Toyota Hiace 2019: Philkotse's contender for 2019 light commercial vehicle of the year

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Toyota Motor Corporation chose to introduce the all-new Toyota Hiace in the Philippines early this year. Why? Probably the reason why we think this should be the light commercial van of the year.

Toyota Hiace 2019: A contender for the light commercial vehicle of 2019

  • Power: Overwhelming
  • Versatile to anything from a cargo hauler to limousine
  • Toyota did not skimp on safety features
  • Space so generous you would want it to be your ninong

Toyota Hiace 2019: Doing so much better than you think

Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines think so highly of the Philippine market for the all-new Toyota Hiace line-up that they’ve decided to hold the global release right here on our shores.

Why do you ask? Apart from its home country of Japan, the Philippines sells the most number of Toyota Hiace units. They are ubiquitous, from family haulers in gated communities with the swanky Super Grandia, to the Commuter variants used as business tools, school buses, and UV Express vans.

Toyota Hiace 2019

The Philippines sells the most number of Toyota Hiace units apart from Japan

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After the death of the AUV, operators had little choice but to head on over to the Toyota Hiace. Toyota plans to capitalize on this popularity by offering the most diverse amount of model options available.

That is why they sell well. The amount of customization options and versatility of the Toyota Hiace makes this the car for the Filipino people.

Toyota Hiace 2019: Power overwhelming

The Toyota Hiace 2019 shares the same engine as the all-new Fortuner, Hilux, and Innova which means it has gobs of power on tap. With 174 hp @ 3600 RPM and 420 Nm of pull at 1400 – 2200 RPM.

This puts it toe to toe with our other contender the Hyundai H-350 for power and torque. If the aforementioned Toyota vehicles are any indication, it should make short work of the Toyota Hiace and all its passengers and cargo no matter what the use is.

toyota hiace 2019 interior

Even with this many passengers, the engine should make quick work of it

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Toyota Hiace 2019: The Swiss army Toyota

As in our Toyota Hiace reviews, you might already know that all-new Toyota Hiace gives us so much interior space when compared to the previous generation. I would lovingly call it a freezer box on wheels as that is exactly what it looks like from the outside.

Not that that’s a bad thing, for the tropical Philippines where summer temperatures can reach north of 40 degrees Celsius, the sight of a mass transportation vehicle that resembles an icebox is a welcome venue to fight the heat.

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toyota hiace 2019

The Hiace is built on a versatile platform wherein the possibilities are almost endless

I can’t call the design of the Toyota Hiace ugly, because let’s be honest, how would you reinvent a box on wheels for a van? It sure looks good, though and can even rival that of its more expensive cousin the Toyota Alphard.

Speaking of which I mentioned the different ways you can configure the inside of the Toyota Hiace, from a cargo hauler to limousine, and I wasn’t kidding. The Hiace is built on a versatile platform wherein the possibilities are almost endless.

It is difficult to find anything else that can rival the Toyota Hiace when it comes to power, reliability, space, and luxury. The reason why this model is held dear to the Filipino’s hearts is that it can go anywhere, do anything and take your family with you while you’re at it!

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Know more about Toyota Hiace 2021

Toyota Hiace

The HiAce comes with a robust look. It still holds the title as one of the Filipino’s most trusted vans. In February 2019, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota introduced the sixth-generation update of the Hiace. The model received massive changes on both its interior and exterior. The current generation features a nose that serves as the dedicated engine room. It provides more cabin space and flat fascia that’s lacking from the former under-the-driver engine design. In terms of designs, horizontal slats are present in the huge grille that accentuated the massive headlamps. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Toyota HiAce in three variants: the 15-seater Commuter Deluxe, 12-seater GL Grandia, and 14-seater GL Grandia Tourer. The HiAce has a different interior configuration depending on the variant. The common feature in all three trims is the shift stick mounted at the dashboard. A touchscreen display is available in the GL Grandia variants. A 2.3L 1GD diesel engine lies under the hood of the Toyota HiAce – similar to that of the Toyota Fortuner. It has varying power outputs that depend on the trim-level. The Commuter Deluxe produces 176 horsepower and 420 Newton-meter of torque. The GL Grandia creates 176 horsepower and 450 Newton-meter of torque. The power output of the GL Grandia Tourer is 163 hp and 420 Nm of torque.

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