Toyota PH is selling the Vios with as low as P6.5K monthly payment

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Toyota Philippines is offering awesome deals for almost all its model lineup   

In this day and age, people are noticeably wiser with their money. It also doesn’t help that the country, and the world, is still in the unseen grip of the COVID-19 pandemic

In order to help the country rise up, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is offering special promos for almost all its model lineup. Mobility after all, is a very sought after commodity nowadays, especially when you consider that most of the public transport is not yet back to 100 percent.

A picture of the Toyota Vios

With this promo, the Vios J MT can be for for a very low Php 6.5k monthly payment

The said Toyota promo 2021 is available nationwide, for the entire Toyota Motor Philippine’s dealer network. Here’s a breakdown of the three options you can choose from this promo: 

Pay low (All-in Package)
Pay light
  • All-in Cash Out as low as 15% DP
  • Free 1st year insurance
  • Free 3 year LTO Registration
  • No Chattel Mortgage (Finance Lease)
  • Low Monthly Plans
  • 50% Down payment
  • 60 Months to Pay
  • Outright cash discount

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Promo breakdown per model
Pay Low at
₱ 103,200 For Vios J M/T
Pay Light at
₱ 6,571 For Vios J M/T
Cash Savings
₱ 125,000.00-1.5 G Prime CVT
₱ 80,000.00-1.5 G CVT
₱ 70,000.00-1.5 G M/T
₱ 25,000.00-1.3 E Prime CVT
₱ 10,000.00-1.3 E Prime M/T
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 E CVT
₱ 35,000.00-1.3 XLE CVT
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 E M/T
₱ 65,000.00-1.3 XLE M/T
₱ 50,000.00-1.3 XE CVT
₱ 30,000.00-1.3 J M/T
Pay Low at
₱ 105,000.00 -TRD S A/T
₱ 98,700.00 - G A/T
₱ 93,450.00 - G M/T
₱ 85,200.00 - E M/T
Pay Light at
₱ 6,023 For 1.0 E M/T
Pay Light at
₱ 10,141 For 1.6 E MT
Pay Low at
₱ 111,450 For 1.3 J M/T
Pay Light at
₱ 7,378 For 1.3 J M/T
Cash Savings
₱ 30,000.00 G AT
₱ 30,000.00-Veloz
₱ 30,000.00-G MT
₱ 30,000.00-E AT
₱ 30,000.00-E MT
₱ 30,000.00-J MT
Pay Light at
₱ 10,127 For 1.5 E MT
Cash Savings
₱ 15,000.00-G AT
₱ 15,000.00-E AT
₱ 15,000.00-E MT
Pay Light at
₱ 10,540 For 2.0 J Gas MT
Cash Savings
₱ 10,000.00-V DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-G DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-G DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-Touring DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-Touring DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-G Gas AT
₱ 10,000.00-E DSL AT
₱ 10,000.00-E DSL MT
₱ 10,000.00-E Gas AT
₱ 10,000.00-E Gas MT
₱ 30,000.00-J DSL MT
₱ 30,000.00-J Gas MT
Pay Low at
₱ 244,950 For 4x2 G Dsl MT
Pay Light at
₱ 16,342 For 4x2 G Dsl MT
Cash Savings
₱ 30,000.00- 4x4 V DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- 4x2 V DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- TRD DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- G DSL AT
₱ 30,000.00- G DSL MT
₱ 30,000.00-G Gas AT
Pay Low at
₱ 140,850 For 4x2 J Dsl MT
Pay Light at
₱ 9,066 For 4x2 J Dsl MT
Cash Savings
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 CONQUEST AT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 CONQUEST MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 G AT
₱ 80,000.00- 4X4 G MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X4 E MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 CONQUEST AT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 CONQUEST MT
₱ 50,000.00- 4X2 G AT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 G MT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 E MT
₱ 50,000.00-4X2 J DSL MT
HIACE (Pre-facelift)
Pay Low at
₱ 222,000 For Commuter 
Pay Light at
₱ 14,904 For Commuter 
Cash Savings
₱ 50,000 For Commuter 
Pay Light at
₱ 16,993 For Commuter Deluxe
Cash Savings
₱ 15,000.00- GL Grandia AT
₱ 15,000.00- GL Grandia MT
₱ 30,000.00- Commuter Deluxe 2.8 M/T

A picture of the 2020 Toyota Wigo

The Wigo 1.0 E MT is even more affordable with a monthly amortization of Php 6.0k

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Know more about Toyota


For the local market, Toyota Philippines offers 22 car models. The most affordable of these is the Toyota Wigo hatchback. Toyota also has three sedan models namely the Vios, the Corolla Altis, and the Camry. It then has one entry to the pickup truck segment, the Hilux. For coupes, Toyota Philippines offers two models: the GT 86 and the Supra. The Toyota local SUV segment has four models. These include the Fortuner, Land Cruiser, and Land Cruiser Prado. The Toyota MPV segment for the Philippines has three models: the Avanza, Rush, and the Innova. Then there are two Toyota vans in the Philippine market: the Hiace and the Hiace Super Grandia. For hatchbacks, there's the Wigo, the GR Yaris, Prius, and the Yaris, while the minivan segment then has the Alphard. And lastly, the crossovers sold by Toyota include the Corolla Cross, and the RAV4.

Here at, we provide the complete Toyota Philippines Price list for 2023, which we update on a monthly basis. Besides that, we also list the latest and hottest car promos ranging from low monthly amortizations, cash discounts, and low downpayments. 

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