Which 2021 Geely Okavango variant should you buy? [Comparison Guide]

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The all-new Geely Okavango has two variants. But which is the right one for you?

If you’re paying attention to Philippine automotive news, then you’ll know that Geely has launched and is already selling the Okavango. It’s currently the marque’s largest offering, and it can definitely perform well as a daily driver for a sizable Pinoy family.

2021 Geely Okavango 7-Seat Crossover MPV: Macho people-hauler? | Quick Look

However, there are two variants for the Geely branded midsize crossover. There’s the Geely Okavango Comfort and the Okavango Urban, and each is slightly different from the other. But which one’s the right variant for you? Let’s find out.

A picture of the Okavango on the road

The 2021 Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango Variants: Exterior

Starting with the Exterior, the Okavango Urban and Comfort variants look similar to each other. Both come with LED headlights, LED turn signal lights with side repeaters, a roof-mounted spoiler, front fog lamps, and LED taillamps.

A picture of the side of the Okavango

The Okavango Urban comes with roof rails

The higher-spec Okavango Urban however comes with a larger set of 18-inch alloy wheels, while the Comfort has a 17-inch set. Moreover, the Urban also has more potential for the utility since it comes with a roof rail.

The top-spec variant also comes with equipment that is meant to deal with the little annoyances of daily driving. These include rain-sensing wipers, power-folding mirrors, and automatic headlamps. Sure, you can fold the side mirrors every time you get off as well as toggle the wiper stalk, but that will get old fast if done over and over again.

A Picture of the side and rear of the Geely Okavango

The Okavango regardless of variant is a sizable vehicle

Both variants of the Geely Okavango have identical dimensions measuring 4,835 mm in length, 1,900 in width, and 1,785 mm in height. Both also have a wheelbase length of 2,815 mm, as well as a ground clearance of 194 mm.

Geely Okavango Variants: Interior

Moving over to interiors, both the Okavango Urban and Okavango Comfort can fit in seven people. Both have a maximum cargo space of 2,050-liters, and both are equipped with a triple-zone automatic air-conditioner with rear vents, as well as a push to start button.

The Okavango Urban however takes it up a notch with its electronically adjustable front seats and leather-covered seats. In comparison, the entry-level variant only comes with manual seat adjustment, and fabric clad seats.

A Picture of the interior of the Geely Okavango

The cockpit of the Geely Okavango

As for infotainment systems, both variants of the Okavango come standard with a 10.25-inch touchscreen that’s “floating” on the dash. The said head unit is capable of connecting via Bluetooth and QDLink. The one on the Urban however has eight speakers, while the unit aboard the Urban only has four.

Both variants also come with a very handy remote starting system.

A Picture of the Okavango's on-board infotainment system

The screen is large, but it doesn't impede forward visibility

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Geely Okavango Variants: Engine and Performance

As for what’s under the hood, both variants are powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-3 gasoline engine with dual variable valve timing. The said engine is then combined with a 48-volt electric motor, thus forming a mild hybrid power plant. The said system can produce up to 190 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels through a seven-speed wet-type dual-clutch transmission.

A picture of the Okavango's engine

This engine's full name is the 3G15TDB G-Power 1.5-liter Inline-3 with dual VVT

Both also come standard with a drive mode selector, which includes an Eco mode, a Comfort mode, and a Sport mode.

For braking, both the Urban and Comfort are equipped with an electronic parking brake with an auto brake hold function. The Geely made crossover also comes with a ventilated disc for the front and a solid disc brake for the rear.

And lastly, uneven road surfaces and bumps are handled by a MacPherson strut-type front suspension and a Multi-link type rear for both variants.

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Geely Okavango Variants: Safety features

Being the top-of-the-line variant for the Okavango, the Urban is better equipped when it comes to safety. It comes with six airbags, as well as a 360-degree view camera. In comparison, the Comfort variant only gets two airbags, as well as a single-view reverse camera.

Both variants however come standard with a tire pressure monitor, hill descent and hill start assist, anti-lock braking with electronic brake distribution, ISOFIX child seat tethers, rear parking sensors, electronic stability control, as well as an engine immobilizer.

Geely Okavango Variants: Pricing

Geely Okavango Variants
Okavango Comfort 1.5 DCT
Php 1,208,000
Okavango Urban 1.5 DCT
Php 1,328,000

Geely Okavango Variants: Final Thoughts

As we’ve said earlier, manually folding your car’s side mirrors and toggling the wiper stalk every time it rains are mundane tasks. It can, however, get a bit annoying if it just so happens that you need to do it over and over again, day in, day out. If you feel that way or if you’re in that situation, then the Okavango Urban is perfect for you.

A picture of the interior of the Okavango with the seats folded

The interior of the Geely Okavango with all rear seats folded down

On top of that, the Urban also comes with electronically adjustable seats. That means you no longer need to do the “driver leg-shuffle” whenever someone changes the settings of the driver’s seat. On top of that, the Urban also comes with a 360-degree view camera. So if you need to park in tight places daily, that feature might be useful for you.

Safety conscious people might also lean towards the top-spec Okavango since it comes with six airbags. That includes two side airbags and two curtain airbags.

On the flip side, the Okavango Comfort's price tag is Php 120,000 less than the top-spec Urban. Sure, it doesn’t have the same convenience features as the top-spec variant, but for a car of its size and features, its price can already be considered a steal. The Okavango Comfort might be ideal for hardy, veteran drivers as well since they no longer need the 360-degree view camera.

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A picture of the front of the Geely Okavango from another angle

Did you find the right Okavango variant for you?

Overall though, the Okavango is a very well equipped vehicle, and it will definitely hold up as a daily family cruiser. Moreover, it uses the same powerplant, brakes, and suspension systems for all variants. As such, both the Urban and Comfort more or less handles the same way. Well, the smaller wheels of the Comfort might have an effect, but we’re certain that it’s minimal.

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Know more about Geely Okavango

Geely Okavango

Geely Philippines has been making a statement in the local crossover segment through its Coolray and Azkarra models. Now, Geely PH has expanded its model lineup as it officially enters the tightly contested local seven-seater SUV segment.   Geely’s challenger in the midsize SUV segment is dubbed as Okavango. It is a seven-seater SUV that is set to maintain Geely PH’s positive sales momentum. The name Okavango was derived from North-western Botswana’s vast inland delta, Okavango Delta. In 2014, UNESCO has recognized the Okavango Delta as its 1,000th World Heritage Site. It was also declared as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa. The 2021 Geely Okavango is offered in two variants, Comfort and Urban, which are both equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine featuring a 48-volt electric motor. The Okavango has a starting price of Php 1,208,000 for the Comfort variant while the top-spec Urban trim is priced at Php 1,328,000. Geely PH is offering the 2021 Okavango with the following exterior colors: Storm Grey, Porcelain White, Luna Silver, and Marble Black.

From ₱1,208,000

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