[Comparo] Honda City vs Toyota Vios Philippines: What is your choice?

Updated Jul 23, 2020
  • Table of contents
  • 1. Toyota Vios vs Honda City 2019: Introduction
  • 2. City vs Vios Philippines: Dimensions
  • 3. Toyota Vios vs Honda City: Interior
  • 4. City vs Vios: Engine & Performance
  • 5. Toyota Vios vs Honda City 2019: Safety
  • 6. Toyota Vios or Honda City Philippines: Price
  • 7. Toyota Vios vs Honda City: So which do you prefer?
The B-segment sedan market segment is a veritable battlefield in the Philippines & 2 such competing warriors is the Honda City and Toyota Vios. Find out once & for all how these 2 fare against each other spec-wise.

1. Toyota Vios vs Honda City 2019: Introduction

As you might already know, one of the most competitive segments in the automotive industry today, especially here in the Philippines, is the B-segment sedan. From that segment alone, every major car manufacturer in the country has an offering for you and will cater to all possible tastes, budgets, and needs.

For quite some time however, the most popular models come from Japanese brands and dominant among those are the likes of Toyota and Honda. So for this comparison article, Philkotse.com will focus on the B-segment sedan offerings of those two aforementioned car makers. Both of which, have been in the sedan market since time in memoriam and even nowadays are among the leaders in the said segment.

On the Toyota side, there’s the Vios. The market leader and is well-known for being versatile, reliable, and just plain robust.

A picture of a red Toyota Vios 2019

With the 2019 version, the Toyota Vios get's a new front fascia and is much sportier looking than before

On the Honda side, there’s the City which as a model has been around longer than the Vios but in recent years has been a little bit more expensive but still quite popular due to also being versatile, and equally reliable. So how does the two models compare with each other? Without further ado, let’s get it on!

A picture of the 2019 Honda City

The 2019 Honda City also gets new duds which exhibit more sharp angles.

2. City vs Vios Philippines: Dimensions

Toyota Vios vs Honda City: Dimension
Honda City 
Toyota Vios
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Cargo Volume
536 liters
478 liters

As you can see from the table above, the Honda City is noticeably longer in terms of wheelbase and overall length. As for width, the Vios is slightly wider and that difference of 35 millimeters is quite in terms of elbow/side-to-side passenger room.

As for the overall length and wheelbase, the difference is reflected on the amount of cargo volume which the City has in heaps without sacrificing that much from passenger leg-room.So for this one, we’ll give the City the win for its cavernous trunk.

A picture of a red 2019 Honda City

The City is slightly longer and thus gets more in the way of cargo space

In terms of design though, we’ll say first that that’s entirely up to you but in our opinion, the City's numerous character lines and more pointy edges takes the cake. The Vios on the other hand has a curvier design which is more conservative especially when modern vehicle design is concerned. That’s just our opinion though.

A picture of a red 2019 Toyota Vios

The Vios is slightly wider by 35 milimeters which is definitely useful.

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3. Toyota Vios vs Honda City: Interior

In terms of interior, the two Japanese-made vehicles are vastly different.

In the Vios, the center AC vents are positioned blow the infotainment system whereas on the City, they are placed on top. And while the positioning of other elements are similar, the City has a set of soft-touch controls for the AC instead of having rotating dials which the Vios has.

The City also has more speakers with two more positioned within the rear passenger compartment. And lastly, the Honda City has a push to start button.

A picture of the 2019 Honda City's interior front cabin

The 2019 Honda City's front cabin. Note the push to start button.

As for the rear seats, the legroom, headroom on the two sedans are just about the same. But by virtue of the push to start and the soft touch AC controls, the interior of the Honda City is fancier and more high-tech that what the Vios is offering.

A picture of the 2019 TOyota Vios's interior

The 2019 Toyota Vios's interior is simple but it is uncluttered and comfortable

Overall, both sedans have excellently designed interiors that offer a lot of comfort for their passengers. By way of on-board technology though, the Honda City just has more.

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4. City vs Vios: Engine & Performance

Toyota Vios or Honda City: Engine & Performance
 Honda City
Toyota Vios
Engine size
1,497 cc
1,329 cc
Number of Cylinders
Number of Valves
Transmission Type
5-Speed Manual or CVT
5-Speed Manual or CVT
Power Train
Front-Wheel Drive
Front-Wheel Drive
Max Output (HP)
118 Horsepower
98 hp or 106 hp
Max Torque (Nm)
145 Nm
122 Nm or 140 Nm
Fuel Type
Fuel Capacity
40 L
42 L

While all variants of the Honda City comes standard with a 1.5 liter inline-4, the Vios has two engine options, a 1.3 and a 1.5. While the City’s 1.5 inline-4 can make 118 horsepower, the Toyota’s 1.5 on the other hand only makes 106 horsepower whilst the 1.3 makes around 85.

So in terms of output, the City is indeed much more powerful than the Vios.

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5. Toyota Vios vs Honda City 2019: Safety

In terms of essential safety equipment, both the City and the Vios has got you covered.

Both have dual front airbags, anti-lock braking system with EBD, stability control, hill start assist, an engine immobilizer and a security alarm. The Toyota Vios though trumps the Honda City with its curtain and driver knee airbags. What the Vios doesn’t have that the City comes equipped, at least with the highest trim, are cruise control and rear parking sensors.

ASEAN NCAP - Toyota Vios

While some might want more in terms of on-board safety tech like the aforementioned cruise control and parking sensors, we’ll have to give the Vios this one in lieu of having more in terms of airbags. This is reflected on the recent ASEAN New Car Assessment Program for the 2019 Vios which actually took five stars.

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6. Toyota Vios or Honda City Philippines: Price

As we’ve covered earlier in the engine and performance section, the Toyota Vios 2019 has two engine options; a 1.3 liter and a 1.5 liter. The most affordable Vios at Php 831,000 comes with a 1.3 liter that makes 98 horsepower whereas the most affordable City at Php 828,000 has a 1.5 liter that produces 118 horsepower.

The 1.5 versions of the Vios in comparison only makes 106 horsepower and the cheapest one called the costs 108,000 pesos more than the cheapest City. So yeah, it is plain to see why we will give this one to the Honda City 2019.

For your convenience, here are the variants and prices for both sedans:

Honda City Variants
1.5 E MT
Php 828,000
1.5 E CVT
Php 876,000
Php 985,000
1.5 VX Plus NAVI CVT
Php 1.07 Million

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Toyota Vios Variants
1.3 E MT
Php 831,000
1.3 E CVT
Php 881,000
1.3 E Prime MT
Php 886,000
1.3 E Prime CVT
Php 936,000
1.5 G MT
Php 984,000
1.5 G CVT
Php 1.04 Million
1.5 G Prime CVT
Php 1.1 Million

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7. Toyota Vios vs Honda City: So which do you prefer?

While the Honda City indeed has a lot of features and performance for its price, the Vios as you might already know can be deemed as more versatile as it can actually be used as a TNVS unit or as a taxi (check out our list of 4 Best Sub-Compact Sedans for Ride-Sharing for further reference).

As for the Honda City, well, Honda has this “not-for-taxi" clause in their delivery receipts which is a topic we’ll have to talk about on another article.

A picture of a 2019 Toyota Vios

One major advantage of the Toyota Vios is it can be used for commercial purposes whereas...

A picture of a white 2019 Honda City

The more powerful Honda City can only be used as a private passenger vehicle.

While we prefer the City as a private passenger vehicle overall, this fact makes the Vios a more desirable vehicle by many of our countrymen and it shows. Also, there’s the so-called “Toyota reliability” which the brand’s fans always tout but there’s no denying that the 2019 Honda City currently has a better “peso to horsepower ratio” than its Toyota built competitor.

Do you agree with our assessment? Which one would you go for? Toyota Vios or Honda City? Let us know your oppinion by commenting in the section below.

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