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Updated Jun 15, 2022

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2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD Review: Introduction

Needless to say, the Toyota Fortuner doesn’t need any sort of introduction among Filipino car buyers, the name speaks for itself. It is not only one of the most popular models in the midsize SUV segment, but also in the entire local market, joining the likes of the Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova, and Toyota Wigo.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD front view

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD

But despite the Toyota Fortuner’s reign in the 7-seater market, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is still finding various ways to help the midsize SUV stay afloat year after year after year. That said, they come up with the new top-of-the-line LTD variant which was introduced in the country last October 2020.

Is the LTD variant a worthy addition to the nameplate’s range considering that it got a price bump? Let’s find out in this 2022 Toyota Fortuner Philkotse review.


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2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD Exterior Review: A class of its own

Starting with the most obvious and distinct feature on the Toyota Fortuner LTD, the design. Sure, it does get a similar body shape just like the rest of the Fortuners. However, those who are not up to speed might have to take a second look at the new top-of-the-line variant.

The new and sportier look of the Toyota Fortuner LTD is highlighted by its split-type LED headlamps that come with sleek-looking daytime running lights (DRLs). One can say that it is the best-looking DRLs you will see in today’s cars, excluding the more premium brands, of course.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD front view

A different persona

Another styling cue that sets the Fortuner LTD apart from the rest is the four black trims on the grille. The two black trims on the top depict mad-looking eyebrows, while the two at the lower grille look like a mustache, a Hungarian-style to be more specific. With those in mind, the Fortuner LTD gives a sophisticated or a gentleman look.

There are two more black trims placed on each end of the front lower bumper which house the sequential LED turn signal lamps. The turn signal lamps at the front are a good addition to give the Fortuner LTD a more modern appeal. It also comes with turn signal lamps on the power-folding side mirrors.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD rear view

The rear end of the facelifted model gets slightly redesigned

We can’t move on without mentioning the two-tone finish that is exclusive for the LTD variants. TMP only offers two paint, namely the Silver Metallic with Attitude Black Mica and White Pearl Crystal Shine with Attitude Black Mica. Personally, I would recommend the White Pearl Crystal Shine as it creates better contrast with the black trims. Just take note that this option comes with an additional Php 10,000.

If we have to describe the design of the LTD variant, it looks like the slimmer, sportier, and more toned-down version of the Toyota Fortuner that we got used to seeing. In a country where the Fortuner is a common sight on the road, this LTD variant stands out the most.


Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,480,000

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition

Model Price Philippines

₱ 4,479,000 - ₱ 4,612,000

Audi Q8

Audi Q8

Model Price Philippines

Price available upon request

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD Interior Review: Classy maroon theme

The premium-like and sportier appearance of the exterior is brought into the interior by Toyota as well. Exclusive to the LTD variants is leather seats with maroon accents that add flavor to the mix. It also gets red stitching and trims on the steering wheel, center glove box, and center console.

While driving the Toyota Fortuner LTD, I must commend the driver seat as it hugs me in place even when driving fast or overtaking. It offers 8-way power adjust so finding my ideal driving position is a child’s play. The driving visibility is also quite fine, giving me a good ratio of the hood and the road for better measures.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD interior view

Interior view of the 2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD

When I rode shotgun, the leather trim on the center console provides a soft point where I can shove my knee whenever I slouch. Just like the driver seat, the front passenger also benefits from an 8-way power adjust. Moreover, both the front seats come with a ventilation system which can be crucial during summertime.

Moving to the second-row seats, the legroom and headroom should be more than enough for most passengers. The second-row passengers benefit from a center armrest with two cup holders and two USB ports located on the back of the center glove box. Also, the seats are designed with a 1-touch tumble for easier access to the third row.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD third row seats

Getting into the third row shouldn't be as difficult

Speaking of the third-row seats, it can get really tight especially for adult passengers. Well, this is expected considering that most midsize SUVs offer not-so-good third-row legroom. But at least those who will agree to sit at the very back get their own A/C vents so they don’t need to share with the second-row passengers.

2022 Toyota Fortuner: Tech & Safety Review

The Toyota Fortuner LTD is equipped with an 8-inch infotainment system (w/ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) that we find responsive. It is comprised of eight physical buttons and two rotary knobs which might take some time from getting used to. Nonetheless, the physical buttons are good additions by Toyota so drivers can fix their eyes on the road.

One of the most common issues among owners is the Panoramic View Monitor (PVM). Unlike other models, their PMV display is shown on the infotainment screen the moment the driver shifts to reserve. But as for the Toyota Fortuner LTD, you have to press on the button located behind the steering wheel for around three seconds before it shows on the screen.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD infotainment

8-inch infotainment system

We don’t, however, find it as much of an issue. Sometimes, you have to give the benefit of the doubt to the manufacturer. Maybe Toyota just wants to give you the option if you want to use the PMV instead of displaying it automatically. With this, it will not remove whatever you are seeing on the screen. Although, you should focus on reversing the midsize SUV to the parking spot.

The infotainment system is complemented by a 9-speaker JBL Sound System which is exclusively available to LTD variants. If you ask us, the speaker system sounds remarkably good. Low frequencies tend to fade in the mix when driving on the highway at high speeds due to outside noise and engine rumble. However, the Japanese carmaker did a good job placing the speakers in strategic areas of the cabin to maintain a good-sounding system.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)

Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)

As for safety, the Toyota Fortuner LTD is equipped with seven SRS airbags (driver, front passenger, side, curtain, knee), an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Hill-Start Assist (HSA), Downhill Assist Control (DAC), ISOFIX, and PVM.

In addition, the new top-of-the-line variant is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) which provides a Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). As for our experience driving this SUV, the said driver-assistance systems are highly responsive which improves safety. Overall, the Toyota Fortuner LTD is doing a good job in keeping you safe, as well as making you feel safe.

2022 Toyota Fortuner: Engine & Performance Review

The new Toyota Fortuner’s 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV inline-4 turbodiesel engine recently got a power bump, which now makes 201 hp at 3,400 rpm and 500 Nm of torque at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm. With that in mind, the latest version now joins the 500 Club alongside other midsize SUVs such as the Ford Everest and Chevrolet Trailblazer.

On the road, there was a slight delay in the power delivery. But once it kicks in, the Toyota Fortuner LTD can reach higher speeds fast. When I thought that I reach peak power driving on the highway, the SUV was only just getting started. For a more spirited driving experience, it comes with a Sport Mode which I find amusing. It also has a 4x4 system that offers a 4Hi setting for better traction at higher speeds, as well as a 4Lo for low-speed off-roading

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD drive modes

Buttons for drive modes

As for the braking system, I didn’t get the need of stepping on the brake pedal too hard to slow down. In fact, driving the Fortuner LTD told me that I should be careful not to press the pedal too hard as opposed to the usual case from other vehicles where you need to have a heavy foot. This is thanks to its ventilated discs of all four wheels and a handful of braking technologies.

The steering quite leans towards the heavy side. But personally, I dig it. Perhaps the reason for this is the model’s use of power steering instead of electronic power steering. Nonetheless, it should give you an authentic SUV-like driving experience. Suspension, on the other hand, was fairly satisfactory. It was certainly not the best. But for a vehicle built on a ladder-frame chassis, I can say that the ride comfort was better than before.

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD: Fuel Efficiency

Despite using a relatively large engine as compared to its competitors, the fuel efficiency numbers are not far off from the average in its class. The Toyota Fortuner LTD gave us a fuel efficiency number that ranges from 8-10 km/l while driving in the city. To note, this includes the usual city traffic in Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, we got a 17km/l fuel efficiency rating driving the midsize SUV on the highway at an average speed of 90 km/h. 

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD Review: Verdict

The Toyota Fortuner LTD does offer a lot to those who plan to buy it, from premium to practical features. As we are writing down this review, we discussed feature after another feature. We didn’t have a difficult time stretching a certain function as there is plenty to touch on.

Moreover, the styling of the new LTD variant is unique and distinct as compared to the other Fortuners in the range. This includes the exterior highlighted by the two-tone paint and black trims, as well as the interior which is finished with maroon accents.

2021 Toyota Fortuner LTD logo

The LTD extended the range of the Toyota Fortuner

But at Php 2,450,000 (including White Pearl Crystal Shine option), the top-of-the-line Toyota Fortuner LTD 4x4 is already one of the most expensive midsize SUVs you can buy today in its class. With that number in mind, it is a lot higher than the previous top-spec Toyota Fortuner 2.8 V Diesel A/T (White Pearl) priced at the P2.2-million mark. This can be a hard sell for those who are in the market on a budget.

Regardless, we think that the Toyota Fortuner LTD is a good pick-up from TMP as it helps further grow the range of the Japanese midsize SUV. One can say that the Fortuner LTD can be a fashion statement, indicating that you are benefiting from what the new top-of-the-line variant can exclusively offer to those who can afford it.

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD: Variants and Price


Toyota Fortuner Price & Variants in the Philippines

Toyota Fortuner G 2.4 4x2 MT

Php 1,633,000

Toyota Fortuner G 2.4 4x2 AT

Php 1,723,000

Toyota Fortuner V 2.4 4x2 AT

Php 1,842,000

Toyota Fortuner V Pearl 2.4 4x2 AT

Php 1,857,000

Toyota Fortuner Q 2.8 4x2 AT

Php 2,018,000

Toyota Fortuner Q Pearl 2.8 4x2 AT

Php 2,033,000

Toyota Fortuner LTD 2.8 4x2 AT

Php 2,280,000

Toyota Fortuner LTD Pearl 2.8 4x2 AT

Php 2,290,000

Toyota Fortuner LTD 2.8 4x4 AT

Php 2,440,000

Toyota Fortuner LTD Pearl 2.8 4x4 AT

Php 2,450,000

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD: Color options


2022 Toyota Fortuner Color Options

Toyota Fortuner G

Attitude Black Mica, Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, Super White II

Toyota Fortuner V

Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine, Attitude Black Mica,

Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine

Toyota Fortuner Q

Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine, Attitude Black Mica,

Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine

Toyota Fortuner LTD

Silver Metallic (with Attitude Black Mica),

White Pearl Crystal Shine (with Attitude Black Mica)

2022 Toyota Fortuner LTD: Specs






Fortuner LTD

Body Type

Midsize SUV



4,795 mm


1,855 mm


1,835 mm


2,745 mm

Seating Capacity


Engine and Transmission


2.8-liter 1GD-FTV inline-4

Engine Displacement

2,755 cc

Max Power

201 hp @ 3,400 rpm

Max Torque

500 Nm of torque @ 1,600 to 2,800 rpm


Variable Nozzle Turbo with Air-cooled



6-speed Automatic Transmission

Fuel Tank Capacity

80 liters

Chassis and Suspension


Ventilated Discs

Suspension (front/rear)

Double Wishbone/Multi-Link

Wheels and Tires

265/60 R18 Alloy with Machine Cut Finish



Split-Type LED

Daytime Running Lights

LED Line Guide (High)

Front Turn Signal Lamp

LED + Sequential

Front Fog Lamps


Rear Combination Lamp

LED w/ Line Guide (High) + Sequential + Bulb

Front Grille

Mesh Type + Black-out

Side Mirrors

Power Adjust + Power Fold


Seat Material

Leather w/ Maroon Accents

Driver/Passenger Seats

8-way Power Adjust w/ Seat Ventilation System

Steering Wheel

Leather + Galaxy Black Trim w/ Paddle Shifters

Front Cup/Bottle Holder

Four Cup Holders + Two Bottle Holders

Rear Cup/Bottle Holder

Two Cup Holders + Two Bottle Holders

Airconditioning System

Automatic Climate Control


8-inch Display Audio with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Smart Device Link (SDL)

9-speaker JBL Sound System

Wireless Charger w/ Two Rear USB Charger

Smart Entry with Push Start System


Seven SRS airbags

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with Traction Control (TRC)

Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)

Down Hill Assist Control (DAC)

Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)

Pre-Collision System (PCS)

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)


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