Toyota Fortuner 2020 facelift: SPOTTED

Feb 03, 2020 | Same topic: Auto Industry: Latest Updates
Here are the spy shots of what could be, the 2020 facelift of the beloved Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner 2020 facelift: Spotted

In another case of “praise the cameraman”, a Toyota Fortuner clad in a LOT of camouflage was spotted in Thailand several days ago. And if we go about what numerous automotive news outlets are saying, then this might as well be the Toyota Fortuner facelift a LOT of people are waiting for.

It’s about damn time too and that’s due to the fact that the current iteration of the beloved SUV (AN150/AN160) has been around since 2015 and 2016 for us here in the Philippines. Let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with the SUV itself but it sure is getting old.

Toyota Fortuner 2020 facelift: The juicy details

Here are the spy shots of the Toyota Fortuner 2020;

A picture of the 2020 Toyota Fortuner facelift

Note the front bumper and the camouflaged wheels

A picture of the Fortuner test unit's rear end

A shot of the camouflaged test unit's rear end

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If you stare at the picture long enough (like we did) we spotted some things that are different. First off, from the front, this new, facelifted Toyota Fortuner appears to have a more prominent chin (lower bumper) that juts out more and it might even have a new pair of daytime running headlights.

From the side, not much has changed, but as you can see from the spy shots, the wheels the test unit is riding on are camouflaged as well. As such, we can expect a set of redesigned wheels from the 2020 Fortuner facelift.

A picture of the current Toyota Fortuner

The current Toyota Fortuner is still a capable and handsome looking SUV

And finally, from the rear, we can expect the facelifted Toyota SUV to come with a new set of tail-lights. With regards to its interior, however, details are slim but we can expect the facelift to provide the Fortuner a more premium cabin. Maybe even the Toyota Safety Sense?

When it comes to the engine though, like Toyota, we believe in the age-old adage of “don’t fix things that aren’t broken”. As such, we can expect the same old engine and transmission choices. If not, then we’d be pleasantly surprised.

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Toyota Fortuner 2020: Coming soon!

With Philippine International Motor Show 2020 coming in August, there might be a chance that this new 2020 Fortuner will make its appearance there as well. But then again, take all of these with a grain of salt, because there's a chance that we're way off base. 

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