Tips to protect your car in summer and rainy days

Updated May 23, 2017 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Because of having a "tropical rainforest climate" all over the country, the summer heat and heavy rain are unavoidable in the Philippines. This directly causes a large number of car problems.
Protecting cars means not only to keep it good-looking without any scratches but also to prevent as many failures as possible. Follow these handy tips to give the protection for your car against the harsh weather in summer and the downpours. 

Protect your car in summer

Check your battery
Your car will become a victim of hot weather in Manila’s summer as the burning heat can drain the power out of the battery. Our advice is that you should check the battery before going out and clean the terminals.
Check your battery 

Check your battery before going out

These tasks should be carried out regularly, not just in summer to keep the battery operating better and longer.

Wash your car
Wash the car

Wash and clean your car at least once a week to minimize the damage to your car’s surface.

Keep your car clean and eye-catching is the desire of many drivers. However, if you don’t pay attention to it, its outer layer can be scratched by outside factors, especially when it’s full of dust and dirt during the summer season.Therefore, our advice is to wash and clean your car at least once a week to minimize the damage to your car’s surface.

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Find a shade
Car upholstery, dashboard, and steering wheel can be broken down if they are frequently heated by sunlight. Apart from affecting car interior, direct sunlight can also discolor and deteriorate its surface.

Thus, parking in shaded places whenever you can is a wise choice. At the hottest time of the day, try to find a covered parking lot. You can also cover your car vinyl or leather upholstery. 
Parking in shaded places

Parking in shaded places whenever you can 

Keep windows slightly open
Your car’s cabin will turn into an oven if you firmly close the car window in the intensely hot weather of summer. You may need some ventilation by opening the window for just an inch or two when parking. But you should also make sure that the parking lot is under good security to keep out suspicious wanderers from your car.
Open car windows

Open your window 1-2 inches when parking

Protect your car from the rain

Keep your headlights on
 headlights in the rain

Turn the headlights on to see clearly the traffic on the road

It is of paramount importance to turn your car's headlights on in heavy rain so that you can see the oncoming traffic clearly on the road. Besides, drive slowly to avoid any accidents.

Protect your car with wax
As a car owner,  when detailing our car, we want it to be sparkling, lustrous, and long-lasting, even in a downpour with dirty rain water.
Clean with car wax

It is highly suggested that your car be pasted with automotive wax.

Accordingly, it is highly suggested that your car be pasted with automotive wax. Some well-known car wax brands in the Philippines we want to recommend are the Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6, the Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax, and the Nu Finish NFP-80.

Maintain your wiper blades
replace wiper blades regularly

Clean and replace wiper blades regularly

To ensure that your wiper blades will operate well in the rain, it is preferable to clean and replace them regularly, at least every summer. Moreover, if the windshield is dirty, don’t turn your wipers on to avoid scratches.

One more tip for you to protect your vehicle from rainy days is to tap slightly your brakes paddle 1-2 times to dry the rotors when driving through a big puddle.