Essential items to pack in your car emergency kit for summer roadtrip

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Going on a vacation this summer? Check out our list of the most necessary supplies that should be packed in your car emergency kit!

Summer is knocking, and travelers are excited to prepare for an unforgettable road trip. Looking at all the problems that can put your car in trouble and ruin your trip is very confusing. 

Weekend warriors and road trip specialists need to know what should be packed; and how much space will be provisioned for extra car stuff too. Below, will cover all must-have items that should be packed for your summer trip. Keeping the kit handy for contingencies is really smart to do.

Most of it would be basic equipment that can be found in regular hardware stores and pharmacies (medical emergencies). If there are mobile devices; some low-cost peripherals will round out all that’s needed. Just keep everything on the affordable side; no need to splurge on expensive equipment to be requisitioned!

car emergency kit_basic item

Prepare all must-have items handy will ensure an enjoyable road trip

I. Medical supplies 

It is rather odd to include medical supplies as essentials, but none the less these supplies will add an extra blanket of security for everyone too. But, take note that some emergencies will need expert EMT care. Now, here is what should be included in the car emergency kit for a summer trip.

1. Painkillerslers or Mefenamic Acid

These medicines should be kept in reserve; when headaches and other minor pains are encountered on the road. Unless near a township or a gas station, there might be some available. But when on the freeway; access to the pharmacy is almost impossible.

Car emergency kit_painkillers

Painkillers are helpful when a headache or minor pains are encountered 

2. Anti-histamines or anti-allergy medicines

Keep this handy for those who have severe allergies to relieve them. Sometimes, allergies can be bad for some and turn deadly without medical help. Having anti-histamines ready will help out, in this situation.

3. Asthma nebulizer

When one of the passengers is an asthmatic; having this on hand will help them. It can be included or omitted, but it’s better to have it around. Or make sure that if one of the family members has asthma; better to keep it handy!

4. Other medicines

Just to keep everything covered; include other medicines like Biogesic, anti-diarrhea, anti-cold, anti-acidity tablets that are cheap to get, and will round everything out! Keeping prepped and ready is important; these medicines will get everything covered.

5. Gauze bandage, tape and antiseptic

Okay now; what is the kit without gauze bandage or anti-septic for covering wounds that may get infected. Especially when in camping areas with sharp plants and other things that can wound.

car emergency kit_tape

Prepare a gauze bandage or anti-septic for covering wounds that may get infected

II. Basic car emergency kit 

This is something that should never be forgotten or left behind; especially when something happens to the car. Most of it will be available, but some should be added for more peace of mind! So, have most of the must-have emergency kit intended for the car on hand, at all times.

1. Emergency lamp

When something happens; especially when traveling at night and when some checking is needed. Lamps are important; they can be a solar, battery, and can be connected to the car battery for a power source. But, some flashlights can be cranked by a lever that doesn’t run out of power; when used. Always keep a small spare high-powered flashlight as a backup, which is optional at best.

2. Cross tire wrench

Besides the tire wrench supplied; have cross tire wrench that can be used easier because it has several holding points. With several nut sizes to use; which is better than the supplied tire wrench.

car emergency kit_cross tire wrench

In the case of a flat tire or tire rotation, the cross wrench is useful to remove and install lug bolts or lug nuts

3. Round bar

Why is a round bar in the list? At time times; taking off a tire nut will be hard. Use a long round bar to slip in the end, to gain extra leverage. It makes tire changing faster; instead of grunting like a pig.

4. Emergency tow rope or bar

If there is no way that the car would start; use a tow bar or rope to hook it up to another car! Most cars omit this from the kit; which should be included too. If circumstances allow; a companion vehicle may tow the damaged car to the nearest service station or car garage. It does not cost much to get and readily available in all hardware or car supply shops!

car emergency kit_tow rope

Tow bar or rope make it possible to hook your car up to another in case it cannot run 

5. Positive and negative cables to restart dead battery

It’s the worst inconvenience know to any motorist; when the battery goes dead; and it is an automatic transmission to boot! Connect it to another car; with positive and negative connected to the right pole. Without this; there’s no way except to get another battery in the cradle then reconnect the old battery.

car emergency kit_cable to restart battery

The positive and negative terminal electric wire allows electricity transmission between two vehicles

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6. Crocodile jack

Most cars have a screw jack equipped when brand new; this is good but use a crocodile jack that is faster and easier to use. It’s less strenuous to use and is easier to use than a screw jack! It’s highly recommended for all cars, too.

7. Basic tool kit

For the basic tool kit; it would be open wrenches and spanners, a set of screwdrivers, monkey wrench, or hex wrenches too! Don’t forget a set of pliers too, and some extras as well. But these would cover the basic; which is important.

Basic car tool kit

Fix some simple car problems by yourself with a car tool kit

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8. Electric or manual foot pump

When the tire pressure is low; use these to add more air when needed. It helps when the tires are soft and keeps the car running on well-inflated ones too!!

III. Items for communication

Power banks and USB wire for charging is extremely important during a trip. Keeping mobiles and gadgets running is an extra power bank and USB wired for charging via any available USB port. Another plus is a postpaid mobile subscription; so there’s no need to scramble for load cards and the like! 

Mobile phone with extra load or post-paid subscription. Have a mobile at hand when there is a need to call anyone and keep it fully charged for any emergency

power bank and portable chargers

Power bank provides juice for all devices when you’re on the road

Traveling with these must-have car emergency kit for a summer trip is advantageous and may have everything covered if needed. Just take note to prioritize the most important items; if everything cannot be included. Personal safety when travelling this summer 2019 has peace of mind when this anytime-anywhere car emergency kit has got everyone covered.

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