Essential tools needed in a car tool kit for DIY car maintenance

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In this article, we are going to present a short guide to the essential tool kits needed for home car maintenance and repair.

Sometimes cars need simple repairs, when it does happen and we’ll need to do it, if no mechanic is available. Assembling the essential tools needed in a car tool box is important to do!

Most drivers don’t realize it, but having a car is not about driving! But in some cases, having a driver who has knowledge of basic car repair and maintenance does help, but most of us don’t have that luxury. In some instances; mechanics or other relevant car repairmen are a call away, but they will need a fee. All the essential tools needed in a car toolkit is a no-brainer, and practical to have, go online and check the threads and check what’s needed!

Many auto tools are available and you’ll need the basic tools to begin assembling your kit. Keep in mind; this is basic car repair and maintenance, so having the basic tools is needed to fix these problems.

a car tool kit

Assembling the essential tools needed in a car tool box is important to do!

All it takes is one wrench or screwdriver to fix any simple repair and do general maintenance, but not having a toolkit handy will be a headache! With the right tools; anything can be but it will be a problem without it. Spending a bit for towing and a mechanic isn't a concern when a simple tool can fix a simple problem, which would cost much more without it.

Tools Needed for Standard Car Maintenance and Repair

What are the benefits of a car tool kit?

Preventive maintenance is important to keep a car in running condition, newer cars will need less upkeep but older models will need a lot more to avoid problems. We have the option of bringing cars to the auto shop to perform these tasks, but it can cost a bit when done at home or DIYing it! Let's learn some useful DIY car maintenance tips from today's article on!

Advantages to having a ready car tool kit

1. Cars break down because of many causes, and the least of it because of some problems that started small and got worse in time. Looking over the problem and solving it with a few twists and turns of a wrench, will do wonders for preventive maintenance.

2. Driving long distances can take its toll, especially for older cars that need constant maintenance to keep in running condition. If breakdown occurs during a long drive; it can be a problem if there aren’t tools to fix simple problems.

3. Completing the essential tools needed in a car toolkit is important because not all repairs will use the same tool. Parts of the car aren't the same and they come in different sizes, especially the nuts and bolts, fasteners, and rings in car parts! Tools come in several sizes, to remove and grasp these parts. Screws will need the right screw head to fit, sometime the thread is damaged, if the wrong head is used. A loose thread is hard to remove!

4. The depth of auto components are either shallow or deep, depending on what part it is. A variety of long and short tools will solve this problem; a ratchet with adaptable fittings will help a lot. Rule of thumb is having a “combination, versatile tools” that for many purposes.

5. Keep other extras in the toolbox like Electric tape, Plastic fasteners, Sealants and other small knick-knacks that might come in handy. These small knick-knacks are stop-gap solutions, at best!

  • Using electric tape is handy for covering wires and keeping them in place! With a safety knife, cut a piece of wire to connect wires better. Electric tape is handy for electrical problems and for covering leaks in hoses too.
  • Plastic fasteners secure flopping parts when needed. If there are loose hanging parts, like a muffler or bottom cover under the vehicle this will fasten them.
  • When driving and leaks are coming into the windshield seals, sealants will come in handy!

 If preventive maintenance is a concern, a car toolkit should always be there. A standard toolkit with basic tools will go a long way, instead of having to endure an auto problem!

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What tools are needed in a car tool kit for DIY car repair & maintenance?

These tools should be essential tools needed in a car toolkit to do simple “preventive maintenance” or “simple repairs” anywhere if needed! Here is what’s essential for a toolbox to have.

1. Screwdriver set- a flat or Philips screwdriver set is okay too. A mixture of long and short screwdrivers, which comes in several sizes, is useful.

2. Combo-set metric Spanner- used on 99% of the nuts and bolts on cars. They come in 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm and 17mm that can be upgraded to fit other sizes. Most car repair involves removing and replacing nuts and bolts so a set will be more than enough to do the job!

3. Adjustable Pliers- grabs on any bolt head or nut, plus helps secure as an extra-clamp!

4. Adjustable Crescent wrenches- (big and small) that fit its jaws over any size bolt heads. Used for removing and tightening bolts, nuts on cars.

5. Open wrench set- with several sizes will do fine as additional wrenches for removing fasteners in the car chassis, or other parts too.

6. Socket wrench set- adjustable and comes with size adapters, is either standard or metric size that depends on the set.

7. Allen key and Torx bit set- usually used for specialized nuts and bolts.

8. Car Jack (crocodile-type is better than accordion-type) for raising the wheel when changing the tire.

9. Tire wrench- used to remove the nuts on the tire, but ratchets can be used too.

10. Jumper cable- used to recharge a dead battery, especially automatic transmission that can’t be jump started!

All these tools will be needed for many repairs or emergencies if needed. Most repairs are done with ease with a complete “basic toolbox”, to be ready anytime!

Kinds of tools for DIY car maintenance

a car tool kit

Tool Kit



Ratchet Wrench

Ratchet Wrench


Torx screw bits

Torx screw bits

Kinds of easy to preventive maintenance

Once the essential tools needed in a car toolbox is already complete, there are several easy-to-do preventive maintenance tasks. A complete car toolkit will allow simple and DIY repairs which aren’t hard to do!

1. Change Oil: Pick up the supplies at the local auto supply, and do the changes oil. You’ll the wrenches to do this task.

2. Changing a flat: Use the provided tired wrench to remove and replace nuts and the jack to elevate the wheel.

3. Spark plugs: Use the spark plug remover to unscrew the old ones, screw the new spark plugs into the cylinder and replace hi-tension cable.

4. Replacing the Car battery: Use either a 10 or 12 open wrench or similar size to unscrew the terminals and remove the old one, then replace a new one (fasten the bolts firmly!).

5. Change the headlamp and tail lamp bulbs: Unscrew all fasteners, take out the worn bulb and replace with a new one, repeat the same process in reverse.

6. Changing wipers: Sometimes you’ll need to buy a new wiper arm, use a wrench to unscrew the nut and remove it. Put in the new wiper arm and replace nut, that easy.

8. Putting in new Air Filters: Use screwdrivers or wrenches to remove the fasteners to replace the filter. Do it in reverse, to close the air filter unit.

9. Changing brake pads: Replace worn pads, using the wrenches to remove the parts and do the opposite when new pads are installed.

It won’t be easy but some of these repairs are taking apart the components, and putting them back together! A complete toolbox allows all these money-saving repairs to be done.

Why we need a car tool kit for DIY car maintenance?

All drivers need these essentials tools needed in a car tool kit for emergency repairs, “preventive maintenance” without spending money. Basic tools are useful, but having other tools will be quite helpful too. The stress of not having the tools needed for basic repairs is a hassle for motorists. So, having essential tools provides more security, knowing that any car problem can be fixed as long as it’s not too complicated! For motorists who want a peace of mind, should have their handy toolkit, ready all the time.

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