What is Mazda Philippines launching on July 8?

Jul 06, 2020 | Same topic: Car Sneak Peeks, Teasers, & Rumors
A series of pictures on social media paints a very telling announcement.     

By now, it should be no secret that Mazda is bringing back the turbo Mazda3, albeit only on the Sportback version. The Japanese carmaker has already released a teaser video announcing a July 8, 2020 global reveal, which marks some 13 years since a forced-induction Mazda3 was introduced for the first time.

Mazda 3 red

Mazda is bringing back the turbocharged Mazda3 this month

That debut was made possible through then-grassroots racing team Mazdaspeed, adding extra structural bracing and subtle styling revisions while using perfectly a road-legal Mazda3 hatchback as the base. A 2.3L MZR turbo engine took care of propulsion, with 263 hp and 380 Nm of torque on tap along with a six-speed manual gearbox.

The second-generation Mazdaspeed3 came out in 2010, retaining the engine while sporting a revised transmission, suspension, and steering, as well as a limited slip differential.

No longer a Mazdaspeed variant, the upcoming third iteration sports a bigger 2.5L engine, but shifting duties have been transferred to a six-speed automatic. An all-wheel drivetrain has been heavily hinted at. 

Teaser collage

The Mazda Philippines Facebook page has dropped teasers of its own for our market

In the midst of all the excitement, Mazda Philippines managed to slip its own surprise on its Facebook page. The company sneakily shared closely-cropped photographs of what appears to be a Mazda3, with the date 07.08.2020 superimposed on the images – which happens to be the same date of the new turbo Mazda3’s world debut.

Is Mazda Philippines suggesting that the third-generation turbo Mazda3 will be arriving here as well? When you think about Mazda’s home market of Japan being just an hour ahead of the Philippines, our geographical proximity to the Land of the Rising Sun looks like it could work in our favor.    

Mazda3 grey

The current Mazda3 was adjudged the best-looking car in the world for 2020

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How are we so sure that this is the same model to begin with? We’re not, truth be told. But since we’re on the subject of healthy speculation, one of the captions that Mazda Philippines used reads: “Re-discover the most beautiful car in the world.” Remember that the current Mazda3 captured the World Car Design Award for the year 2020, and you’ll have some pretty delectable food for thought until July 8 rolls around.

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