How to protect your car from keyless entry hack

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Handy tips and guidelines to protect your car from the risk of keyless entry hacking and car-napping.

Through the years, security has been enhanced with the help of technology. There are CCTVs everywhere, smart locks advance padlocks and of course, key fobs for car security. But, no matter how advanced the security is, hackers were still able to find a way to break in.

If you think your car is already safe with its key fob, think again. These thieves have electronic devices they use to amplify the key’s signal allowing them to open the car locks and break into your vehicle.

This advance way of carnapping has been on the rise. Which is why has prepared tips on how to avoid it.

1. Ensure the car is locked properly

When going out of the vehicle, look around it and check if every car door is already locked. It is also a great idea to ensure that the trunk, as well as the windows, is tightly closed. This will add security to your car since thieves often use open car windows to break in.

Man beside a car

When going out of the vehicle, look around it and check if every car door is already locked

2. Keep your car keys in a secured place in the house

Most drivers or car owners tend to just put their car keys in the first table they see at home, most of which are placed right next to the front door. Doing this will make your car more likely to be stolen through a keyless entry hacking. These thieves can easily amplify the car key’s signal from the front door then unlock your vehicle.

One of the most advisable places for your car keys in the table in your kitchen area. This is mainly because mostly, our kitchen is located in the back part of every home, therefore, it is one of the farthest places from your vehicle.

You can also use as an alternative — the tin or aluminum container because it blocks the signal. You also need to hide your car’s spare keys in other secure but different location.

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3. Buy a signal blocking car key case

Because the keyless entry hacking on cars are on the rise, companies started to sell signal blocking key cases which help car owners secure and protect their car keys. These special cases will completely block the car key’s signal in order to prevent thieves from using it to break into your car.

To be secured, place your key fobs in these safety cases when you’re at work, school, or home. These signal blocking key cases can be bought online for as low as P250.00.

signal blocking car key case

These special signal blocking car key cases will completely block the car key’s signal

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4. Park the car in the garage

If you have a garage, make sure to park your car in there. This will make it difficult for the thieves to steal your car since they first have to sneak into the garage. If your vehicle is safely parked in the garage, thieves will have a lesser chance of identifying and noticing it as a valuable item to steal.

Just make sure that your garage is a secured location if you decide to park your car there.

5. Use car cover

Car covers are often used to protect your car from the rain. It is also used when storing vehicles for long-term storage. But these useful car covers can also be helpful in preventing car thieves from stealing your car. If you don’t have car covers, you can use tarpaulin or any other covering material as an alternative that can be used to cover the car.

It will be very awkward for criminals to steal your car if it is covered with a car cover. It will also increase the chances of them, being caught. If you’re planning to purchase a car cover, you can try in your car dealership or local garage.

Car with car cover

Car covers can be used when storing vehicles for long-term storage

6. Refer to the owner’s manual if there are options of turning the key off

When the keys are turned off, it will be impossible for carnappers to amplify its signal. Turn the key off after you’re done using the car then switch it back before using it again. If you’re having a hard time finding your manual, you can always ask your car dealership or better yet, search online to figure out how to switch off the key or if it can be turned off.

Some car keys can be turned off by double-clicking or pressing certain key buttons in particular order. You can try it with your car keys. Try double-clicking the open button and check if it will switch the key off.

7. Install a secondary car alarm

For an added protection, have your car installed with a secondary car alarm. You can find these car alarms in car dealerships or local garage. These types of alarms have different capabilities.  One of the best types are the ones which let you know if your vehicle’s doors are open and closed even if you’re a mile away or approximately 1.6 kilometers away.

If you want those branded car alarms, prepare P20,000. But there are basic secondary car alarms available at P2,000 pesos.

secondary car alarm

For an added protection, have your car installed with a secondary car alarm

8. Update the car’s software (for smart dashboard)

There are instances that the car software is not secured enough that it is susceptible to hacking. Car companies often bring out security updates every now and then to enhance the safety and security of the car. You can check once or twice a month, to see if there are new updates in your car’s software.

Navigate your dashboard screen menus to search for the update options. Usually, the update information can be found in the “Settings” panel.

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