2021 Toyota Hiace: Expectations and what we know so far

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Is there anything new for the 2021 Hiace? 

2021 Toyota Hiace: What we know so far 

The Hiace has been in Toyota’s global lineup since 1967. This makes it one of the longest-running models from the said Japanese marque. In 2019, the sixth-generation H300 Hiace made its debut here in the Philippines. 

With the update, the Hiace gained a more modern look complete with a new bonnet, as well as several new variants. In other markets, it also received a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline, while the Philippines currently has the good ol’ 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV inline-4 turbo diesel. 

The Toyota Hiace

So, is Toyota going to update the Hiace this year? Well, so far, the company has not made a statement regarding this. Also, the sixth-gen Hiace is relatively new. As such, we can say that it won’t be receiving a facelift or any kind of update anytime soon.

But then again, what can we expect from the Philippine-spec 2021 Toyota Hiace?

A picture of the Toyota Hiace

The Hiace has become one of the better-looking vans available in the Philippines right now

2021 Toyota Hiace: Exterior 

As a carry-over, we’re certain that the PH-spec Toyota Hiace won’t be changing appearance-wise for 2021. It will still have the same dimensions, and it will still have the same set of exterior features. 

The entry-level Hiace Commuter and the mid-range GL Grandia Tourer are kitted out with halogen headlamps and turn signal lamps, and halogen taillights.

The Commuter rides on 15-inch steelies, while the GL Grandia Tourer uses a 15-inch alloy set. These variants bear the new bonnet and the new design, making them one of the more attractive-looking vans in their price range.

A picture of the Hiace Super Grandia Elite

The top-spec Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite

The top-spec Hiace GL Grandia Elite, on the other hand, is on another level. It is equipped with LED headlamps, LED front fog lamps, rain-sensing wipers, daytime running lamps, a chrome front grille, LED front clearance lamps, chrome door handles, 17-inch alloy wheels, among others.

Overall, the top-spec Hiace is arguably one of the best-looking vans in the Philippine market right now.

2021 Toyota Hiace: Interior 

Currently, the PH-spec Hiace has several interior layouts depending on the variant. The one that can fit the most people is of course the 15-seat Hiace Commuter Deluxe. The GL Grandia on the other hand can fit in 12, and the GL Grandia Tourer can fit in 14 people.  

The Super Grandia, on the other hand, has a smaller but generous passenger capacity of 10. This is because it uses captain seats instead of the usual bench-type seats the other variants use. 

A picture of the Toyota Hiace

The dashboard of the Toyota Hiace Commuter

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Technology-wise, the Super Grandia Elite is pretty loaded. Its head unit is capable of connecting to a smartphone via T-Link and via USB and Bluetooth. The GL Grandia Tourer also comes with 19 cup holders, fabric/vinyl leather seats, as well as a fabric carpet. Meanwhile, the top-spec Super Grandia Elite comes with leather-clad seats.

For the driver, the top-spec Hiace provides adaptive cruise control, push-to-start, electro-chromatic rearview mirror with a back monitor, and a lighting control system.  

A picture of the interior of the Super Grandia Elite

The luxurious of the Hiace Super Grandia Elite

Most Hiace variants come standard with a dual-zone air conditioner with manual controls, although the top-spec Hiace has more vents. The top-spec Super Grandia Elite meanwhile, comes with automatic climate control.

2021 Toyota Hiace: Engine and Performance 

Under the Hiace’s new hood is the familiar 2.8-liter inline-4 1GD-FTV inline-4 turbo diesel. The said engine is also found on the Toyota Hilux, as well as on the Toyota Fortuner.  

On the automatic variants of the 2021 Hiace, the said diesel mill can churn out up to 174 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque. For the manual versions, it makes slightly less at 163 horsepower with the same amount of torque. 

A picture of the Hiace's engine

The Hiace's 2.8-liter turbo diesel mill

For all Hiace variants, power is sent to the rear. Only the Commuter and the GL Grandia may come with a six-speed manual tranny, while the rest uses a six-speed automatic gearbox. 

For braking, the PH-spec Hiace GL Grandia Tourer variants get discs all around, while the lower-spec variants are equipped with a rear drum brake.  

Being a high passenger capacity van, all variants of the Hiace save for the Super Grandia Elite use a leaf-spring/rigid axle type suspension for its rear, while its front end uses a MacPherson strut-type suspension. 

The top-spec Super Grandia Elite uses a different suspension setup to provide a better ride. Its rear uses a multi-link suspension with coil springs, while its front also uses a MacPherson strut.

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A picture of the Hiace GL Tourer

The Hiace GL Tourer

In other parts of the world where gasoline is arguably cheaper, the Hiace also has a 3.5-liter V6 version. The said engine can make an impressive 276 horsepower and 365 Nm of torque.  

While some of you might say that this engine is a guaranteed gas guzzler, a few Hiace fans might like the additional horsepower that it can provide. So, is Toyota going to introduce this engine locally? Well, we’ll have to say that the chances of that happening is slim at best.

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2021 Toyota Hiace: Safety 

For airbags, the Hiace Commuter gets three at the front, while the high-trim levels get two. The GL Grandia Tourer, however, gets stability control, speed-sensing door locks, hill-start assist, parking sensors, and a reverse camera.  

The lower-spec Commuter lacks those, but it still gets a car alarm, a seatbelt reminder, anti-lock braking with electronic brake-force distribution, and an engine immobilizer.

The best-equipped Hiace is of course the Super Grandia Elite. It comes with the latest version of the Toyota Safety Sense, which consists of a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, and automatic high beams, plus the adaptive cruise control. It also comes with a clearance and “back sonar,” and nine airbags.

2021 Toyota Hiace: Final Thoughts 

As we’ve said above, the Hiace is arguably one of the best-looking vans in the country right now. It is also one of the few vans of its size and passenger capacity that actually comes with a hood. We also said that it is relatively new to the market, so it won’t be getting a facelift anytime soon.  

A picture of the Commuter Rally Support Vehicle concept car at the 2019 Bangkok Auto Salon

The Hiace Commuter Rally Support Vehicle concept car [Photo: TRD Asia]

For those who are wanting more out of the Hiace however, do note that TRD Asia has displayed the Hiace Commuter Rally Support Vehicle last year.

Essentially, it’s a Hiace fitted with knobby tires, a roof-rack, rear-mounted step-ladder, riveted black fenders, as well as an edgy black/red TRD paint-job. It’s not out yet, but we sure hope that something comes out of this concept vehicle. Maybe a set of optional Hiace TRD parts and accessories in the future? Who knows?

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2021 Toyota Hiace: Expected Price 

Currently, the Hiace’s price ranges from Php 1,649,000 to Php 2,998,000. Prices can vary depending on the color. 

Toyota is yet to adjust the prices for the said van model for 2021. To keep yourself updated regarding this, keep reading here on Philkotse.com

Know more about Toyota Hiace 2021

Toyota Hiace

<p>The Toyota HiAce comes with a robust look. It still holds the title as one of the Filipino&rsquo;s most trusted vans. In February 2019, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the sixth-generation update of the Toyota Hiace. The model received massive changes on both its interior and exterior. The current generation features a nose that serves as the dedicated engine room. It provides more cabin space and flat fascia that&rsquo;s lacking from the former under-the-driver engine design. In terms of designs, horizontal slats are present in the huge grille that accentuated the massive headlamps. Toyota Motor Philippines offers the Toyota HiAce in three variants: the 15-seater Commuter Deluxe, 12-seater GL Grandia, and 14-seater GL Grandia Tourer. The HiAce has a different interior configuration depending on the variant. The common feature in all three trims is the shift stick mounted at the dashboard. A touchscreen display is available in the GL Grandia variants. A 2.3L 1GD diesel engine lies under the hood of the Toyota HiAce &ndash; similar to that of the Toyota Fortuner. It has varying power outputs that depend on the trim-level. The Commuter Deluxe produces 176 horsepower and 420 Newton-meter of torque. The GL Grandia creates 176 horsepower and 450 Newton-meter of torque. The power output of the GL Grandia Tourer is 163 hp and 420 Nm of torque.</p>

From ₱1,649,000

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