Deal with summer: Have you known all popular problems with cars in summer?

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Identifying the most common car problems encountered by most rivers during summer and the things to do to prevent it.

Summer is here again -- a time for road trips, out-of-town vacations, and fun spent with family and friends. However, during this period, your car may also suffer from high humidity and extreme temperatures, especially during long trips.

summer and car trip

Summer is here again -- a time for road trips, out-of-town vacations, and fun spent with family and friends

During summer, different car problems can arise. So, before you hit the road, make sure your car is ready to take on the summer heat. prepares a list of the most common problems faced by cars during summer.

Dead battery

The heat of the summer puts more pressure on car batteries than the rainy season does. The humidity and heat of the summer can cause the fluids in the battery to evaporate.

If this happens, the internal parts of the battery will be damaged. One way to prevent this is to know the health of your car battery.

It will also be very helpful to identify if the battery of your vehicle is already failing. Look out for the warning signs of an old and failing car battery.

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Car battery

The humidity and heat of the summer cause the fluids in the battery to evaporate. If this happens, the internal parts of the battery will be damaged

Usually, car batteries need replacement when they are three years old. In some cases, the battery can last for about 5 years as its maximum.

If you are already having problems starting your vehicle or you have to randomly charge the car battery, it's an indication that you already need to set an appointment to have it checked and replaced if needed. It's very important, especially before you go on a lengthy road trip.


Overheating happens due to two main reasons. Aside from the rising temperature, a faulty cooling system is also to blame.

A malfunctioning cooling system makes the car work harder so that the ideal temperature is maintained. If you notice steam coming out from above or under the hood and/or the warning light is on, this is an indication of a serious problem.

If this happens, pull over and immediately call your local mechanic or auto repair shop. There are ways to avoid this and one of them is by regularly checking the car’s fluids.

overheating car

Overheating happens because of two main reasons

You can also have a mechanic check it every time you have an oil change. One thing to always remember is to not miss an oil change and to always check if there are leaks under the vehicle (except the regular dripping coming from the car’s AC which is normal).

If you notice any unfamiliar leaks, inspect where it is coming from then contact your mechanic as soon as possible to have it fixed before it leads to overheating.

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Flat tire

During summer, the roads get hot owing to the sun. A hot road makes a car's tires flex more. It also adds stress to the tires which are filled with air.

Additionally, road construction adds to the amount of debris already present on the roads. This often leaves most drivers stranded because of a flat tire.

Car with flat tire

A hot road makes a car's tires flex more

To avoid being stranded with a flat tire, you should know the correct tire pressure. Ever happen to roll over a piece of metal or nail? If not, it is better if you already arm yourself with the knowledge of replacing a flat tire.

Just make sure you always have a spare ready especially in this type of situation. Do not dispose of the damaged tire automatically. You can still make an appointment with your mechanic. He might be able to repair it so that you can still get more miles out of it.

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Underperforming air-conditioning

It is a must to get the air-conditioning system of your vehicle checked out before you take your car on long trips --, particularly in summer.

You should make sure that your vehicle is ready for the summer heat in general. One of the most common causes, why an air-conditioning system is poorly working or is not functioning, is failing blower motors and fuses.

car AC

Underperforming air-conditioning in the car will surely make you uncomfortable

You should inspect and check your vehicle if it’s not cooling down like it used to. If that’s the case, you should bring your car to your trusted auto repair shop or mechanic. Take note that staying inside a hot car can bring adverse effects on your health -- like heat stroke.

Fluid problems

The coolant and engine oil are not the only fluids in your vehicle that should be inspected and checked every now and then.

There are other car fluids that keep your car efficiently operating, most especially during the summer. Other car fluids that also need to be checked are the power steering fluid and the transmission fluid.

When these fluids are inspected at proper intervals it ensures that these systems will work correctly.

car fluid

There are other car fluids that keep your car efficiently operating most especially during the summer

You should also take note that gas evaporates faster from a hot vehicle compared to a cold one, which is why it is very important to keep your car in the garage when not in use, and park it in the shade if possible, to avoid some of the natural evaporation which will increase the fuel economy. You should do this, most particularly in summer.

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What to prepare?

Whenever planning to go on a road trip, every driver should prepare an emergency kit, better yet a "summer breakdown kit" which may come in handy under certain circumstances. Here are some of the items you can include in the kit:

  • Drinking water (one gallon per person)
  • Snacks that are non-perishable
  • First aid kit
  • The emergency blanket which can also be used as shade
  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Multi-tool or a pocket knife
  • Replacement Fuses
  • Tow strap
  • Jumper cables
  • Cell phone charger
  • Hazard signs and flares
  • Work gloves
  • Can of tire sealant
  • Duct tape
  • Basic tool kit

You should be prepared all the time, most especially during summer where there are lots of car problems that you might encounter.

During this hot season, you should check and inspect your vehicle more frequently to avoid breakdowns and unwanted damage caused by the blazing summer heat.

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