Mazda’s 100th Anniversary Special Edition cars look captivating

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It’s exciting to see these special editions Mazda cars hit the road.

In the beginning years of Mazda, the company actually started as a cork manufacturer in 1920. It was named Toyo Cork Kogyo before it dropped its ‘Cork’ name in 1927. The company first branched out as a vehicle manufacturer in 1931 and introduced Mazda-Go, a three-wheeled trike.

Mazda is 100: Introducing the 100th Anniversary Special Editions

It wasn’t until 1960 when Mazda introduced its first passenger car, the R360 Coupe. Mazda’s first automobile was a two-door, four-seat Kei car and was powered by a V-twin engine capable of producing 16 hp and 22 Nm of torque.

The Mazda R360 in a showroom

The iconic Mazda R360 Coupe via Wikipedia

To express Mazda’s appreciation for everyone who supported its 100 year run in the industry, the Japanese company decided to release a 100th Anniversary special edition Mazda cars.

These special edition cars consist of the CX-3, the CX-30, the CX-5, the CX-8, the Mazda2, the Mazda3, the Mazda6, plus hard- and soft-topped variants of the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Mazda said that this lineup will be patterned with the design and likeness of its first-ever passenger vehicle, the R360 Coupe.

Each commemorative model is adorned in Snowflake White Pearl Mica premium exterior paint and is accented by red styling features throughout the vehicle. The front fender has a minimalist “100 years 1920-2000” badge while the wheel center caps feature the 100th Anniversary Special Logo in red and black.

100th mazda anniversary

Mazda celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year!

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Inside, the red leather seats and red carpet adds a level of sophistication while giving a nod to the two-tone R30 Coupe. The headrests are embossed with the 100th Anniversary Special Logo, while the red floor mats share a badge similar to the front fender.

To bring the exceptional package together, the key fob is embossed with the 100th Anniversary Special Logo and presented in a special edition box to help create an emotional bond between fans and Mazda. In addition, all special edition models will feature a unique logo that is influenced by when Toyo Kogyo was first formed up to the future endeavors of Mazda.

The eight 100th Anniversary special edition cars are now available for orders in Japan and in other markets like Europe. Surprisingly, there are no official updates yet whether Mazda will also sell the special edition cars to the United States and other markets like the Philippines.

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Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese-grown brand that began in the city of Hiroshima. In January of 1920, the company was established as Toyo Kogyo Corporation under the ownership of Jujiro Matsuda. They were considered to be Japan’s best cork producers that eventually made a name for themselves in manufacturing machining tools. Soon after, Matsuda ventured into producing the first motorized rickshaw in the market. The vehicle was called the Mazda-Go which was a reference to Matsuda himself.

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