More powerful Toyota Hilux might come to challenge Ford Ranger Raptor

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will arrive soon.

According to latest car news from CarAdvice, Toyota Australia is now working on the idea of building an all-new variant of the Toyota Hilux pick-up truck. The new model is supposed to be more muscle and powerful than the existing Hilux thanks to a possible update in the hardcore.  

Toyota Hilux models

The new model is supposed to be more muscle and powerful than the existing Hilux 

To compete against fierce rivals in the current Australian market, Toyota thinks that the SR5 and TRD engines found on the higher-end Hilux are not enough. In order not to be left far behind in the race, it has to try more.     

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Meanwhile, the forthcoming Range Raptor from Ford – one of the Hilux’s biggest contenders will allegedly be motivated by an all-new 2.0L EcoBlue twin-turbo diesel engine besides an extremely sporty and rugged appearance.

Ford Ranger Raptor angular front

The Ford Ranger Raptor will be motivated by an all-new 2.0L EcoBlue twin-turbo diesel engine 

In the opinion of Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia Sales and Marketing Boss, the company will certainly manage to make its best-selling pick-up more competitive than ever.

The Toyota Hilux now tops the auto sales chart in Australia with around 35,229 units sold. So, there is a strong possibility that the brand will end its successful year with the first rank. As for the Ford Ranger, with 32,620 vehicles delivered, it currently takes the second place.

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Know more about Toyota Hilux 2021

Toyota Hilux

<p>The Toyota Hilux is a pickup with a globally known nameplate for being one of the reliable workhorse vehicles. It was 1968 when Toyota&#39;s pickup truck started building a reputation for being rugged and dependable, and it continues until today with the facelifted model launched in 2020. This popular pickup continues to evolve and slowly move upmarket after gaining luxuries. The most significant revolutionary jump of the Hilux happened in 2004 when the seventh-generation of the model was introduced. It was the first 21st-century iteration of Toyota&#39;s pickup. It is also the first generation to ride on Toyota&rsquo;s new Innovative Multi-purpose Vehicle architecture. It provided improved safety, better ride comfort, modern D-4D diesel engines, more interior space, and a more modern aerodynamic body. The current 8th generation offers a more refined and stylish design than its predecessor, but the tradition of being a tough pickup continues. It gets a much-awaited refresh in 2020 inline. Aside from improved looks, the Philippine iteration also comes with more powerful engine options. The Toyota Hilux is available in 4x4 and 4x2 variants. In the Philippines, the pickup truck is offered with diesel engines. It is available with automatic or manual transmission depending on the variant.</p>

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