3 ways car brands got creative to cope with current COVID-19 crisis

Updated Apr 13, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

This will help you ease your boredom during COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, there are still people and organizations that decided to spread positivity in hopes to fight off the pandemic. Many car brands around the world decided to give a shot in providing things to people so they can ease boredom. 

In addition, car brands decided to remind everyone in a smart way of what should someone do in order to avoid the further spread of the virus. Here are some of the work car brands have put up.

Promoting Social Distancing

Washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, and social distancing are the common ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

Social distancing is the practice of limiting people to have close contact with each other as COVID-19 can spread from person to person instantly especially if these people are within six meters of each other. This is the reason why most car brands decided to remind everyone to stay at home.

Audi released a short video containing its four rings from its logo being separated to show distance. "Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together,” Audi said in its post.

Audi social distancing logo

Take the #FourRingsChallenge by Audi

“At Volkswagen, we traditionally stand together in all crises and support each other. We are convinced that together we will find new ways and solutions that will enable us to overcome this crisis.

Right now it is particularly important that we follow the rules of conduct and hygiene with a lot of discipline. Stay safe - keep social distance! #flattenthecurve,” said Volkswagen on its official YouTube channel.

VW social distancing logo

Watch the full video on Volkswagen's official YouTube channel

Mercedes also joined in promoting social distancing by putting some additional space between its ring and the three-point star. If the revised logo Mercedes-Benz provided fails to promote social distancing, then we don’t know what will.

Mercedes-Benz social distancing logo

Practice social distancing at all times as what Mercedes-Benz suggests

Hyundai said that its logo represents two people shaking hands. But since shaking someone’s hand isn’t a good idea with the current pandemic, Hyundai decided to promote social distancing by revising its logo a bit. Check out how clever the revision was accomplished.

Hyundai social distancing logo

That's a quick trivia for you Hyundai fans out there

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Creating Games

For people who love cars, one of the best ways of keeping the fire for cars burning is by watching a car-related movie or by downloading a car-related game on their smartphones or gaming consoles. However, BMW had a different plan.

The Germany automaker decided to share a game called the BMW-themed Board Game where the first person to cross the finish line after three laps are the winner.

The players start the game in the order of the starting positions. Each player may roll the dice and move forward the corresponding number of spaces.

A boost mode is introduced in this board game that allows you to roll the dice again if you roll a six. Just don’t forget to count your laps on the lap counter to avoid your playmates saying you cheated.

BWW-themed Board Game

Ease your boredom with this BMW-themed Board Game

Other games include Find the Pair, Park Your BMW, Puzzle Duo, and Play Carpet. You can visit its website and download these BMW-related games that you can try at home. All instructions and rules of the games are provided on BMW’s website.

If you’re planning to take a break from games, then Ford provided other activities you can work on like Ford Word Search, Mustang Maze, Ford Archives Trivia, and many more.

Ford Mustang Coloring Page

Be creative with how you like your Mustang to look like

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Coloring Book Pages

Scrolling through social media can be boring at times. So, why not try something simple yet fun like color book pages? Even better, coloring cars.

You can modify the color of your favorite cars and be completely creative about it – something that you and your kid would enjoy.

Here are some car brands that decided to join the trend.

You can download the pdf version of Audi’s coloring book containing 13 pages with cars like R8 and its Quattro rally car. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge.

Audi Coloring Page

Color the Audi R8 and 1919 Slaby-Beringer electric car

If you are a fan of this American automaker, then you might want to visit Chevrolet’s Pinterest page so you can see all the coloring options Chevrolet has provided. Some cars include Corvette Stingray, Silverado, and C8.

Chevy Corvette Coloring Page

A red or yellow body color would look good on this Chevy Corvette

Aside from promoting social distancing, Mercedes-Benz decided to provide two things. The first is design sketches where a car doesn’t have much detail so you can be totally creative and add details.

Who knows, maybe you will realize that you have the potential to become one great engineer for Mercedes-Benz one day. The second thing Mercedes-Benz provided is a coloring book. The coloring book has 29 pages and it contains classic and modern Mercedes-Benz cars.

Mercedes-Benz coloring page

The best part of the Mercedes-Benz coloring book is that you get to color the doggo

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