5 easy DIY car repairs to save money

Updated Aug 04, 2017 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

It is estimated that you may spend at least P1,000 a month for your car maintenance. So why don’t you save the cost by some simple car fixes that you can do yourself?
Below are some simple ways that you can do at home in order to minimize the cost of car maintenance.

1. Increase your car’s remote range

If you don’t remember where you left your car in a large parking lot, the remote can definitely help you.
Car remote control

The remote can help you find your car easily

An interesting tip is to keep your remote underneath your chin; this will increase its wireless range and help you find your car easily. By doing this, a large volume of fluids in our head play the role as a signal conductor. It’s really an effective way that you don’t need to upgrade your remote.

2. Save more space

Using a mesh bungee above the rear seats or at the back door is a great idea if your car’s interior runs out of space.
A mesh bungee

A mesh bungee is a great idea for your cabin

A mesh bungee doesn't cause you much and it can make room for other necessary furniture in your car’s cabin.

3. Mix a new cleaning liquid

Dissolving an equal amount of coke with the dishwashing liquid to clean the tires will make you surprised at how shiny they will look.
Wash the car

Combine cola and the dishwashing liquid to clean your car

The mix really works as effectively as any other specialized washing liquids.

4. Get rid of the dents

A men uses a plunger to clean dents out

Use a plunger with a vacuum to clean dents out

If there are small dents appearing on your car’s body, you can use a plunger to remove them. This way is quite simple since the vacuum created by the plunger when you push it against the dent will pull the dented part back into place. You can completely do it yourself without the assistance of any car mechanic.

5. Clean the headlights

Like cleaning the car, the headlights can also be washed easily by a low-cost substance. You should consider using a toothpaste to clean the headlights before you decide to replace them with new ones.

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Use toothpaste to clean the headlights

Whitening toothpaste can remove the foggy and yellowish condition from your headlights.

Whitening toothpaste can remove the foggy and yellowish condition from your headlights. Simply apply the toothpaste to the plastic lens, rub it thoroughly with a cloth, rinse it off with water before drying.
If you want to add UV protection to your headlights, you can use car wax or furniture polish. Of course, they cost much more than a tube of toothpaste.