Beat the heat: 8 tips to prevent your car from overheating

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Make sure that your car is well maintained to avoid overheating while on the road

Summer here in the Philippines is approaching in a couple of months. And a lot of cars will fall victim to overheating especially those who travel to other provinces using NLEX, SLEX, and TPLEX.  

Most of us have seen countless of vehicles (big and small) stopping by the edge of the road because their car overheated and that is the last thing (aside from a flat tire and a total engine breakdown) that any car owner or driver would like to experience.

But do not worry because we at are more than happy to share with you some of the most basic and yet essential tips on how to prevent your car engine from overheating. Remember you do not to be a certified car genius to avoid overheating from happening.

Tip #1: Always keep your car temperature in check

When summer days get extremely hot, your car engine is usually the first one to suffer. Incidents of overheating can cause your car engine to get damaged. And it can also compromise your safety on the road. Always check on the temperature gauge on your dashboard while driving.

If you see that the temperature is continuously rising towards the center, then look for a place to park and wait till your car cools down before resuming your drive.

car temperature gauge

Do not forget to check your cars' temperature especially during hot days

Tip # 2: Use your car heater

Not all cars here in the Philippines comes with a heater because we do not really need this feature. But if your car happens to have one, then you can use it for a couple of minutes to help remove the hot engine air that primarily causes overheating.

The heater is not a cure, but it works well as a temporary fix especially when you are driving long distance.

car heater

Use car heater for a couple of minutes to help remove the hot engine air

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Tip #3: Do frequent stopovers

Continuous driving makes your engine work really hard and can cause overheating. Do a pit stop every 2-3 hours and give your car a rest by turning off the engine at a shaded parking spot. A 15-30 minute pit stop is good enough for your vehicle.

Besides pit stops also gives you enough time to stretch, do some walking and have a quick bathroom break.  If you and your companions love to try out different types of food, then pit stops are directly hitting two birds in one stone.


Stopping by on a gas station even for just a few minutes can help cool down your car engine

Tip #4: Keep a spare coolant at the back of your car

A lot of Pinoys are not really fond of pouring coolant to their car radiator because what they usually use is water which works fine as well. But the advantage of using coolant or antifreeze and water mixture is it regulates the car temperature a lot faster than just water alone.

One container of a pre-mixed coolant can help prevent your car from overheating. To ensure that you are well prepared better keep a bottle of coolant handy at all times.

Because you never know when you will need it. Just remember to never pour the coolant directly to the radiator. You must always give the engine enough time to cool down before taking off the radiator cap.

Engine coolant

Keep a bottle of coolant handy at all times because you never know when you'll need it

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Tip # 5: Check your cars' cooling system with a mechanic

To ensure that your coolant will work well on your vehicle have your mechanic flush your radiator every few months or once you reach a certain mileage. Because coolant residue can harden and cause build-up on its reservoir giving you more significant problems in the future.  

Bring your car to your trusted mechanic who will be using a piece of specialized cleaning equipment to get rid of everything that causes your radiator and engine to clog.

Also if your car easily overheats, then it is best to have an expert take a good look at the engine. There may be something wrong with the radiator. It may be clogged, leaking or it can have a malfunctioning pump. We really would not know where the problem comes from unless it gets checked thoroughly.

Mechanic at the service center

It is best to have an expert take a good look at the engine before using your car for a long trip

Tip #6 Do not forget to check the battery

A lot of us are not really aware of how can an old car battery cause overheating. Here is a brief explanation for that statement. An old battery is not as effective in providing the right amount of power as compared to a new battery unit.

Hence this inefficiency causes the car engine to work twice as hard which in return can create overheating.

Typically, batteries need replacements every three years, but some owners tend to maximize its lifespan until it runs out of juice. Aside from overheating, inefficient car batteries can cause more damage in your vehicle, and that is something that all owners dislike. Because it merely means money out of their pockets.

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Tip #7 Always check the oil level

Before leaving your house take time to open your hood even for just a couple of minutes and check its oil levels by using a dipstick. If you are running low on engine oil make sure to refuel or add some before driving.

One of the purposes of oil is to get rid of excess heat that your car engine produces aside from the fact that it lubricates the engine.

Checking for oil levels

Using a dipstick to check your cars' oil levels before leaving the house is very important

Tip #8: Turn off the air-conditioning

Let us admit it, but the reason why most of us are dreaming of owning a car is because of the comfort that the air-conditioning system brings into our lives. Riding a cool car is way much better as compared to taking the jeepney and local transport.

But too much use of air-conditioning can also lead to overheating especially if there is something wrong with your engine. If your car is prone to overheating, then it is highly suggested to minimize the use of air-conditioning even for just the meantime. Probably until the engine gets checked out by a professional.

Turn off car AC

Turn off car AC before turning off the engine

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