Pros & cons of buying a pickup truck in the Philippines

Updated Feb 17, 2021

Are pick-ups the best option? Learn more about the pros and cons.

Next to SUVs, pickup trucks are the other kings of the road by what they offer motorists. They can haul and carry because of their utilitarian truck bed.

Why are pickups one of the better options for motorists and why are they worlds apart from cars or minivans? These trucks came about because of a need to have a no-fuss vehicle that has enough horses to pull almost anything. Also, a strong utilitarian vehicle that does it with ease too. To stress the point further; compare it with cars that are not as utilitarian as trucks.

road trip in a pickup truck

Next to SUVs, pickup trucks are the other kings of the road by what they offer motorists

Another difference that trucks have with other cars is that it’s not a unibody. Most unibody designs have excellent safety features but a truck a much more than a car. A trucks body is cab on a frame that does present some problems, but the addition of newer safety features makes this less of concern. The heavy frame on the pick-up makes it heavier and can hold more weight than a unibody.

Cars will have a certain weight limitation with big engines because of smaller unibody frames. They pack the most horsepower that is only seconded by their SUV cousins. A big difference is a gap between the truck bed and cab, but these cosmetic differences are nothing to worry about. A pickups frame is very stiff with more safety features backing it up. Is buying a pickup truck good idea? Hold your decision because more facts are about to be uncovered.

I. Why should you buy a pickup truck?

Now lists here the pros; why a pick-up should be on your “car-to-get-list”. Pickups make good sense over smaller less heavy duty option. A pick-up will have these great features, that trumps passenger cars any day.

1. A pickup truck has power to spare and it can tow!

It can’t be avoided; but when a tow is needed, this is the go-to vehicle that has more horses to spare. The power plant is immense, and the body on a frame will allow huge power plants easily installed on it. Cars will have a difficult time towing because of smaller engines.

2. A variety of towing options are available

For towing purposes, there is a trailer ball hitch that can be used to tow a jet-ski or small motorboat. Another option that increases towing capacity is a fifth hitch that is like a trailer hitch. Some pickups in recent years have featured built towing hitches like the F-150 and the Expedition. American made trucks have provisos for towing, but Japanese brands may have it as additional options.

pickup towing capacity

For towing purposes, there is a trailer ball hitch that can be used to tow a jet-ski or small motorboat

If towing stuff is your truck's every task, click here to know right way to secure items in the pickup bed.

3. A low gear transmission means more torque

A truck's transmissions is a slow starter; because it optimizes torque and horsepower which is called the towing mode. The CPU will sense the change and shift the gears for towing. This is present in the Suburban and Expedition that are premiere American brands for pick-ups and SUVs. Try towing anything with a car at low gear, this can damage its transmission.

4. Has more than enough torque for towing and regular driving

Horsepower isn’t everything, but torque is important it determines how well it does tow at low-gear. One of the selling points of a pickup that should be considered. A pickup is all about towing and hauling, so powerful torque is important.

5. Can fit a small family inside

If you’re considering buying a pickup with a longer cab, then it is just perfect to fit everyone inside it. The full-sized or mid-sized pickup can do for this. Just load all the stuff on the truck-bed trunk, and it’s good to go. One of the safest options for a family car as well, so it’s a pickup: buy or not moment.

pickup and family

A pickup truck can fit a small family inside

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6. Perfect for the sporty and outdoorsy dad

Nothing really boosts the image of dads more than a muscular pick-up truck and a truck bed that can carry anything from several bikes to or an ATV. How is that for size and cars have bikes hanging out on bike racks that is a bit unsightly. Weekend camping is better because dads can but tents that fit onto the truck bed. Fishing on the week is a good idea, especially if carrying dirty stuff into the cabin is a no-no.

7. Pickups are tall vehicles and make smaller cars Lilliputian

The biggest tires can be found in pick-ups and with higher body clearance which makes them perfect for minor floods. A high set clearance that rises above most pot-holes or speed bumps; mated to excellent suspension systems more hardy and durable than cars or minivans. The high set cab on the frame is what gives it an advantage on bad terrain.

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8. Diesel or Gasoline engine?

When buying a pickup truck, get a diesel or gasoline engine to choose from. If the truck is expected to do any utilitarian work; then get the diesel engine. A diesel engine has more torque for more towing power. A gasoline engine will do the trick as well but may cost more at the pump. Both engines outperform when contrasted with standard cars.

If you prefer a diesel-powered pickup truck, here are the most fuel-efficient units for you to choose.

II. Disadvantages of pickup trucks

If pick-ups have such great features about them, there is dark side that may tip buyers negatively. This is will answer a pickup: buy or not!

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1. A unibody is better than cab on frame!

The gap between the cab and truck bed is where the weak point lies. One issue is that it’s not child-friendly. The functional aspect cuts it but does not really make it kid-friendly.

2. A pickup especially full-sized one will guzzle gas like water

Say goodbye to spending less at the pump! Now you’ve bought your dream pickup, but the gas bills are getting expensive because they are guzzlers and will be less on the mileage. This is the trade-off for a powerful engine and top-class power options.

fill fuel a pickup truck

This is the trade-off for a powerful engine and top-class power options

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3. Maintenance can be steep

The components of a pick-up are specialized and when maintaining will cost a bundle. Just the large tires will cost a bit with components that are sophisticated not found in smaller cars. If pockets are deep then get this, keeping it in running condition will be a chore.

4. The suspension can be bit stiff

Carrying heavy loads and huge wheels is the opposite of a smooth ride when compared to minivan and SUVs. For some individuals who feel nauseated when riding a stiff suspension pickup, it can be uncomfortable.

Now with the disadvantages outlined, do you agree with it?

III. Buying a pickup truck: Yea or nay?

All pros and cons of buying a pickup truck is outlined and laid out so a decision; whether it’s worth or not is reached. If you want power, clearance, utility, a useful truck bed; then get a pick-up. It has everything needed by sporty dads and those who need something to load stuff too. Pick-ups are the go-to options that have everything, even safety features that make them safe cars to ride in.

a pickup truck on the road

If you want power, clearance, utility, a useful truck bed; then get a pick-up

If this article is persuasive enough for you to go for a pickup truck, the following lists will be of help:

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