Advantages and Disadvantages of Push Start Ignitions

Updated Feb 08, 2021

Here Are What You Should Know About Push Start Ignitions!

Innovation in terms of vehicular upgrades has known no limits ever since man's discovery of working machinery. Every now and then there are new cars and vehicles introduced to the auto market are more refurbished, more edgy, more dashing and more modern than the last.

The most recognized upgrades in the 4-wheel vehicle industry continue to show smarter and more convenient vehicle operation throughout the years; or at least this is what it aims to be. Every new surfacing innovation certainly piques curiosities and attention of car enthusiasts and media personalities alike. One of the features that crazed vehicle lovers was the keyless ignition or push start. 

You may have heard of this in promotional commercials, car experts and even in those rap songs sung by Hollywood artists about living the high life; but to what extents does a push-start engine really make owning a car convenient for the car owner?

push start button

Push start buttons are quite common among luxury cars

Push start ignition is just one element of a usually more modern set of upgrades in a vehicle. This is usually called “the keyless entry”. It works by having a smart system in the doors, hood or even trunk. These are activated via radio pulse and are received through the hidden antennae receivers in the car body.

Upon receiving these radio pulses generated from the key fob that’s held by the user, the vehicle’s system will automatically open a door, trunk or handle upon the sensor’s notice. Like any other newly-bought vehicle, the suppliers will most likely supply the new owner with a back-up or spare key blade.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a smart car’s push start ignition, synthesized by

I. Advantages of Push Start Ignition

1. It is very easy to use

Push-start ignitions don’t require a lot of knowledge, experience, reading the manuals or practicing the system.

An example of the many types of smart car manufacturers that cater vehicles with this type of capability is the Nissan X-Trail. Asides from the actual push start ignition, the model is also equipped with sensors that open the trunk when a foot is placed under the right spot.

old ignition switch

This is very handy when your hands are full with groceries

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2. It is convenient in its own special way

Convenience is definitely what we are after that’s why we keep coming up with these upgrades. Imagine the convenience brought by the TV remote, the remote for the garage door. It’s not about being lazy; it’s simply about making life easier in every click.

If we used to prowl inside our bags before looking for the car keys or in our pockets, just to find it jumbled up with a bunch of other keys, let that not be the case no more. How about instances of leaving the car key inside the vehicle? That could very well be prevented too.

leaving car keys inside the vehicle

Considering that with push start ignitions and key less entry, your fob key never has to leave your pockets

3. Increased security measures are applied to the fob key

Almost everything valuable that’s attempted of being sold to us comes with this feature. And this is definitely what a lot of the sales people highlight when they try to woo us into buying their products; the security features. Aside from the fact that the key fob never has to leave the user’s pocket, what makes it more intriguing when it comes to security is how it’s 100% unique with its own set of codes.

That’s right; the fob key is embedded with codes that are supposed to work with its assigned vehicle and nowhere else.

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fob key

The mere fact that fob keys are harder to imitate eliminates keys from the long list of potential tricks a car thief may use

II. Disadvantages of A Push-Start Ignition

Now that we’ve tackled the holy grails of the push-start ignition, let’s uncover the facts that gives all the unlikeable reasons one has to discover about this supposed upgrade.

1. Its price soars through the roof

Car models equipped with these kinds of capabilities are equipped with other modern touches. These could be state-of-the-art touch-screen infotainment systems, super comfy seats and even an air conditioning that could make one fall asleep while driving.

So it’s not only the keyless entry feature and push-start ignition that you’re really paying for, you’re going to be paying for a whole car that’s above the ordinary price range.

expensive fob keys

Because of its upgraded features, fob keys are also quite expensive

2. Emergencies can have you forgetting about your car

Because it’s a push-start ignition, one can forget as easily about their car engine running especially if it’s an emergency. There are models that have a standard safety feature that turns the engine off after a long idle time, but what about other models that don’t have them? The engine just keeps running until it eventually runs out of gas. 

3. Upgrade in security means upgrade in means of hacking it

Yes it does make it harder to steal a car with unique codes as its way of entry; but this only actually eliminates the small-time thieves. Thieves are ordinary people with the keen intention to make their lives easier by taking something from us and making our lives miserable.

Like any other ordinary people, there will be mediocre thieves and there will be those who master their craft and adjust to the evolving society. In this case key codes, keyless entry and push-start ignitions are only a matter of trial and error before overcome by thieving minds.

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hacking keyless cars

Thieves are also upgrading their tactics, like hacking on a keyless car

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