Toyota Supra 2020: Sports car contender for Car of the Year

Dec 18, 2019 | Same topic: Highlights of the week
After years of absence in the sports car market the Toyota Supra's next generation is finally out. We love it, don't you? Keep reading for more!

Toyota Supra 2020: Sports car contender for Car of the Year

  • The Legend is back
  • Keeps the familiar inline-6 Turbo Engine
  • BMW performance, Toyota value
  • Most likely to keep its value

Toyota Supra 2020: The legend reborn

The Toyota Supra of the 90s, the fourth generation Supra was a street and track legend! It was powered by the venerable 2JZ engine and thanks to its hero car role in the Fast and Furious franchise, beating out a Ferrari in the first movie’s most exciting scene.

For a while, Toyota discontinued production of the Supra, it was 2002 when they dropped the ax on one of the last remaining great Japanese super cars of the time. Today they came back to their senses and built an all-new model. What we have for the current generation comes in partnership with and shares the same platform as BMW and its BMWZ4.

2020 toyota supra

Don't call the Supra a BMW

Toyota Supra 2020: Some kind of monster

How fast can you go on a Toyota Supra 2020? How does 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds sound like? Thanks to it’s BMW sourced Turbocharged 3 liter Inline-6 it makes quick work of the oncoming horizon on the highway.

We would have had wished that the 2020 Toyota Supra would have a manual transmission for proper spirited driving. However, with some technical wizardry from both Toyota and BMW, the 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters can really hold their own against much more powerful.

Dare I say much more expensive offerings from the likes of even Porsche and Ferrari. As we mentioned in the Toyota Supra 2020 Philippines review, the Japanese Sports car, can be considered a real steal considering it can give those brands a full run for their money.

Toyota Supra 2020

It is rare to find a car that tugs opn your heart as much as the Supra

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Toyota Supra 2020: It is still a Supra after all

Many people criticize the 2020 Toyota Supra for betraying its hard-core street racing roots by giving in to corporate pressure and handing the reins over to the other companies to do the dirty work.

For us Filipinos however, we never really got a taste of the Supra in any of its past iterations. Was the Toyota Supra Worth the wait for us thirsty Filipino Car guys?

Toyota Supra 2020 on display

The best of both worlds, Euro power and Toyota Reliability

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Alot of other rivals may offer more powerful offerings, stylish, luxurious and even more amenities, but nothing in the lot and no one can ever match the anticipation we feel whenever we see that good old Supra Script at the back. Heritage and tradition may actually be overrated in our books.

The Toyota Supra for 2020 makes the biggest case for being our Sports car of the year.

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