4 car exterior features need to protect in the hot summer

Updated Aug 09, 2022 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Summer heat can do more damage to your car exterior than you have ever thought.

Regarding the exterior, many people only think of form, design without knowing the importance of protecting the small but extremely important details which could affect the car's performance and safety for the owner.

Philkotse.com has listed down 4 important car exterior parts that drivers should protect from the summer heat. 

1. The lighting system

The car lighting system is considered quite important for every vehicle; however, not everyone knows how to use and maintain it properly. Car experts said that, under normal operating conditions, the lifespan of a halogen lamp is about 450-1000 hours.

Compared to halogen lamps, other lamps such as xenon and HID have a double life expectancy. LEDs even have a higher life expectancy.

car  lighting system

Duration of car lighting system depends on the road condition

The lifespan of car lighting system depends on the road condition. If a strong bump or collision occurs, the lamp may break faster, even unexpectedly. Be very careful and alert when traveling in the night if the headlights are damaged.

Even if your car has a very good lighting system, you should not be inattentive, especially in places that are out of sight.

2. The brake lights

In crowded street conditions, the brake light works to ensure your own safety. It is difficult to check whether the brake lights are working properly or not while sitting in the car or on the road.

Therefore, the driver should move the car near a wall (about 50 cm), apply the brakes and watch through the rearview mirror or apply the brake pedal in the dark.

brake light

Car brake light works to ensure your own safety

3. The seal of windshield wiper & window glass

One characteristic of Philippines weather is hot and humid, which is the leading cause of the degradation of external rubber parts.

Under the weather effect, the seal is hardened and cracked, causing strange noises as the glass is not tightly fit, reducing noise resistance and making the driving compartment become noisier and noisier.

The window glass and the seal of windshield glass

Regularly check your car windshield wiper

Car owners should also limit the action of lowering or raising the windows, to avoid dirt from being accumulated. Even if the window seal is still new, as the dust or mud forms a thick layer on the windows, if not properly cleaned, it will get into the interior, scratch or jam the glass, or accelerate the degradation of the rubber seal.

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4. The car coating paint

After one year of use, you can see the deterioration of the glossy paint, caused by an improper car wash or using a damp cloth when the car body is dirty. In that situation, the dirty sand will cling to the towel and rub against the car body, causing scratches on the glossy paint.

car coating paint

Be careful when cleaning the car. Do not use a towel to wipe the car when the car’s body is dirty. Only do it to dry the vehicle after washing. A high-pressure water gun should be used to remove dirt on the body before rinsing with specialized substances when washing the car.

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Dirtier body areas (such as the side, fenders, front and rear bumpers and so on) need to be cleaned separately.