6 steps to disable your car's anti-theft alarming system

Updated Aug 04, 2020

Read through this post to grab 6 steps to get your car's anti-theft alarm deactivated.

Have you ever found yourself in a dilema when the anti-theft alarm keeps going off for no reason and you just cannot turn it off? If yes, Philkotse.com will give you a simple guide on how to disable the car's anti-theft alarming system.

You will need 2 things: operating manual and pointed plier. Make sure you have them handy before following these steps.

Step 1: Get familiar with the sound of the alarm

Perhaps when the anti-theft alarm goes off, it's not the perfect time to read the operating manual. However, the owner should calm down, get used to the sound of the alarm and follow the remainder of the process to turn off the alarm.

Step 2: Boot the car

In this step, you need to plug the key in and boot the car. Most types of car's anti-theft alarming systems, whether they are installed by the auto manufacturer or by the user, are automatically turned off and restarted when the car boots.

Step 3: Open the driver's door with the key

According to car experts, this will help turn off all types of car theft alarms. In case the driver's door is open, try locking and re-opening with the key.

Opening car door with key

Opening doors with key can turn off all types of car theft alarms.

Step 4: Fuse interrupts

The car's anti-theft alarming systems are installed in the fuse box. When you disconnect the fuse, the circuit will turn off and the alarm will stop. The fuse box is usually located on the left side of the drive shaft. The top of the box usually has a fuse diagram. Most alarm fuses are labeled alarms on it. If you cannot find the sticker, see the operating instructions to find the alarm fuse position.

Note: Some vehicles have multiple fuse boxes. In that case, the car owner should read the manuals carefully to locate the alarm box fuse.

Once the alarm system is off, you need to cut off the fuse and check if the system has restarted. Despite the fuse cut off, the alarm system may continue to ring, in that case, you must bring the car to the garage for professional repair. If you self-install an anti-theft alarm system, look for a fuse in the engine box. If no fuse box location is found, again, refer to the operating manual.

Step 5: Cut off the Battery

Experts advise that this is the last method to think of, because this way will restart the entire electric system on the car. Your car will not restart until the battery is reconnected. To disconnect the battery, disconnect the cathode (black) of the battery and the alarm will stop immediately.

After a minute or two, you can reconnect the battery to check if the alarm system has restarted. If the alarm continues to ring, try disconnecting the battery cord again. If that does not work, you should disconnect the battery and call the mechanic to help.

Disconnecting the battery to disable alarm system

Disconnecting the battery is the last thought

Step 6: Keep the magnetic key

Most cars now use magnetic keys to lock, unlock, and turn off the anti-theft alarming systems. Unfortunately, the key will not work when the battery has been cut off. If you have to press repeatedly, the door is open or locked, it is most likely that the car battery has broken and needs replacing. If the key is out of order, replace it as soon as possible.

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