Which 2021 Toyota Vios variant should you buy? [Comparison Guide]

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Ever wondered how each Toyota Vios is different from each other? Let’s find out.

Released for the Asia-Pacific region way back in 2002, the Toyota Vios, throughout the years has become one of the most ubiquitous sedan models here in the Philippines.

A picture of the Toyota Vios G

The Toyota Vios G

Everywhere you look, from the Northern tip of Luzon to Sulu, there’s a Toyota Vios functioning as a family vehicle or as a taxi. This is due to its reliability and the sheer number of aftermarket parts it has for its older generation models.

Now, like most models with very high market demand, the Philippine-spec Toyota Vios has a lot of variants. This is because Toyota aims to cover a wide range of budgets, and/or consumers who have varying degrees of needs.

For the Toyota Vios, Toyota bumped up the Vios’ variants up to 10 when it added on the sporty-looking Vios GR-S variant. So how different are the 10 Vios variants from each other? Let’s find out through this Philkotse buyer’s guide.  

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Toyota Vios Variant: Differences in exteriors

When it comes to dimensions, or how large the Vios’ variants are, there aren’t many variances. From the entry-level 1.3 Base to the 1.5 G, all trims measure 4,425mm long, 1,730mm wide, and 1,475mm high. The top-spec GR-S however, has a length of 4,467 mm, which makes it 42 mm longer than the other Vios variants. The wheelbase is the same across the range at 2,550mm.

In terms of exterior equipment, the 1.5 GR-S and 1.5 G comes with 3-tier LED headlamps with daytime running lights, turn signal repeaters mounted on the exterior mirrors, chrome-plated door handles, and LED rear combination lamps. 

A picture of the Vios GR-S parked on a driveway

The all-new 2021 Toyota Vios GR-S

The rest have 4-beam halogen lamps with no daytime running lights. Standard wheels are 16-inch alloys for the 1.5 GR-S and 1.5 G. The 1.3 E and 1.3 XLE in turn uses a set of 15-inch alloy wheels, and the 1.3 XE, 1.3 J, and the 1.3 Base rides on 14-inch steel wheels. 

The Vios G from the rear

Its rear end mimics the pre-facelift model

Other variances in exterior features include a fin-type antenna from the 1.5 GR-S down to the 1.3 XLE, and a pole-type antenna from the 1.3 XE to the 1.3 Base variant. 

Apart from having the same exterior equipment as the G variants, the GR-S bears a sportier overall design. This is due to its mesh-type grille, piano black side mirrors and door handles, an aggressive-looking front and rear bumper, a rear spoiler, and a side skirt. 

A picture of the side of the 2021 Vios GR-S

The 2021 Vios GR-S from the side

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Toyota Vios Variants: Interior

The 1.5 GR-S and the G trims stand out in terms of interior amenities. These two are equipped with automatic air-conditioning, six speakers, and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel. The rest of the range makes do with manual air-conditioning and a three-spoke urethane steering wheel, with integrated audio controls on the 1.3 XLE and 1.3 E trims. 

A picture of the interior of the 2021 Toyota Vios GR-S

The cockpit of the 2021 Toyota Vios GR-S

The GR-S however levels up the Toyota-made sedan’s interior by adding on red stitching on the car’s seats, steering wheel, and on several parts of the console. And yes, the GR-S’s seats are clad in leather and the headrests bear the Gazoo Racing logo.

The Toyota Vios GR-S shares a seven-inch touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the 1.5 G, 1.3 E, 1.3 XLE, and the 1.3 XE. The lower-tier 1.3 Base and 1.3 J both come with a 2-DIN entertainment system with CD/MP3 functionality, accompanied by Bluetooth, USB and AUX connectivity. Lastly, the 1.3 Base and 1.3 J have two speakers, the 1.3 XE, 1.3 XLE and 1.3 E have four, while the 1.5 GR-S and 1.5 G have six speakers. 

2020 toyota vios rear legroom

The Vios is also spacious and comfortable

For driving amenities, the top-spec 1.5 G and the 1.5 GR-S comes with a Sport Drive and Eco Drive modes, complete with leather trim on the shift lever and knob. An engine start button and “Follow Me Home” light control system rounds up the convenience features on the range-topping variant. The other variants in the range use rotary ignition for the engine. 

Also available on the GR-S is a new 4.2-inch multi-information display. It is unique to the GR-S, and it also shows the Gazoo Racing logo.    

A picture of the gauge cluster of the 2021 Vios GR-S

The gauge cluster of the 2021 Vios GR-S 

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Toyota Vios Variants: Engine and Performance

The 2021 Toyota Vios offers a selection of two engines: the 1.5- liter 2NR-FE and 1.3-liter 1NR-FE. The former is exclusive to the 1.5 G and the 1.5 GR-S. On those two variants, the 1.5-liter mill is capable of 106 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque. The rest of the variants come with the latter engine option, which makes up to 98 horsepower and 123 Nm of torque. 

A picture of the Toyota Vios' engine

The reliable and economical 1.5 2NR-FE and the 1.3 1NR-FE won't win you races...or will they?

All Vios variants are front-wheel-drive, with the 1.5 G, 1.3 E, and 1.3 XLE all available either as a 5-speed manual or CVT. The 1.3 XE and the top-spec 1.5 GR-S only offer a CVT, while the 1.3 J and Base variants are only available with a 5-speed manual. 

Of note, the CVT that the new Vios GR-S trim uses is a bit different. It still has a manual mode with paddle shifters, but it now gets 10 simulated gears.  

A closer look at the Vios GR-S' gear shift lever

The gear shift lever of the new Vios GR-S

Toyota Vios Variants: Safety

When it comes to safety, the Vios’ variants also offer a very varied spread. A stability control system is standard across the range, as well as hill start assist, child protection locks, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake distribution and brake assist, and a high mount stop lamp. 

All variants of the Vios come with dual front airbags and a driver knee airbag. These are supplemented with side and curtain shield airbags on the 1.5 G, 1.3 E and GR-S variants.  

Security features exclusive to the 1.5 G and 1.5 GR-S are a Toyota Vehicle Security System (TVSS) security alarm with immobilizer and a smart entry system with speed-sensing door locks. The 1.3 E and XLE variants offer a basic alarm system without the immobilizer and smart entry functions. 

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Vios Variants: Pricing

Vios Variant 


2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 Base MT 

Php 681,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 J MT 

Php 707,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 XE CVT 

Php 764,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 XLE MT 

Php 811,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 XLE CVT 

Php 862,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 E MT 

Php 861,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.3 E CVT 

Php 911,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.5 G MT 

Php 921,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.5 G CVT 

Php 980,000 

2021 Toyota Vios 1.5 GR-S CVT 

Php 1,020,000 

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The White Pearl color option, which is exclusively available for the Vios GR-S and G variants, needs an additional Php 15,000 to be availed. 

Vios Variants: Conclusion

As you can see from the Vios variants’ price table above, this vehicle has one of the widest price ranges for any model available here in the Philippines. This is of course reflected in the wide array of variants each with a different set of features, and in the case of the 1.5 GR-S, aesthetics. 

2020 toyota vios green

The Toyota Vios, like the Corolla of old is an affordable yet reliable sedan for the masses

To this end, it goes to show that the ever-popular Toyota Vios has a variant for everyone, be it for a family person that values safety, or a young professional who needs a “not so bare” sedan that’s practical for daily driving, or a person operating a fleet transport business that needs a robust yet affordable vehicle.

A picture of the new 2021 Toyota Vios GR-S on the road

The new GR-S trim takes the Vios on a whole new level when it comes to style

With the addition of the GR-S, the Vios now caters to someone who needs a sedan that stands out in terms of looks. So yes, it goes without saying that there’s a Vios for everyone. 

For more buyer’s guides like this one, keep reading here on Philkotse.com.

Know more about Toyota Vios 2024

Toyota Vios

Competing in the subcompact sedan segment, the Toyota Vios 2023 is the top sales contributor for the Japanese automaker. The price for the Toyota Vios in the Philippines ranges from PHP 732,000 to PHP 1,055,000. A total of 7 Toyota Vios variants are offered, with the top-of-the-line Vios GR-S variant coming with a tag of PHP 1,055,000. Two engine options are available in the range, which can be connected to either a 5-speed manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT). Dimensions-wise, the subcompact sedan spans 4,425 mm in length, 1,730 mm in width, and 1,475 mm in height. The main rivals of the Toyota vehicle include the Honda City, Mitsubishi Mirage G4, and Nissan Almera.

The Toyota Vios is not only the best-selling model in the Japanese automaker's lineup, but the entire Philippine market. It serves as a reliable subcompact sedan for those who are looking for a daily driver. Also, the Vios is proudly Philippine-assembled which supports Filipino automotive workers. Now, the vehicle is competing in its respective class head high using the refreshed body released by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) in the country last 2020.

₱ 732,000 - ₱ 1,055,000

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