hernan Cortes St. Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu
  • Contact No.: (032) 346 8184

One of the oldest trucking companies based in Cebu, Cebu Roadmaster Trucking, like the rest of these companies can provide truck rentals and hauling services. What sets Cebu Roadmaster though is their capability to provide low trucks capable of carrying heavy equipment.

The Cebu Roadmaster Trucking

Cebu Roadmaster Trucking

A picture of a Cebu Roadmaster truck carrying a heavy load

Cebu Roadmaster specializes in BIG cargo

Main Products:

  • Truck Rentals
  • Hauling Services
  • Forklift rentals

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List of trucking services in Davao City

1. VANREDJ Trucking Services

  • Address: Maa Road, Davao City, Davao City DAS, 8000
  • Contact No.: 082 286 5664

VANREDJ Trucking offers hauling and delivery services in Davao oriental, Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, Davao del Sur/Norte, and Davao del Sur/Norte. They currently have a fleet of well-maintained 6-wheeler and 4-wheeler trucks.

VANDREDJ Trucking Services Logo

VANREDJ Trucking Services

A picture of a truck owned by the Vanredj Trucking Company

A panel truck owned by Vanredj Trucking Company

Main Products:

  • House and office moving
  • Truck rentals
  • Door to door delivery
  • Hauling

2. WDME Trucking Services

  • Address: J.P. Laurel, Davao City
  • Contact No.: 09272035326/09336829879

WDME Trucking services can provide hauling for 20 ft or 40 ft. container vans throughout Mindanao.

A picture of a WDM truck

WDM can deliver container vans

Main Products

Standard Size container van delivery. Includes dry or reefer container vans.

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