Auto brawl 101: Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios

Updated Aug 04, 2020
  • Table of contents
  • 1. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Introduction
  • 2. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Performance
  • 3. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Safety Features
  • 4. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Interior
  • 5. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Exterior
  • 6. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Which compact should it be?
Get the low-down on the Almera vs Vios and see which is the better compact for your money.

1. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Introduction

Buyers have their choice of compact car that is a better option than smaller sub-compacts. Read this Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios comparison review by and find out who wins in the battle of budget autos.

Let’s get the ball rolling and see who wins out in Almera vs Vios brawl by going through different specification that enhances what the best compact car is about. To the Filipino motorist, the compact car is the go-to option that’s the most practical to buy. But there is more than cost as a consideration because specifications must be commensurate with the price of the unit.

Each option has its own value, not because of resale as the end all and is all. Although, some arguments are that having available cheap spare parts is important. Cars wear out and will need repair so cheap spare parts is somewhat debatable as a valid argument.

These two options are compact cars on the market with something for every buyer. Each difference is highlighted by design philosophy that defines what these autos are about! Cost is important, but other specs are significant as well besides it.

  • Nissan Almera: One of the best compact options to choose from that isn’t too small or too big for its 1498 cc. power plant to pull forward. Inside is enough room for five adults to fit, but four people will yield more elbow room. This compact is neither big or small for a compact which won’t stress its engine too much.
  • Toyota Vios: A Filipino driver’s staple from owner-driven cars to taxis that ply the metro. Based on the specs, it will seat at least five; but four would find it much better. A bit wider, longer, and higher than the Almera for more elbow and trunk room as well.
Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Dimensions
  Nissan Almera  Toyota Vios
Length 4,425 mm 4,950 mm
Width 1,695 mm 1,970 mm
Height 1,505 mm 1,905 mm

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2. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Performance

Looking at the specs of these two compacts; they share some similarities but have a distinct difference in horsepower and torque which is the better option in this Almera vs Vios head-to-head comparison.

A common 16-V DOHC engine and the same suspension brake system and a Front Wheel Drive drivetrain are used on both. If any of these will pull out in this spec comparison; then small differences in horsepower and torque will be noticeable.

almera vs vios: engine

A common 16-V DOHC engine and the same suspension brake system and a Front Wheel Drive drivetrain are used on both

  • Nissan Almera: In the number battle; the Almera is at 1498 against 1497 cc, but it is sharing some of the specs is no surprise because most compacts are equipped with standard equipment so costs will be lower. In performance specs; it boils down to how much weight the engine is pulling. Since the Almera is a bit smaller than Vios, then it can move a bit faster. The suspension wins out with a better and smooth ride over the Toyotas any day.
  • Toyota Vios: Based on the numbers of the horsepower and torque that will give it a bit of an edge in pulling it forward. Despite their similarities in specs, the main drawback is in the suspension which is a bit different from the Almera. But in power aspect, this is much higher, but some questions in the dimensions may not be significant.
Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Engine & Performance
   Nissan Almera Toyota Vios
Engine In-line 4-Cylinder DOHC 16V Wti, 4 Cylinder-in-Line DOHC, 16V EFI
Displacement 1,498 cc 1,497 cc
Horsepower 89 107
Torque Nm 134 142
Transmission 4-Speed Automatic
  • Right: MacPherson Struts with Coil Springs and
  • Left: Stabilizer Bar, Rigid Axle, Torsion Beam
  • Right: MacPherson Strut with Stabilizer
  • Left: Torsion beam
  • Right: Ventilated Disk
  • Left: Drum
  • Right: Ventilated Disk
  • Left: Solid Disk
Drive train FWD
Passengers 5
Fuel Gasoline

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3. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Safety Features

If safety is a concern for autos; then compacts will raise questions over their standard equipment that can be found in some smaller sub-compacts. Compact cars have considerable more safety features that are needed for this class.

  • Nissan Almera: Nissan has always been complete on safety from the Sentra ECCS of 1993, here it continues. Standard equipment like rear parking sensors, speed sensing locks, and child anchor with other safety features make it a worthy option over the Vios.
  • Toyota Vios: With equipped pre-tension and force limited it does its job of securing the passenger to the car seat. If some motorists can live without a parking sensor or speed-sensing locks, all is fine. This option is made to be very affordable without too much of everything but enough of what’s needed!
Almera vs Vios: Safety Features
Nissan Almera  Toyota Vios
  • Dual Front Airbag
  • ABS with EBD
  • Brake Assist
  • Child Protection Lock +
  • Child Anchor
  • Immobilizer
  • Speed Sensing Door Locks
  • Panic Button
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Intelligent Key (I-key)
  • SRS Airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Brake Assist
  • Child Lock Protection
  • 3-pt ELR Seatbelt
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Front and Rear Crumple Zones
  • High Mount Stop Lamp

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4. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Interior

Don’t expect much from compact cars except the basics and this means having some issues in passenger comfort. Recent updates in cabin design have added some extras for more comfort.

Sitting in like sardines may happen should five adults decide to cram in but a cool AC will cool everyone. Having it elbow to elbow is not good, the touch screen and the music is going to relax everyone should be a must!

  • Nissan Almera: Among the compacts which is a good buy with a great interior is the Almera that has a super cool AC for a cool ride. Doors will lock when speed sensors detect speed while moving, for greater passenger safety. Add up the stereo and four speakers for great travelling music to while traffic away. But the lack of a touchscreen is not a big thing at all, Nissan prioritizes other more important components.
  • Toyota Vios: Let’s get it straight and say the Vios is a passenger car with enough needed to get anyone from here to there. The seven-inch touchscreen and an audio switch on the wheel will add some options. This is a basic vehicle without the perks meant to keep it inexpensive. 
Almera vs Vios: Interior Features
 Nissan Almera Toyota Vios
  • Fabric seats
  • Greige interior finish
  • Dual Analog Fine Vision Meter
  • Speedometer, Tachometer, Digital Odometer
  • Power Door Locks
  • Full Auto Climate Control AC
  • Push Start button
  • 2DIN Audio Head unit
  • 4 Speakers
  • Fabric seats
  • Manual Dual Cooler
  • Touch Screen 7" Display
  • 3 Spoke Leather with Audio Switch
  • Illuminated Entry System
  • 6 Speakers

almera vs vios interior

Don’t expect much from compact cars except the basics and this means having some issues in passenger comfort

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5. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Exterior

In comparison, both the Almera and Vios are both night and day based on the exterior. One is dry and boring, but the other is more stylish with more accents. Night and day so choose which fits your preference.

  • Nissan Almera: The outer look is functional and boring without fancy trimmings but has a lot more inside it. Compared to the Vios which makes it look like a spinster mobile but a really functional one.
  • Toyota Vios: You’ve got sexy, sleek lines all over the exterior with bright headlights and everything needed to make it look good. This is skin deep when all the available components are lesser in this option compared to the Almera. A great looking basic ride but still with everything needed to round it off.
nissan almera 2018 philippinestoyota vios 2018 philippines

Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Exterior

Almera vs Vios: Exterior Features

 Nissan Almera Toyota Vios
  • Folding & power adjust side
  • Mirrors
  • Rear spoiler
  • Variable Intermittent windshield wipers
  • High mount 3rd brake light
  • Front fog lamps
  • Halogen front headlamp
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Front fog lamps
  • Rear window defogger
  • Side skirt
  • Rear spoiler
  • Rear reflector
  • Rear combination lamps

6. Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Which compact should it be?

The Vios is more popular because of the supply of parts and are found everywhere compared to Nissan spare parts. Nissan has more expensive parts and is usually the second choice because of its bland styling. This Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios comparison review highlights everything about them that defines them as a good option.

Almera vs Vios philippines

Nissan Almera vs Toyota Vios: Which is better?

In the end, the Nissan Almera won out because of safety, comfort, and price with very good options that came with it. The Vios turned out to be eye candy without the options that make the Almera better. With a slight difference of 20k, it made all the difference despite the snazzy looks.

Looks isn’t the issue but dependability in all aspects, because a plain jane auto may have something more to offer than looks. Good news for Vios fans is that Toyota has so far released the all-new Toyota Vios 2018 in the Philippines with a lot of tweaks that promise to make the car more appealing to Pinoy motorists.

Almera vs Vios: Final result
  Nissan Almera (1.5 L VL AT)  Toyota Vios (1.5 G AT) 
Price* P933,000 (more options) P953,000 (less options)
Latest Toyota Vios price in the Philippines
Performance Draw Draw
Dimensions   Winner
Safety Features Winner  
Interior Winner  
Exterior   Winner

*Prices are updated but please double check.

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